Why Women's Fashion Is Becoming Size-Inclusive & How To Ride The Trend?
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Why Women's Fashion Is Becoming Size-Inclusive & How To Ride The Trend?

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Women's fashion is all about trendy clothes and beautiful accessories, dressing to feel good, and slaying the look every time. And it is an experientially growing industry.

According to data, approximately 85% of consumers shop for apparel once every three months. According to another study, in 2019, the percentage of women buyers was 68%, while men accounted for 52% of the market.

With time, consumer demands have changed, which has affected trends. Now, buyers can find various options available in all sizes. Since women make up a fair chunk of the fashion industry, the concept of size-inclusive has gradually become mainstream, promoting an acceptance of women of all sizes.

What is size inclusive?

The term size-inclusive refers to the acceptance of a wide range of sizes available in various clothes at a store or online. The concept acknowledges and aims to understand the different shapes and sizes of what women wear.

Earlier, women of plus sizes had to face several issues of not being able to find a dress for themselves. Because of this, they face stigma, settle for whatever they get, or get a dress stitched. 

The exclusion of certain women in the fashion industry has been prevalent malice, and the discrimination has seriously affected their mental health. It has forced plus-size women to limit themselves from wearing all kinds of dresses.

Brands have thus far focused on manufacturing clothes for slim and standard-sized female bodies and spared less or no thought for plus-size women. Because of this, large-bodied women often feel neglected by the fashion industry and have fewer options to choose from.

No woman should have to lose weight simply because she wishes to wear a trendy and fancy piece of clothing. Every individual deserves respect regardless of the way they look.

Because of the stigma associated with body shape, it gets difficult for large-bodied women to accept themselves. This happens because society doesn't take them or make them feel different. It's about clothing size and not anything more than that, so why create such a mess?

On this positive note, the fashion industry and designers eventually began a great revolution. This revolution focused on women of various sizes and made them feel special by bringing them into the size-inclusive fashion industry. More brands nowadays are showcasing their apparel with models of all colors, sizes, and shapes. Women of plus sizes are walking the ramp in popular fashion shows to great applause and appreciation.

Apparel brands have also started producing clothes of all sizes ranging from size 0 to the maximum dimensions. According to data, the sizes sold frequently are sizes 14 and 18.

Why size-inclusive?


Brands must choose size-inclusive rather than ignoring the demands of plus-sized women. In the coming time, almost every brand will have diverse sizes in their collection because of the growing demand of buyers. Here are a few reasons why women's fashion is becoming more inclusive.

Better shopping experience

Women's fashion is fast becoming more size-inclusive because of the increasing demand for creative clothing among women of various sizes. Every retailer or brand wants to satisfy customers and provide them with a better shopping experience. To do that, they need to cater to everything the customers ask.

More sizes, more customers

Owing to the diversity of the customer base, a woman may need a particular dress for a specific size. If the retailer cannot fulfill its demand, the customer will not think twice before switching. A retailer with various size options will benefit more from catering to the customers.

No more body shaming

body shaming

Stop body-shaming women. It is the worst an individual can do to hurt the emotions and sentiments of a female person. Because of their large size and different shapes, plus sized women have always faced body shaming, especially while shopping. As retailers and designers become more sensitive toward their needs and start working on producing size-inclusive dresses, paradigms are shifting.

Higher self-esteem

In the absence of body shaming, women can easily access the kind of clothes they want to wear. This shift will give a boost to their self-esteem. The empowered woman can take full advantage of size-inclusive fashion and enjoy wearing all kinds of dresses. Inclusive clothing facilitates women to flaunt their personalities boldly.

Health benefits

health benefits

Body shaming often forces women to do excessive dieting and work out, which sometimes affects their physical as well as mental health. With the advent of the size-inclusive fashion industry, women can stay fit without pressure and feel comfortable with their bodies. Women who were humiliated and ignored now find acceptance and appreciation.

Being size-inclusive is also advantageous for designers and retailers. The empowered women become ambassadors for their brands, thus building a strong and lasting customer base.

From the above section, it is evident that size inclusivity can have a lot of benefits if integrated properly into the fashion industry. But how can brands become a part of this trend? Let us find out:

How to ride the size-inclusive trend?

A brand being size-inclusive, not only benefits variously sized women, but also makes society more aware. Though the trend has brought about a drastic change in the mentality of the people, it still needs a lot of improvement. Here are a few tips for riding the trend profitably:

Focus on the materials and fabrics

The manufacturers need to focus more on the material and fabric they choose for stitching clothes for plus-size women. Clothes made with sturdy fabrics can last longer on the body of comparatively big women.

Picking cotton, chiffon, and silk are better options. Quality fabrics also give a better finish to the dresses, and when made for big women, they look much better than choosing basic or cheap materials.


The focus of brands should be on designing and producing clothes made of better-fitting, stretchable, strong, and comfortable materials. The size-inclusive fashion trend caters to all women, skinny, fit, healthy, or of plus size.

Different women prefer different kinds of clothes, so while producing size-inclusive garments, bands must take care of the fit of the dress. The designers can create dresses fitted to the bust area and one that has a simple fall, or they can make something of bandage fit.



The most vital factor to consider is proactive marketing. The size-inclusive trend is relatively new to the market, so one needs to marketize it through different mediums.

What can be a better platform than social media? Spreading the word about how a brand sells a variety of clothes, in various sizes, sets a preface to profits. Such marketing campaigns attract more customers and let the trend boom in the market.

The perfect option for marketing can be influencer marketing, as it might affect the mentality of the people. The trend can affect positive change in society and the fashion industry.


The size-inclusive trend is here to stay and will soon be leading the fashion industry. Different brands and retailers should focus on this size-inclusive Trend so that they can bring a change to the market as well as in people's life.

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