Trends in Sportswear: High Fashion Clothing
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Trends in Sportswear: High Fashion Clothing

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People nowadays are not confined to a single line of clothing. They are continuously on the lookout for more. Buyers want their clothes to be light, fashionable, and ready-to-wear. They are more likely to buy clothes that they can wear not only to the gym but also on the streets.

This is where multi-seasonal and multipurpose sportswear clothes come into play. This type of clothing is very popular among millennials. It gives them a sporty appearance that they can wear almost everywhere. People may even consider these apparel to be suitable for the workplace.

There's something distinctive about the quality of these sportswear clothes that sets them apart from the crowd. These garments are created from technical fabrics. These are sweat-wicking are odor-resistant.

Even Covid-19 couldn't stop individuals from staying healthy and wearing trendy sportswear. Despite the fact that the lockdown restricted individuals to their homes, many continued to spend time at home exercising.

We know that majority of business meetings taking place from home now. This had made people select leggings, sweatpants, and loungewear as parts of their professional wardrobes.

This puts pressure on sportswear brands to create their gear in such a way that it meets both the fashion and comfort demands of its customers.

Sportswear companies such as Adidas, Puma, and Speedo are aware of this trend. As a result, they seized the chance to develop athleisure clothing in line with the trend, with a particular focus on millennials.

In most cases, the outfit is fairly simple, with pastel colors or black and white. However, vibrant colors and flowery designs were also popular in 2020. Leggings, sports bras, sweaters, tracksuit bottoms, and shoes are some of the common athleisure products.

Many celebrities and fitness influencers are following this sportswear trend. They began to customize leggings with non-sportswear. This made their looks more flexible, inspiring their millions of followers to adopt a similar image.

History of Fashion in Sportswear

History of Fashion in Sportswear

This trend is not something that has come out of the box.

White sneakers, long skirts, hoodies, and baseball hats were just as popular in the 1990s as they are now. 

Sportswear fashion began in the 1920s when two Parisian tennis players wanted to incorporate their sporty attire into the college style.

Stretch fabric development enhanced the manufacturing of nylon athletic shorts, anoraks, and zip-up hoodie windbreakers.

Color-coordinated nylon and cotton tracksuits were offered on the fashion market in the 1960s. Furthermore, grey, red, and blue ones are now regarded as classic sportswear.

However, tracksuits were not the only thing that was fashionable in the twentieth century. People began to focus on ski suits after World War II. 

Most fashionistas adopted the sneaker style in the 1970s. The sneakers took the hip-hop fashion to a new level of impact that is still felt today.

Now, yoga pants are no longer exclusively for a yoga class but are also worn on the roads.

Among the most popular forms of trendy sportswear are:

  1. Sports Dress

A sports dress is an excellent choice for females who want to travel from the gym to the street for lunch with friends or shopping. Cool athletic dresses provide optimum comfort while also making you appear smart and attractive everywhere you go.

  1. Activewear with stripes

Striped athletic clothes are the top trend for spring or the summer season. You will appear good and trendy if you wear a striped tracksuit, sweater, or any other striped sports garment.

  1. Sweatshirts and crop tops

Wearing crops, especially with leggings looks amazing and never goes out of fashion. 

Other trendy sportswear attire includes:

  • Yoga pants
  • Leggings
  • Capris
  • Shorts
  • Long Tops
  • T-shirts
  • Skirts

What Are Some Athleisure Apparel Must-Haves?

History of Fashion in Sportswear
  1. Cropped Hoodie

You can simply convert from gym to streetwear by throwing them over a sports bra.

  1. Bomber Coat

This flexible item of apparel may be worn with leggings, a leather skirt, torn jeans, and other similar outfits.

  1. Leggings

You may wear them to the gym and to lunch if you pair them with a cropped shirt or tee.

  1. Shorts

If you want to wear the Athleisure style while keeping cool and comfy throughout your exercises; this is a must-have.

  1. Sets of Coordinates

This contains both matching shirts and bottoms. To move from gym to streetwear, choose neutral or dark hues.

What are some of the benefits of wearing trendy sportswear?

  1. Longevity- The materials of the cloth are lightweight and breathable. This makes them very durable and helps in keeping shape and elasticity.
  1. Convenient- You don’t require to carry a large gym bag with you now. This is because you have a broad selection of trendy sportswear that you can go to work and do errands in.
  1. Fashion Forward- Now you have options even in clothing like tops and pants. This makes you look fashionable even in your gym attire.


Fashion in sportswear is all about looking for comfort and fashion together. There are many attires like the ever-trending yoga pants, jeggings, shorts, etc. 

This has made many sportswear brands manufacture clothes in such a manner that it satisfies the need of their consumers completely. 


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