Upgrade Your Style: A Men's Clothing Guide For 2020
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Upgrade Your Style: A Men's Clothing Guide For 2020

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Summary: The fashion trend in 2020 for men is full of new looks. These trends usually follow broader themes and are, therefore, widely accessible with room for personal interpretation. This men's style guide 2020 will make them look the best in no time. We've taken down the road and rounded up top fashion trends from 2020 for men. 

A Guide To Men's Clothing Style 2020

Men's style guide 2020 has been gaining traction in the fashion world. With the return of slouchy jeans, XXL shirts and outerwear, and wide-leg trousers in recent seasons, this trend is set to continue into 2023.

1. Baggy Clothes

Baggy Clothes

The oversized look has returned to the runways with a modern take. Most style statements pair relaxed-fit garments with sharp tailoring, contrasting proportion, and silhouette. 

Fashionistas are going oversized to make a statement and maintain a stylish and effortless aesthetic. So whether it's a giant hoodie or a longline T-shirt, this trend from the men's style guide 2020 stands out from the crowd. 

2. Pops Of Color

Pops Of Color

Adding pops of color to the millennial wardrobe can be an exciting way to stay on trend. A few shades seen on the 2023 fashion runway and inspired by street style 2020 include vibrant yellow, electric blue, and hot pink. 

Not only are these colors from men's style guide 2020 fashion-forward, but they are also surprisingly versatile. The runway looks from NYC fashion week, like bright yellow blazers with tailored trousers, scream a statement look, or rock a hot pink t-shirt with some jeans for a more casual take. 

This trend is the perfect way to bring energy and life to any wardrobe, so be sure to add some pops of color for a great dose of fashion inspiration.

3. Bold Prints

Bold Prints

When it comes to fashion for men in 2020, the bolder the look is, the better it is. So whether it's bright, saturated colors or loud graphic patterns, men's style guide 2020 dictates the most daring and confident ways to express fashion. 

Some notable examples are Prada's maximalist geometric print and Louis Vuitton's florals and graphic motifs. Fendi and Gucci were two brands that were fearless in pushing the envelope and experimenting with bold statement prints.

There is sure to be a style that works for everyone with vibrant prints like classic polka dots, bold animal motifs, and asymmetrical designs that can instantly elevate any look. However, to make a subtle statement, several fashionistas start with smaller-scale prints and mix them with solid colors or neutrals. 

4. Luxe Sportswear

Luxe Sportswear

Men's style guide 2020 has been about taking the athleisure look to a whole new level. Luxe sportswear takes it up a notch with high-end fabrics and subtle accents like leather detailing. Examples involve designers like Prada and Louis Vuitton creating luxury sports-inspired collections. 

Prada showcased bold, bright prints, while Louis Vuitton highlighted classic shapes with modern accents. This look can be achieved by pairing designer trainers and joggers with a sleek bomber jacket or hoodie and finishing the look with a designer logo cap.

5. Utility Wear

Utility Wear

Utility wear is also great for sustainability, as its timeless designs can be worn season after season. A trending fashion men's style guide 2020, utility wear is an excellent choice for men looking to incorporate a bit of edge into their wardrobe.

Taking inspiration from military-style clothing and traditional workwear, it is characterized by heavy-duty materials, large pockets, and neutral colors such as khaki, brown, and green. 

One standout example of utility wear is the 2023 fashion runway collection by Simone Rocha. The collection featured oversized pieces made from heavy-duty materials such as wool and silk in classic olive green and brown hues. 

6. Streetwear

Streetwear is usually more casual and relaxed in the men's style guide 2020. Many fashion houses and designers create their interpretations of the look, often featuring oversized silhouettes and bold prints

From Prada's spring 2020 fashion, a bold statement made with streetwear-inspired pieces such as an oversized windbreaker with a bright neon green pattern, combined with vibrant color blocking and bold logos.

7. Vintage-Inspired Clothing

From the '90s vibe of a pair of denim overalls to the mid-century mod style of a wide-brimmed hat, vintage clothing is a great way to add a unique twist to your look. 

Sustainable fashion has also taken center stage, making it easy to find high-quality secondhand pieces that you can wear for years to come. With vintage-inspired fashion, there's no limit to the possibilities!

The Evergreen Era For Men's Fashion

In the coming years, men will continue to seek out fashion inspiration from these top trends from men's style guide 2020 and create new looks that will be as bold and unique as ever. We are also seeing a greater emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly fashion, which is sure to carry into the 2023 fashion runway and beyond.

Now that you've learned about the top fashion trends from the men's style guide 2020, it's time to take your style to the next level. Get inspired by the latest trends from the 2023 fashion runway and start creating your unique look with Fashinza.

Key Takeaways:

  • From baggy clothes and streetwear to outfits with bold prints, these classic casual wear are making a comeback.
  • Sustainable fabric choices and vintage-inspired fashion are being focused on.

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