What Is the Career Growth Trajectory As a Quality Analyst in Today’s Day and Age
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What Is the Career Growth Trajectory As a Quality Analyst in Today’s Day and Age

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Quality analyst plays a key role in every business organization in the fashion industry. Several fashion projects require different testing methodologies. The work of the quality analyst is to manually test the project, including the fabric type, quality, synthesis, and more. 

Having the job of a quality analyst means you have to ensure proper quality clothing material for manufacturers and fashion brands. After thorough testing and quality assurance, the analyst suggests changes and improvisation in the clothing product. 

However, the career growth trajectory of a quality analyst is a roller coaster ride with great future prospects in the fashion industry. 

Role of a Quality Analyst 

The quality analyst plays a big part in planning, designing, and implementing a methodological approach to quality assurance on simple to complex industrial operations. The quality analyst collaborates with the fashion department and industry units to execute and authenticate test cases based on the industry requirements. 

Career Growth Trajectory of a Quality Analyst

The work role of a quality analyst is scattered between that of the clothing manufacturer and the fashion brands. So, check how the role of a quality analyst is the job of the future in the fashion industry. 

1. It Consistently Tops the Happiness List 

Although some people may believe that money is the only key to unlocking happiness, the truth lies elsewhere. Real happiness can be derived from realizing that what you do for a living will contribute to society. Taking a good sum of money to your home is only a mere part of happiness. Leading sociologists have come up with a series of well-defined parameters to quantify things like this. This is why top organizations like CNN come up with their list of the happiest jobs. In every list of organizations in the fashion industry, the role of a quality analyst can be seen at the top. 

2. Highly Flexible Job Role and Wide Range of Work 

Highly Flexible Job Role and Wide Range of Work

The job role of a quality assurance analyst comes with a great range of variety, and the individual won’t have to do the same thing every day. Here, the individual will experience fresh challenges every day, and there is something new about every fabric, design, or clothing material that the manufacturer passes on to you. This thrill at work ensures that a quality analyst is never bored. 

Another factor in favor of the career growth of this job role is high flexibility. The job won’t need you to sit at your cubicle for 9-5 shifts. Instead, you’ll enjoy the flexibility to work remotely and get your task done. This saves efforts and valuable time that you may have otherwise wasted traveling in and out of work. 

3. Expanding Roles 

Until a few decades ago, fashion product testing was done before product delivery. Once the manufacturers completed their job, the product was passed on to the fashion brands, who would then check for the material, design, and texture. However, things have changed, and that’s not how things work nowadays. Quality assurance analysts are hired at multiple stages in the fashion industry. 

This is because the overall fashion product/project is shifting towards a consistent process, whereas the testing is not an isolated procedure anymore. Quality testing is broken into different segments, and it happens when the product is being manufactured. For implementing such a consistent process in an industry filled with manufacturing, quality analysts are needed in greater numbers. 

This is why the employment vacancies for quality analysts are expanding every minute, and individuals having professional qualifications in the fashion industry will make it big. 

4. Personal Growth Prospect 

With the increasing demand for fashion brands around the world, the need to ensure fashion product quality has become significantly important. 

The reason why the job roles of a professional quality assurance analyst in the fashion industry are highly demanded is the fact that there is an in-depth relationship between the process of clothing manufacturing and clothing testing. 

As a result, quality analyst professionals explore plenty of options to become quality analyst managers and seek their path to career growth. The managerial hierarchy depends on the fashion company, but the career growth opportunities remain enormous.  

Skills Needed for Better Career As Quality Analyst Professional 

Skills Needed for Better Career As Quality Analyst Professional

With the latest demand for optimal quality clothing from fashion brands around the world, the clothing test industry has witnessed a huge rise. There has been a significant demand for quality analysts for delivering efficient clothing materials and products to clients. Below is a list of vital skills needed to have a progressive career as a quality analyst. 

  • Critical Thinking: This skill will help you resolve any manufacturing issue quickly and efficiently. It will help you check the product and ensure its adherence to fashion norms and the client’s requirements. 
  • Learning Skills: With plenty of knowledge of fashion design, material, texture, and other aspects, you can have a progressive career.
  • Time Management: You must know how and when to deliver the clothing product in compliance with the deadlines. 

Moreover, there are some other skills like being a team player, having a flexible work approach, and attaining the best communication skills for the fashion industry. 


There is intense competition in the fashion industry. So, hiring a quality analyst not only becomes advisable but essential. As per the latest market trends, quality analyst professionals should work on improving their skills and experience to handle any complex situations by enhancing their knowledge through several fashion industry-recognized certification training programs. Also, try to gain more exposure with industry experts. 

You can use various platforms to get exposure in the fashion industry. For instance, you can source clothes for your fashion brand from Fashinza or use the platform to connect with other industry experts to explore career opportunities as a quality analyst. The more exposure you get, the better your career growth trajectories will be. So overall, this job role has a bright future in the industry with plenty of upcoming vacancies too. So, get started now. 


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