Trendy Yoga Clothing To Buy Before Your Next Practice Session
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Trendy Yoga Clothing To Buy Before Your Next Practice Session

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As more and more people are becoming health-conscious with every passing day, the cult of workouts like yoga comes with certain challenges. According to me, the biggest among them all is finding high-performance yoga clothes that click all the boxes. I want to wear yoga clothes that are comfortable, compatible, and also stylish. While I find it pretty easy to find suitable activewear for me, I’ve seen many people around me struggling to find their perfect fit. 

Hence, I’ve taken it as my mission to have a list of all the different types of yoga clothes that everyone can wear. And guess what? They’re trendy too.

  • High Waist Leggins

High waist leggings are the best attire for yoga exercises. They typically feel soft and buttery while being supportive at the same time. This is the first cloth that I bought when I started to practice yoga for the first time. It felt like a second layer of skin on my legs. Moreover, these flattering, sleek leggings are easy to dress with cute crop tops for a nice and breezy feeling. 

  • Sports Bra
Trendy Yoga Clothing To Buy

The next thing that you need is a sports bra. But it should not be just any sports bra. You should look for one that offers decent coverage and is supportive (obviously!). Besides that, you also have to ensure that the bra is not too tight that it obstructs your breathing. Sports bras do not come with hooks at the back; hence, you would not feel hurt when lying down on the floor. And lastly, these bras also come in great styles and prints, which would make your gym clothes prettier than ever.

  • Tank Tops

If you are not much of a sports bra person but still want to keep it breathable and light, I have the right solution for you. Tank tops come in all lengths and all sizes, giving you a wide range of fitting options to choose from. For instance, you can choose an oversized cropped tank top or a long tight one according to your fit preferences. Other than that, you can even team it up with a sports bra and for an added layer. 

  • Commando Yoga Pants

Printed Commando Yoga Pants are another great addition to the closet. These are full-length yoga pants that come with a reinforced waistband. The ones that I buy are usually made of elastane and nylon, making them super stretchy yet comfortable to wear. I think they look really cool and accentuate the legs’ shape, which further makes them a fantastic buy. Sometimes I even wear my commando yoga pants during my evening run due to their moisture-wicking nature. 

  • Joggers

A bit unconventional but great to exercise in. I remember my niece using joggers when she started out on her yoga journey. I wore joggers too, and they are exceptionally breathable pieces of clothing. What I like most about them is that they are not body-hugging, which makes them the perfect yoga wear during the warm season. As joggers are available in a wide range of materials, I suggest you choose linen joggers during the summers to feel less sweaty when exercising.

  • See Through Pants

I remember see-through yoga pants being viral on TikTok, which made me buy one. They are typically lightweight, high-compression legging, which sometimes also come with exterior side pockets. They are made of sheer material and are fit for all types of exercises and can be worn as casual wear. I would definitely recommend these pants as they come in a variety of prints. 

  • Biker Shorts 
Trendy Yoga Clothing To Buy

Biker shorts are made of high-support, super sculpting fabric to make you feel very comfortable and flattered. They are longer than normal shorts and end mid-thigh or a few inches above the knee. I like them because their high-waisted style gives me core support and coverage, which helps me try intense poses. And they, too, come with pockets at times. 

  • Cami Bra

I have seen many people telling me that they are not fans of wearing a sports bra during a workout. Well, the most suitable replacement that I can suggest is a cami bra. Unlike typical long and loose camisoles, a cami bra is a short, body-hugging ‘sports bralette.’ They provide maximum support and coverage for bustier women. If you decide to buy a cami bra, you will have lots of necklines to choose from, such as cross-back, scoop, and v-necks. 

Wrapping Up 

These outfit ideas will help you pick the right clothes for yourself while practicing yoga. But remember that different yoga poses call for different types of clothes. Some poses are high intensity, while some are all about holding a certain pose. Hence, ensure that you choose the clothes according to the type of yoga you are practicing.  


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