Ways to Style a Denim Midi Skirt Trend for Winter
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Ways to Style a Denim Midi Skirt Trend for Winter

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Summary: A denim skirt is an integral part of the feminine wardrobe. Its long length has a style advantage during the season when the mercury dips. Whenever they have been in trend, the Denim midi skirt has been popular with fashion-conscious women. It is versatile and can be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion. It gives a fresh, individualistic look with a cinched waist and flattering body silhouette. Denim midi skirts have made glamorous appearances in fashion shows, and runways, and have been part of musical history like Woodstock.

Loved the world over, denim midi skirts are comfortable, easy to wear, and fashionable. Introduced in the 1970s, denim midi skirts were created as a way of recycling denim pants. Patchwork midi skirts were created from scraps of old jeans. It is always in vogue and highly versatile. Today, they are worn all year - with a sweater and boots during the cold season or with a tank top and sandals in the summer. It adapts to flatter whatever your body type.

Achieve a winter-appropriate look with that denim midi skirt. With a hemline ending anywhere between your knee and the ankle. To make it suitable for cold days, pair it with thick tights or leggings and a warm jumper or coat. Style a great look with leggings, boots, or layering with a jacket or coat.

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1. Dress it up with a thick sweater and knee-high boots

If you love the fit of your denim midi skirt, pair it with a thick sweater or turtleneck in neutral colors, including black, gray, or cream to create a balanced and cohesive look. Slip on a pair of warm tights or leggings to keep your legs warm. Add a pair of ankle boots and you're ready to go! A coat and a scarf raise the chicness and the body warmth.

thick sweater

2. Add a faux fur vest for elegant luxury

Add the glamorous vest or jacket of faux fur. Club them with denim midi skirts. And create a new look altogether. Play with conflicting textures and colors. It adds a bohemian elegance. Pair with a neutral-colored sweater or blouse to balance the outfit.

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faux fur

3. Layer up with tights and leggings

Wear funky woolen tights with the denim midi skirt. Let the tights heighten your personality with stripes, dots, graphic slogans…. the list is endless. These colorful tights will break the blue and give an eclectic look.

Layer up

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4. Add a parka and stay fashionable and warm

Feel comfortable and cozy with a coat or a parka over your denim midi. The lightweight and weather-proof trench can be worn with sneakers for a casual look and heels for a night out. Parka coats finish at the thighs, fit loosely, and mostly feature hoods and zip/press-stud closures. When worn with your denim midi, it epitomizes relaxed style.

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5. Style it with a chunky knit sweater

Bring the much-needed edge to your winter look by effortlessly styling your denim midi with a chunky knit sweater. The textures are different and yet made for each other. They combine to create a cozy and casual look. Add warm tights and comfortable booties to step out in style.

chunky knit sweater

6. Keep it casual with a beanie

Slip into your denim midi, and put on your flannel and tees layers for warmth. Add that beanie and a charm necklace for a chic, grungy vibe. Or call upon the 90s with a bucket hat.

7. Add interest with high boots to make heads turn.

Add another dimension to the denim midi skirt with high boots. The texture of the boots with the classic look of the denim evokes the rocker chic persona. Shoes can make or break the 70s denim midis. Boots are ideal for winter, while heels are appropriate for formal occasions. Sneakers are the favorites to feel completely comfortable and casual.

high boots

8. Double the denim

Combine denim skirts with denim jackets and bask in the blue beauty of denim. Wear contrasting or brightly colored shoes to add a pop of color.

Double the denim

9. Leather for all weather

The feminine length of denim midi skirts can be paired with leather to add a tough touch. Leather can be added as accessories like boots, headbands, and belts.


Key Takeaways:

  • Denim midi skirts are here to stay as they work well with all body types, styles and weather.
  • Despite their length, they can be adapted to winter style by pairing them with jackets, tights, headgear and shoes for warmth.
  • They can be styled to suit a casual occasion and can also be worn to a party when accessorized appropriately.

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