Ultimate Bottom Wear Guide: Ways To Diversify Within The Bottom Wear Category
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Ultimate Bottom Wear Guide: Ways To Diversify Within The Bottom Wear Category

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Bottom wear plays an essential role in making us look perfect. But getting ideal bottom wear to complement upper wear can be a hectic task. The choice gets harder with a new range of stylish bottom wear coming up in the fashion world.  

Bottom wear is also vital for the running of an apparel store. One can never purchase enough bottom clothing. So, it is good if the brand is offering a diversified range of bottom wear to its consumers. It will boost their sales and increase the reputation of the store. Now, the question arises, how to diversify within the bottom wear category? 

For women, bottom wear classifies in a variety of apparel. With new trends coming up each day, it is necessary to be regularly updated. Providing your customers with the latest apparel trend can help run a successful clothing business. Now, about bottom wear, there is a variety of new ranges that are high in demand. With different types of bottom wear, never forget about the latest fabric as well. So, to diversify your bottom wear collection, here are some fashionable options you can add up in your store:

1. Jeans

You will hardly find someone who doesn’t have a pair of jeans. This piece of clothing is usually the first choice of customers when it comes to bottom wear. Casuals or formal jeans rock all the time! Now, a variety of jeans is making news with their popularity. Some of these jeans are: flared denim jeans, bell-bottom jeans, and tapered jeans. Jeans don’t mean only classic blue fabric apparel. You can diversify your jeans collection by adding some latest fabric jeans. Dark denim and white denim are some of the latest fabrics used for jeans nowadays. Combining the latest materials and trendy apparel can surely do wonders for your bottom wear collection.

2. Skirts


Everybody knows that skirts are just something a girl prefers to wear on a hot day. Not to forget, it looks classic when paired with some stockings on a cold day too. Skirts can be long, short, flared, or fitted. There are several varieties when it comes to skirts. Don’t limit your collection to only pencil or mini skirts. Broaden the choice by adding latest skirts such as broomstick skirts, flare skirts, wrap-around skirts, A-line skirts, long skirts, tutu skirts, and the tulle skirts. When it comes to fabrics, silk jersey, dark denim, and chiffon are some of the trendiest materials to make sturdy skirts. Mix these latest skirts and fabrics to get the most in-trend skirts for your bottom wear collection.

3. Pants

As we know, pants can make a girl look fabulous when worn appropriately. They can pair with a casual as well as a formal outfit. One can effortlessly mix and match pants with tops and shirts for a stylish look. Women have a huge variety of pants to choose from. They vary in shape, size, color, pattern, and fabric. Some of the most in-style pants nowadays are harem pants, baggy pants, flared pants, bunk pants, stirrup pants, and eastern pants. Sew these pants with the most in-trend fabrics such as gabardine suiting, cotton twill black, Kaufman denim, European 100% linen, and sweatshirts fleece. Broaden your pants collection with these stunning fabrics and get ready to get the maximum profits.

4. Shorts

Shorts are the most common bottom wear in a girl’s wardrobe. For a classy chic look, shorts are always the first choice. A clothing brand can diversify its shorts collection by adding some most in-demand shorts to it. Some of these are Jamaican shorts, Bermuda shorts, knee-length shorts, Chino shorts, Cargo shorts, and Boxer shorts. The most in-demand fabrics for making shorts are nylon, cotton, and of course, denim. Shorts having cute patterns made with cotton can also be your best item. They are highly preferred by customers nowadays. Adding these updates to your collection will work like magic. 

5. Pajamas


Pajamas are the most comfortable bottom wear preferred by many people. They are soft and light to wear apparel with a loose fit. Cute pajamas for women are never unfashionable. Some most in-demand pajamas are cuff short-sleeved pajamas, flannel pajamas, raglan sleeved pajamas, and checked pajamas. Cotton is the fittest fabric for making comfortable pajamas. Try to use 100% cotton in the pajamas for maximum softness, comfort, and lightness. A brand can always boast about using 100% cotton in its apparel. Cotton pajamas with cute patterns need just a glance by your customers, and they will surely buy it.

6. Leggings

Some bottom wear is comfortable, while some are not. Some are good for parties, while some are used as casual wear. But leggings are perfect for all occasions. They are fitted bottom wear with a waistband to keep them in place. Leggings come in a variety of options. Some of the most trendy leggings are mid-calf length leggings, stirrup leggings, jeggings, disco leggings, colored leggings, leather leggings, pattern leggings, and so on. Usually made from fabrics such as lycra, spandex, cotton, silk, and wool, these bottom wear are beyond perfect for every occasion. One cannot afford to lose them from the bottom wear collection list.

7. Palazzos


Lastly, palazzos have garnered massive popularity in the fashion industry. They are a type of trousers with wide legs that flare outwards starting from the waist region. These apparel are very comfortable, lightweight, and breathable, all thanks to the fabrics used in making them: cotton, rayon, and silk. The most up-to-date palazzos are regular palazzos, slit palazzos, pleated palazzos, trouser-style palazzos, flared palazzos, layered palazzos, and culottes. These comfortable bottom wear are just what one needs during the summer for a stylish look. Adding palazzos in your bottom wear collection will surely be the right decision. 


The bottom wear collection is a vital aspect in running a successful clothing brand. Diversifying the bottom wear collection according to current trends can help in ensuring maximum sales. The guide mentioned above can help the clothing brand owners to update their bottom wear collections as per today’s fashion news. Following this guide can be beneficial and can ensure increased customer satisfaction. 

Now, not to forget the fabrics. They play an essential role in running an apparel store. Getting good-quality material for clothes is not an easy task. Fabric can make or break a well-designed apparel. Worry no more, as we have a perfect destination for you. To get premium quality fabrics at a super affordable price, visit Fashinza. It is the ultimate solution to all your problems regarding apparel fabrics for your next fashion venture.


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