Trending prints and patterns for your 2021 spring/summer collection
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Trending prints and patterns for your 2021 spring/summer collection

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The fashion industry holds their breath and waits for fashion gurus to introduce their innovations every season, while the masters reinvent three important factors - designs, colors, and patterns - time and time again. The most impressionable ones pass from the ramp to the mass market, and that is how the world's sartorial choices are influenced and modified from one season to the next. For spring/summer 2021, here are the prints and patterns that seem to be ruling the minds and markets.

Floral  Blooms

Spring 2021 is going to be dominated by floral blooms in all their glory and this won’t be the first season for them to have influenced the imagination of leading designers. From Valentino to Manish Arora, everyone nurtured their own wilderness last season and the pattern is expected to repeat this year, blossoming in bold loud colors.

The blooms can range from giant tropical flowers to hazy watered down ones. There’s a limitless scope for designers and fashion brands to experiment with floral prints since the wild inspires unending possibilities. Dresses, trousers, shirts, t-shirts, jumpsuits, or sarees - floral patterns work perfectly with every category, making it a convenient move for brands to order floral print fabrics in bulk.

floral print dress
floral pattern dress
trending floral print floral pattern

Kaleidoscopic Geometry 

Geometric patterns and neon colors shall be in vogue this summer/ spring, suggests the global fashion gurus. Geometric patterns are nothing new but their reinterpretation from a kaleidoscopic angle is something fresh that designers seem to be experimenting with. Intermingling geometric patterns with their carefully executed twists and turns evoke a trippy sensation that millennials and gen Z seem to adore.

With the right blends, designers can literally produce abstract pieces of wearable art with geometric patterns and much like floral blooms, they offer great liberty to brands to play around and experiment. Geometric patterns go well with fabrics ranging from cotton, chiffon, georgette, silk to polyester, crepe, lycra, and nylon. One can apply them to topwear or athleisure wear and the magic would work just the same.

abstract pattern dress
geometric pattern dress

Retro Polka

Polka dots and wine have one thing in common, they seem to be getting better with age and we’re nowhere near ready to stop obsessing over them. This season we can expect to see layered prints and multi-scale mixes along with the consistent age-old polka patterns. The key experimentations are expected in terms of colors. As for fabrics, polka dots work with almost everything you can name, working as well for loungewear as they do for party wear.

yellow polka dot dress
black and white polka dot dress

Checkers in Monochrome

In case you haven’t got the drift yet, let us spell it out - this year we’re loving everything dramatic and if there’s one pattern that can outdo the theatrics of tropical blooms, it is the checkered monochromes. The stoic in-your-face patterns are expected to rule the spring and summer collections, proving that less is in fact more.

checkered print checkered pattern

Digital Chaos

Frida Kahlo’s iconic face surrounded by floral blooms and kaleidoscopic geometry - that’s how we would exemplify digital chaos but of course, the only thing that could restrain the possibilities here is the imagination of the designers themselves. Digital chaos embodies a fusion of pop art with other trending patterns, creating a chaotic montage and we’re expecting to see a lot of experiments in that direction, which would be in sync with the overall inclination towards drama that we mentioned earlier.

digital print

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