Women’s T-shirt Sayings: Quotes to Use on Women’s T-shirts
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Women’s T-shirt Sayings: Quotes to Use on Women’s T-shirts

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T-shirts are evergreen and will never go out of fashion. They are so comfortable and versatile that you can’t imagine a wardrobe without t-shirts. They are available in a wide variety of patterns and designs and can be worn with anything. Moreover, they can be customized to reflect your personality and thoughts. Hence, it is no wonder that people love them. T-shirts with sayings are a medium of expression. It is a unique way to express yourself to the world. They can also make wonderful conversation starters and brand advertisers. 

In this modern era, there are no special rules for males and females. Women’s t-shirt sayings are as funny and lively as men’s t-shirt sayings. Here are a few quotes to use on women’s t-shirts. 

  1. Women’s t-shirt sayings with inspiring messages
Womens Tshirt Sayings\n

The world today is too competitive. It is not easy to succeed in this fast and competitive world. You will feel stressed and depressed when you are not able to attain your goals. Motivation is very important to make sure you achieve your targets, and your dreams come true. Tees with inspirational sayings will encourage not only you but also others. They can give hope to someone who is planning to quit. There can be nothing better in this world than helping others to succeed and be happy. Here are some examples of some t-shirt sayings that can inspire you and others.

  • You will fail only if you stop trying - It is a positive message that will give positive energy to keep going. 
  • Don’t stop! There is light at the end of the tunnel - This saying will encourage you when you feel depressed and make sure that you never give up. 
  • Everything seems impossible until it is done - This is a famous quote from Nelson Mandela and can inspire you when you decide that you cannot do something. It can also inspire all those who read your t-shirt saying. 
  • Hope is Dope - Here, you get the message that hope is the only drug that can heal all your anxieties and get rid of your negative feelings. It also gives hope to people addicted to heroin and others. Wear a t-shirt with this motivating saying and give hope to someone who needs it very badly. 
  • Dream! Believe! Achieve! - It is a motivational quote from Tony Robbins. Dream that you can do great things. When you believe you can do them, you will surely be able to do it. So dream and believe that you can achieve. 
  • Happiness blooms from within - Feeling low? Don’t worry. It is common, and everyone is sure to feel low one day or other. You just have to know how to come out of it. This message means if you choose to be happy, you will be happy because happiness comes from within and not from things and people around you. It can be highly inspiring when you are feeling dejected. 
  1. Women’s t-shirt sayings with funny quotes 

Gone are the days when only men flaunted funny sayings on their t-shirts. Today, women, too, want to show off their sense of humor and their naughtiness. Modern women love to break barriers and rules. Their t-shirt sayings are the best way to reflect their craziness. Here are a few funny and naughty sayings that can surely bring a smile to your lips or make you laugh loudly. 

  • Back off, I have a crazy brother who has anger issues: This is a funny saying to keep the eve-teasers away. It is also a beautiful way to make your brother happy. 
  • Warning: Driving over a cliff is dangerous: A naughty saying that will show your sense of humor. 
  • According to chemistry, alcohol is a solution: If you want to show your love for chemistry, alcohol, and puns, then this t-shirt is a wonderful choice. This is for the new generation of women who have no inhibitions. 
  • Put the fun between your legs: This is a naughty message with a pun. The message is actually printed with the image of a bicycle. The saying has a pun but inspires you to stay fit with a bicycle. 
  • Marriage - A relationship in which one is always right, and the other is the husband: A hilarious saying to remind men that their wives are always right. 
  • My eyes are up here: It can be very irritating when men look at your breasts when they talk to you. This saying on your t-shirt is a funny way to make men look at your face while they talk to you. 
  • Dear Santa, this year I’d like a fat bank account and a thin body…Please don’t confuse the two like you did last time: This is one of the funny Dear Santa sayings that you can wear during Christmas: There are many funny ‘Dear Santa’ messages like “Dear Santa, define naughty” and “Dear Santa, define good” etc. 
  1. Women’s t-shirt sayings with self-love messages
Women’s t-shirt sayings with self-love messages

Self-love is the best love. When you appreciate your body and your mind, you feel confident. You should take pride in your looks and your achievements. When you let people know that you are proud of your body, they will stop body shaming. A few sayings with self-love messages are listed below. 

  • I am not short, I am just a tall elf: It can be very annoying to see people bullying short people and ill-treating them. This will make short people feel inferior. When being short does not prevent you from doing anything, why should you feel bad that you are short? This saying delivers the message to society that you are proud of your physical appearance. 
  • I am in shape, yes round is a shape: Why should you worry unnecessarily if you are healthy but overweight? When people ask you to get in shape, you can give the answer through your t-shirt that ‘round is also a shape’. Wearing a t-shirt with this saying can just shut the mouth of body shamers. You can also make your overweight look funnier with sayings like I beat anorexia
  • Haters gonna hate: It is a superb saying that dismisses criticism and gives self-consolation and self-encouragement. This positive saying helps you to ignore people who hate you and move along. 
  • You must be exhausted seeing me do everything perfectly: Are you happy that you have attained the goals of your life? Show it to the world with this t-shirt saying. 

There are many more self-love messages like “Just be yourself, there is no one better than you,“I know I am beautiful, I don’t need someone to tell me,” etc. Wear them with pride.  

  1. Women’s t-shirt sayings with gender equality messages 

The days when men were considered to be superior to women have elapsed. Today, women are proving that they can excel even in male-dominated fields. Here are a few t-shirt sayings that proclaim equality. 

  • Our rights are not up for grabs, and neither are we: It is a feminist saying that supports women’s rights boldly. Sayings of this type are the favorite in women’s rallies and marches, where women love to reveal their equal rights. 
  • Equal pay for equal work: Do you think there should be no gender discrimination in payment? If so, let your t-shirt speak your thoughts aloud. 
  • I am a feminist, and I am proud: Do you truly believe in your feminist ideas? Why should you hesitate to speak openly about it? Wear it with pride on your t-shirt that you are proud to be one. 
  • gENDer: This t-shirt shows that gender discrimination should be put to an end. That is why END is capitalized. It is a creative idea to show your thoughts on gender equality. 
  • Female athletes judged by achievements and not gender: Why should athletes be discriminated against as male and female, when they should be judged by their achievements? So “female” is stricken through in this saying.
  1. Women’s t-shirt sayings showing your love for travel

Traveling is fun. It makes you laugh and lifts your mood. It makes life interesting. Is traveling your passion? Then, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and travel wearing t-shirts revealing your love for travel. 

  • Wander Woman: This is a beautiful slogan to flaunt your passion for travel. Wander lust also delivers the same meaning. 
  • Live Love Travel: It is one of the best travel captions- to live, to love, and to travel. Life is short. So better get started now and enjoy new adventures. 
  • Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink in the wild air: Do you love the three S’s, the sun, sand, and sea? It is a great pride to show it off. Wear it in your t-shirt. 

There are many more like this. A few examples are prone to wander, stay salty, travel is my therapy, and so on. Show off your passion to society with pride. 


Women’s t-shirt sayings are a beautiful way to flaunt your thoughts and your interests. You can customize t-shirts with your own creative sayings. This can be really exciting. What are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity. Step out in style wearing t-shirts with unique and interesting sayings.


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