Trends in American Decor: What Consumers Want to Buy?
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Trends in American Decor: What Consumers Want to Buy?

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Design is ever-evolving. Trends in home decor designs are constantly changing. As home decorators, you are required to be at the top of your game to meet the changing demands of the market and to provide your customers with the latest products and designs. American decor tastes are modern, chic, and classy. The key to designing American decor is to keep minimalism first. As we move into 2022, let us see how American decor is changing in the new year. 

1. Transitional indoor and outdoor settings

The latest trend is visualizing a connection between indoor and outdoor settings. Green patios are being incorporated indoors to create living spaces with more open structures. Home decorators want to bring that outside charm indoors by using the colors and textures that are generally associated with the outdoors. The set-up is a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors. As there was a surge towards urbanization, people are falling for more greens now.

2. Farmhouse styles

Farmhouse styles

The modern farmhouse is completely on-trend. A quintessential aspect of American decor, the farmhouse style brings country living to an urban platform. The American lifestyle yearns for a modern contemporary farmhouse designer house. The design is technologically advanced yet rooted in the essence of farms and fields. The architecture has wide pillar beams across the roof and is open and airy. A porch to complement the settings brings additional charm to this living. The appearance is largely great and grand.

3. Environmentally safe

Eco-friendly or environment-friendly is in huge demand when it comes to decor. American decor follows the use of sustainable and eco-friendly designs and accessories. This design largely depends on the conscious use of materials that reduce water and waste pollution. Most of these designs also make use of sustainable energy resources. Solar system paneling amalgamated with the use of earthy tones and elements completes the vibe. An ethical design complies with the new American standards of modernity.

4. Hanging lights

Lights that drop from the ceiling are an excellent way to highlight what is visible underneath. Most American home decorators have started incorporating these swag fixtures, commonly termed hanging light fixtures. These fixtures come in several varieties, and customers are eager to buy statement pieces to stylize their homes. Adding these to the decor not only enhances the appearance of the objects to be highlighted but also maximizes the appearance of the whole room. Smart lighting is a key component of American decor. Homeowners prefer both types of swag fixtures, hardwired and portable ones, used as one piece or multiple fixtures all over the room. Many times, a statement piece is enough, but sometimes, customers go for multiple smaller options. 

5. Vibrant hues

Vibrant hues

Contrary to neutrals and pastels used in the previous years, American decor has shifted towards many vibrant colors. Cabinets, almirahs, tiles, and walls have all been experimented with vibrant, bold palettes. The decor taste has moved away from painting uniform colors, and American homeowners are beginning to embrace contrasting colors to add freshness. Bring reds, orange, teal blue, and shades of yellow are some vibrant colors that are trending.

6. Use of patterns

Patterns affect the space perception of a room. Patterns can be used on walls, tabletops, and even rugs. Patterns can be layered to enhance depth and space. The patterns can also be used by infusing motifs with selected patterns. Patterning does not require a lot of rules; probably that's the reason why it is gaining popularity in American decor. You can be creative and have the freedom of adding any shape or design.

7. Bold trims for the ceiling

Even as minimalism takes center stage, consumers have found new ways to create highlights for their rooms. A popular choice is the use of bold ceiling colors and trims. Ceilings are also being decorated with contrasting patterns and designs to create that unique look, which is an upcoming trend. Customers want to see a wide variety of patterns on the trims. Single, double, and graduated are some of the varieties that can be incorporated on the ceilings and trims. Small changes can give any room a lift.

8. Burlwood design

Burlwood design is an American trend that has been popular for a long time. Burl is a specific design made up of tree growth in which the grains are formed in a deformed manner. Such wood is highly-priced and is the most sought-after wood. Furnishings such as tabletops and seating can be made with burled wood. This is an extremely rich piece of designer furniture. Wooden panelings made with this effect give an extremely high-end look to the room. Customers who wish to give their house an elaborate decor and classy finish can opt for a burled wood appearance.

9. Planters and greens

The interest in plants and greens for home space is increasingly becoming an element of decor. Green patios are being used indoors and outdoors. Suspended planters do not require any additional space and keep indoors cooler. Multiple suspended planters can be used to create a small hanging garden. 

10. Rich hues

American decor will choose to be inclined towards richer hues of neutrals. Walls are the first thing that catches our attention. Wall colors make the room look bigger or smaller. A sense of depth can be created by using appropriate colors on the walls. Rich hues such as teals and blues are amongst the most favorite colors as per recent consumer trends. Rich hues give a sense of leisure and calmness.  

11. Window walls

Window walls

Amongst the many trends picking up in American decor is the use of window walls. Large walls are replaced by glass windows. The windows give an appearance of openness and space. Windows are lined with wooden margins to beautify them. Window walls are a popular trend with houses that have multiple floors. The top floor can be used for creating large windows.

12. Glass ceilings 

To give an appearance of openness and maximize light during daytime, ceilings are being replaced with glass. American decor breaks norms and all predictable ways of home decor. This design is very challenging and requires careful attention to ensure privacy.

13. Statement lights

Statement lights such as hanging lights, lights made of different objects, and wired designs are consumer favorites. Each light fixture is unique and one of a kind. You can choose statement pieces complementing the design of your house. A golf lover might pick lights made of golf sticks, or camera enthusiasts might create a built-in light camera. The possibilities are endless. 

Many aspects of American decor amuse and delight in multiple ways. The ideas are creative, minimal, and classy. Consumers are coming up with so many creative new ideas for home decor. American decor gives an amazing insight into what consumers want. If you are a designer, be sure to keep in mind what the customer wants. 

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