What is Career Trajectory as a Fashion Designer in Today's Day And Age
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What is Career Trajectory as a Fashion Designer in Today's Day And Age

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A fashion designer is an individual who creates all types of apparel and accessories, such as shoes, bags, etc. The industry that revolves around models and fashion designers is the fashion designing industry. Success in this highly competitive industry depends on the focus one has on their niche.

Most who enter the arena of fashion designing are already ardent about fashion and have their fashion muses. Therefore, with an ideal investment, one may establish a personal label or get hired by other label productions. The unwelcoming reality is that few fashion designers get the opportunity to showcase their designs in events such as the Paris and New York fashion week. 

Steps to Become a Fashion Designer

As with other fields, although helpful in the practical, business side of fashion designing, a certified, verifiable degree does not guarantee success. The possession of natural talent propels an individual into success.

A technically competent degree will familiarize a person with various essentials viz., textiles, colors, patterns, history of fashion. Moreover, advanced fashion designing programs encourage upskilling industry tech-know-how, following technological advancements in most industries.

There are many courses related to fashion, such as fashion designing and fashion merchandising. However, in fashion merchandising, one will get the best of both worlds as one gets the academics and work experience together. Here is a list of a few fashion design courses in India, you can choose any of them according to your needs

  • Bachelor's of Fashion Technology
  • Bachelor's in Fashion Design
  • Diploma in Fashion Design
  • Master in Fashion Management
  • Master in Fashion Design

Thousands of students apply to the top fashion institutes every year to study these courses. However, few people make it into these institutes due to limited seats. Design institutes conduct various entrances to admit students who are zealous about fashion.

All these Bachelor's or Master's degrees in fashion courses will help a person to kick start their career by enabling them to build a portfolio. One also gets to learn skills helpful in workplaces, such as how to work within budget and time constraints and use tools to make work more efficient.

Students may also get the opportunity to organize a fashion show and submit their work to showcase their talent to a wider audience. One can complete his/her degree from any college or university that either has the course or is completely dedicated to fashion. 

2. Get work exposure

Get work exposure

It may not be surprising that one may have to start their career as an assistant before they go mainstream fashion designing. The employer hiring an intern may or may not ask for a degree. One can also freelance in the fashion design industry while pursuing graduation. This will help a person to improve their portfolio and have an upper hand while facing challenges in the fashion industry. One must also remember that every bit of experience will help build a better fashion designing career.

3. Use Technologies

While work experience is crucial to getting into fashion designing, one must also learn to use the advanced design technology about fashion. There are so many applications that are made for designers to give them insight into ramp walks, designs, sketches, and many more. Therefore, it's always a good option to take some time from the daily schedule and separately get a degree in a particular course that is related to fashion technology.

4. Developing most demanded skills

After all the above things are done with, one must narrow down the expertise and focus on skills having the highest demands. These days, most employers are looking for individuals who have a grasp of the technicalities of apparel production apart from a degree and creativity. 

They are also looking for individuals who can work with a team, are creative, can work under time and money constraints, and also have an understanding of business. 

Skills to be Acquired 

To thrive with a fashion designing career, one must possess certain skills. These skills can be both technical and non-technical, soft or hard. Technical skills are required while producing clothes from sketches. Some non-technical skills that may be necessary to get the best fashion designing career positions are as follows:

  • Decision-making
  • Creativity
  • Time management
  • Working under time constraints
  • Working under financial constraints

Things to Remember

No matter how creative a person may be, one must always remember that there are more fashion designers than available jobs; therefore, the competition is quite high. One may also have to change cities to get a job. You might also start as a design assistant and work your way up to become an established fashion designer. Remember that you have to keep developing your skills according to the demand of the industry. You can even start your own line of clothing items after career advancement.

Professions in Fashion designing

Professions in Fashion designing

There are plenty of opportunities available in the fashion designing industry. There are many professions in the fashion designing industry which are well paid and have top global brands as recruiters. Some of these professions are as follows

  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Fashion Consultation
  • Fashion Blogging
  • Fashion journalism
  • Accessories designing
  • Textile designing

Alternative careers

A person pursuing a fashion designing career is not confined to fashion designing only. He/she can also pursue other careers such as

  • Graphic designing
  • Fashion buying
  • Modelling agency


So these were some tips along with a career outlook for all those aspiring to enter the fashion designing industry. If you are a fashion designer yourself and need help regarding cloth manufacturing, Fashinza is here to cater to your needs. We connect you with suppliers. All you have to do is place an order with us while we take care of the process from design to delivery. Fashinza makes the whole process of apparel production fast, transparent, and hassle-free.


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