What You Need To Know About Women's Polo T-shirts
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What You Need To Know About Women's Polo T-shirts

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When it comes to versatility, a women’s polo T-shirt’s catalogue will never disappoint you. 

From casual get-togethers to hangouts at cafés, name any informal event and polo t-shirts will fit the purpose. 

Also known as US Polo t-shirts (named after the famous brand) or golf shirts, these garments are comfortably worn by people of all genders. From only being a traditional golf uniform to becoming a wardrobe essential, polo t-shirts have come a long way. Let’s explore its history. 

History of Polo T-shirts

History of Polo T-shirts

The polo t-shirts were first used in the 19th century as a uniform on the polo fields. That’s where they get their name from. Over the years, the name of the T-shirt remained the same. However, its purpose changed over time.

The first mention of polo sport goes back to the 6th century B.C. However, in the modern world, this sport started becoming popular in 19th century British India. The British officers stationed in a northeastern state of India learned polo from the local Indians. They brought this game back to their homeland, and the elites of British society started enjoying this sport. 

The original polo uniforms were long-sleeved cotton T-shirts with full-length riding boots and Jodhpur pants. John E. Brooks of the ‘Brooks Brothers’ noticed the discomfort caused by the long sleeves. He also saw the players fastening their collars with pins to stop them from flapping in the wind. As a solution to these problems, he went back from England to the U.S. where he created the button-down collars for all of his dress shirts. In 1896, his company first marketed the polo T-shirts as ‘The Original Button-Down Polo Shirt’.

However, this classic story did not give birth to modern polo T-shirt designs. It was tennis that inspired the creation of modern-day polo T-shirts. In the 1900s, the traditional long-sleeved white button-down shirt was worn by tennis players. The French tennis champion Jean René Lacoste who won seven Grand Slam titles felt the need for a change in the shirt design. He went against the norms to introduce his self-designed short-sleeved shirt with three buttons at the top. It was made with cotton and designed in a lightweight fashion to allow free and comfortable movement in the court. Due to his agility, Lacoste was called ‘Crocodile’ during his gaming years. This reference helped him in creating the logo of his clothing brand. 

From a formal uniform to an omnipresent classic, the T-shirt went through many years of transformation to become a casual and fashionable garment of today. You can dress them up or down depending on the event. Today these smart-collared T-shirts are made in many styles to match the requirements of contemporary outfits. 

Polo T-shirt Styles 

Polo T-shirt Styles

The breathable and comfortable polo T-shirts can transform your work look into play quickly. If styled properly, you can wear them casually at many events without looking basic. The best part of wearing the U.S. Polo t-shirt is that they can get you ready in just a few minutes. To make the most of this garment, get the right size. 

A best-fitted polo t-shirt must slide down your body while wearing. It fits your skin like a glove, yet provides some space to allow comfortable movement. For everyday use, get a black or white T-shirt made with cotton. They pair well with a wide range of bottom wear. 

Pair your top with these garments to get a feminine look with your polo T-shirts. 

  • Shorts: On warm summer days, wear your U.S. polo T-shirts with shorts. For getting a slimmer appearance, wear black T-shirts and tuck them in your shorts. However, you can also wear a polo T-shirt casually tucked out with summer shorts. This combination sends off a relaxed informal vibe. Choose this combination for the days when you wish to look in style and crisp. 
  • Jacket: You have the choice of wearing a polo T-shirt with a jacket or coat. These garments provide a second layer of protection for your skin during the cold winter months. You can also use slim-fit polo T-shirts for creating a formal outfit. Pair them with blazers and matching trousers to wear as an alternative to your formal blouses. 
  • Jeans: With dark-colored skinny jeans and a slim-fit polo T-shirt, you will look the best dressed in any room. You can wear this casual-yet-striking combination for running errands in the town or at a get together at a friend’s house. Popularly, a white slim-fit top is worn with black skinny jeans and red heels to give a feminine look. You can also replace the heels with white sneakers for a casual look. 

The range of versatility offered by polo T-shirts makes it compulsory for every woman to have a couple of them in their wardrobe.


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