What did Teens in the 80s Wear and Why are They Still Trending in 2023?
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What did Teens in the 80s Wear and Why are They Still Trending in 2023?

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Summary: The best 1980 outfits for teens and youngsters were all about vivid colors, bold silhouettes, and cheerfulness. These elements make outfits from the 80s still popular among GenZ and Millenials. Brands and designers are always incorporating the best of the 1980 trends into the light on runways and in their collections.

When it comes to teenagers’ 1980 outfits and fashion styles, a few iconic styles come to mind. Madonna, Grace Jones, Joan Collins, and of course Jennifer Beal’s character in Flashdance are some idols that set the stage for 1980 outfits of teens and youngsters. 

The 80s was a period of bold choices, vibrance, and freedomthe fashion of the time reflected exactly that. During the 1980s, iconic brands and designers like Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Klein peaked as fashion labels and gained popularity among teens and youngsters for their ever-famous casual ‘street looks’. 

Many 80s trends have made their way into contemporary fashion. But what makes 80s outfits so iconic and why have these not gone out of style yet? Let's find out!

What Was So Unique About 80s Fashion?

80s Fashion

The 80s aesthetic revolved around coziness, cheerfulness, and vivid colors—elements that people are currently looking for in clothing, especially after the pandemic. OTT shows like Stranger Things and Gilmore Girls have also led to a return of 80s fashion-inspired outfits. 

The decade saw a little of everythingflared jeans, acid-washed denim, puffy sleeves, rock glam, and other striking fashion trends. Mostly, 1980 outfits celebrated wealth, with an emphasis on flaunting brands and logos. 

Fashionistas are now dusting off party outfits their parents once wore. Taking a cue from these styles, designers are creating new, vibrant looks for runways. 

The decade of the disco, the 80s pop culture birthed some rock and neon styles. At the same time, not everyone was crazy about the flashy, vibrant 1980 outfits. Many youngsters preferred casual and comfy clothing that included baggy acid jeans, statement tees, and more. 

What Teens Wore in the 80s?

The 80s outfits are loud and vibrant. However, many young people at the time preferred wearing rather casual outfits. Believe it or not, fashion back then was gender-neutral! 

Casual Highschool Vibe

Casual Highschool

The whole ensemble of styling casually to go to schools and colleges started with the hit American comedy The Breakfast Club. Teens were dressing down with comfy, loose fits devoid of any extra ornamentation, which was very typical in the 80s era otherwise.

Classic denim jeans, plain tees, and pastel sweaters are bringing back the 80s vibe on the ramp today. Many brands including Guess, Levis, and Wrangler have introduced casual wear in their latest collections, retaining 80s-style minimalism. 

Fanny Packs 

Fanny Packs

What else could resonate with the 1980s vibe better than teenagers wearing fanny packs? Not only stylish but these belt bags also served as functional accessories. From dresses to pants and shirts, fanny packs blended with all kinds of outfits.

Fanny packs have again found favor with Generation Z, and brands are using different fabrics and patterns to recreate these bags.

Leg Warmers

Flashdance made leg warmers famous. The trend was popularised by Olivia Newton and Jane Fonda, and later picked up by Madonna, one of the biggest 80s’ fashion influencers. Teens would wear them with jeans and leggings or tights as aerobic wear. They gelled with the then-popular exercise wear like sweatpants, sweatshirts, and leotards. You can experiment with bright colors like pink and green, or roll them out in ribbed knit fabric to nail the trend. 

The Neon Trend

Neon Trend

On the other end of the spectrum were the rebellious 1980 outfits in bright, eye-straining colors. These neon attires characterized by garish patterns and high fashion trends were everywhere. These hues appeared from clothing and accessories to automobiles. One way or the other, designers continue to send neon garments down the runway. Hot Pink was the color of 2022 with many other major neons like green and orange following suit. 

Acid-Washed Jeans 


Acid-washed jeans were another popular trend back in the day. These jeans were first seen in the surfer culture of the 1960s, and the updated version was presented by Rifle Jeans Company in 1986. Over the past few seasons, luxury and contemporary labels have put acid-washed jeans back into their lines. Dark and acid-washed jeans are being spotted on the runways of top labels from Christian Dior to Yves Saint Laurent

Back to the 80s Era 

80s Era

Designers and brands looking to create custom collections for teens can draw inspiration from these popular 1980 outfits. Not only are these returning in movies and OTT shows, but they are also being featured in the collections of leading brands. You can include power suits, fanny packs, acid-washed jeans, neon colors and more in your latest designs.

Key Takeaways:

  • 1980 outfits for teens and youngsters were all about vivid colors, bold patterns, and cheerful designs that are still making them trend among GenZ and Millenials.
  • The 80s era had some iconic fashion moments, including statement shirts, padded shoulders, and neon pants, inspired by TV shows, music videos, and movies. 

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