Why Experts Think Digital Lavender Will Be The 2023 Color Of The Year
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Why Experts Think Digital Lavender Will Be The 2023 Color Of The Year

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Summary: Trend forecaster WGSN has predicted that Digital Lavender will be the color of 2023. Lavender not only rules architectural designs but is also becoming popular in the fashion industry. Brands are already using Lavender Pantone colors in their collections with flared pants, sheer tops, slip dresses, and more. Here’s why Digital Lavender is trending and how you can use it in your designs:

Digital Lavender is all set to make waves on the Spring/Fall runways this year. Lavender Pantone had already set the stage for shades of purple to rule the design world with Veri Peri as its color of 2022. And now, trend forecaster WGSN and color system Coloro have predicted that Digital Lavender will be the color of 2023, making way for an upswing in the use of Lavender Pantone colors too.

While Veri Peri is an intense purple, Digital Lavender is more subtle, radiating both cheerfulness and calm. The color has started making an appearance online and in interiors, indicating that it is headed to the fashion world. And why not? The versatile hue will allow designers to style a range of clothing options. Many brands have already been using Lavender Pantone colors to style outfits. 

What is special about Digital Lavender?

special about Digital Lavender

In the words of Coloro’s Head of Creative Content Joanne Thomas, “Digital Lavender, Color of the Year for 2023, signifies stability, serenity, and digital escapism that many people have built into their rituals to both, protect and improve mental health in challenging times.”

Digital Lavender: A feeling for this year and beyond


The aromatic lavender plant is said to bring feelings of calmness when an individual is feeling stressed. Looking at these shades brings about a similar effect. Wearing Digital Lavender and Lavender Pantone colors will also help wearers calm down, lower anxieties, and boost their mood.

A color for gender-inclusivity


Digital Lavender is all about extending the blur lines between the physical and virtual worlds and trying to merge the two realities. 

This color is said to be gender-neutral and inclusive in a way that it is a form of escapism for all kinds of people. 

Brands are already in love with lavender

Lavender Pantone colors can be styled in many ways and brands have already started incorporating this serene color in their collections. Here are some ways you can instill Lavender Pantone shades in your collection!

1. A-line dresses

A-line dresses

Lavender Pantone colors in comfy A-line dresses can lend a refreshing vibe to your brand. Recently, Lily Collins wore a perfect summer Digital Lavender dress for 'Emily in Paris'. This color, when paired with other lighter shades, stands out the best. Take your style inspiration from Balenciaga, Vogue, and Mango.

2. The Business Look

Brands are using Digital Lavender in their 'power woman' collection. You can style pants, slit skirts, and blazers using this cool color. Business co-ord sets can be created by clubbing Lavender Pantone colors with dark purple hues. Models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner are often seen wearing business co-ord sets in these shades.

3. Sheer Tops

Sheer tops in Digital Lavender make quite a style statement on the ramp. They radiate a feminine yet sophisticated appeal. Brands are amping up these with puffy and ballooned sleeves. H&M, Mango, and Forever 21 are already using shades of lavender in their sheer tops.

4. A Digital Lavender Scarf

Another way brands are sprucing up plain outfits is by adding accents of Lavender Pantone and Digital Lavender in scarves. Models and actors often flaunt these off the runway, paired with casual jeans and t-shirts, or trench coats.

5. Lavender Athleisure 

Brands like Nike, Calvin Klein, and Ralph Lauren are getting sporty this year with Lavender Pantone shades. Digital Lavender is being seen in sports bras and leggings, creating a comfortable yet stylish trend for fitness enthusiasts. Many brands are also experimenting with digital watches or bottles in Digital Lavender shade, and it's working wonders!

6. Flared Bottoms

Let your buyers slay 2023’s hottest color with flared pants. While it is an unusual take on this subtle color, it is not entirely unseen. Celebrities are often seen flaunting flared pants/bottoms in Lavender Pantone colors with plain white shirts or tees for their casual looks.

Set trends with Digital Lavender 

trends with Digital Lavender

It seems like Digital Lavender, and all its accomplice Lavender Pantone colors are going to be worshiped by designers and brands on the Spring/Fall runways of 2023. Going by the love it’s garnering, the color is here to stay.

Key Takeaways

  • WGSN and Coloro have predicted that Digital Lavender will be the color of 2023, making way for the increased use of Lavender Pantone colors in fashion designs.
  • Brands are already incorporating Lavender Pantone colors in their collections with sheer tops, flared pants, and co-ord sets.

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