Trending Native American Home Decor Ideas for Retailers
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Trending Native American Home Decor Ideas for Retailers

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Recently, the popularity of Native American home decor has been increasing. One can find numerous Native American ideas on home decor sites and blogs. Most of the objects used in Native American home decor tend to focus on nature, be it engraving, threading, or ceramics. The colours in the decoration are generally red, black, brown, and yellow. The primary raw materials used are wood and clay. Even painted wood or ceramics tend to have natural colours, such as green and blue. All these colours are now well-matched with more natural interior styles. The Native American home decor comes from the Pacific Northwest region and southern part of Alaska. Some of the best examples are in the form of wood carvings because these regions have abundant forests. In addition, painting the wood in bright colours enhances the overall look. These unique home decor items brighten up homes and give them a warm feel.

Native American home decor brings a natural atmosphere and ambience to the overall interior decoration of a room. It gives a room a local flavour with wood carvings and wall hangings. Native American home decor is trending in the decor industry. For retailers, it is a magnificent range of products that is high in demand. People have taken a liking to it and are willing to buy it, even from online stores. To help retailers with what to sell, here are some trending Native American home decor ideas.

Ideas for Native American Home Decor

Many Native American home decor ideas are doing the rounds on the internet. Here are some of the best home decor ideas.

1. Dream Catchers

With beautiful feathers and noble patterns, the dream catcher is an artefact that can spread a calm and pleasant atmosphere. Not only do they add to the beauty of a room, but they also regulate energy. A dream catcher usually consists of a small wooden hoop covered with natural fibres or nets, with beads, arrows, feathers, and other items suspended from the bottom of the hoop. Most of the Native American dream catchers are homemade and entirely handcrafted. 

Dream catchers are popular decor items that add to the glory of a room. Thus, retailers can add this item to their product list considering its popularity and demand. The hoop represents the universe, the circle of life, and unity. Also, it is the most powerful and sacred symbol of Native American culture. Today, it is offered in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles using more modern materials such as metal rings and leather. This type of trending home decor can also attract customers to your business.

2. Medicine Pouches

Native American Home Decor\n

A Native American medicine bag adds to the antique look of rooms. They are antique pieces that are getting a lot of love. These pouches vary in size, but they can be small enough to hang around the neck, or they can be large bags with long straps. In Native American culture, medicine bags are a valuable possession that represents the spiritual life of humans. These bags and their contents are often considered sacred by tribal communities. The package should not touch the ground. Therefore, it is necessary to wrap the package tightly.

The sacredness and ancient meaning of these medicine pouches add to their demand. The retailers can use this popularity to offer the customers a variety of Native American medicine pouches for home decor. 

3. Place Mats

Native American place mats are designed with cleverly placed stitches and designs. Usually, all colour changes are at the beginning of rows, so you are only working with one colour at a time. These place mats are made using worsted yarn with a choice of cotton or acrylic. Native American designs and Western patterns are unique. They are like small works of art on display and add to the uniqueness factor. You can use them on end tables, under lamps, on chair arms, and also as shelf covers. These multipurpose place mats with classic designs are becoming popular in the decor market. As a retailer, one should surely consider these exotic home decor items in their product list.

4. Dance Sticks

In the Native American lifestyle, dancing played a vital role. It was not only a part of entertainment and storytelling but also served more a serious purpose in war, hunting, healing, honour, and spiritual life. The dances were performed with the help of various elements such as drums, flutes, chants, costumes, and dance sticks. Dance sticks were an integral part of each specific dance of the Native American tribes. Generally, they were made of different lengths of wood, with a portion of the antler attached to one or both ends of the stick. These sticks are now at the top of the must-have home decor list. They are ancient and classy to enhance the Native American theme of one's house. 

These home decor items are very much in demand not just to enhance the Southwest decor of a room or home but also to provide a meditative calmness. Bright colours, feathers, and embellishments add a natural feel and are a valuable addition to any home.

5. Rattles

Native American rattles date back to historical times. They were used in many Native American rituals, which often included dancing. The rhythm that the rattle helps maintain in the dance is unforgettable. It resonates with the soul and helps make the ritual a spiritual experience. Native American rattles are made of many types of materials. One of the most used resources is wood with a hollow carved. The hollow carving gave the rattle its sound. Rattles bring positive energy to homes and are yet another wonderful piece of Native American home decor. Don't forget to offer it to your customers!

6. Prayer Fans

Native American fans are part of fundamental beliefs. They symbolise a gift that can heal one’s heart and are very popular as smudging fans. It is said that a prayer fan comes with healing powers and will dispatch a prayer to the heavens. Native American prayer fans use a variety of feathers for ceremonies and dances. These fans are meticulously crafted and are perfect for rustic home decor.

7. Pottery Lamps

Native American Home Decor\n

Native American ceramic lamps lend a beautiful look to any corner that they adorn. These lamps are decorated with real scrap leather and act as an amazing, unique, rustic light fixture. The unique base is made of pine branches, coated iron, and lace made of raw skin. 

Pottery lamps used in Native American home decoration are made using the old-fashioned twisting method. Natural clay is carefully folded into the shape of a container and polished with a smooth piece of wood. The handmade work and unique design complement the rustic home decor look.

8. Mandalas

In Native American culture, mandalas carry a deeper vision and an ability to think beyond. The mandala motivates one to believe in their dreams and allows their mind to create road maps to achieve them. 

Mandalas are one of the most powerful symbols in Native American culture and traditions. They are looked upon with deep respect. They are used during prayers, ceremonial blessings, vision missions, and other traditional rituals in various tribes. The creation of each mandala should be taken seriously, as each symbolises the interwoven nature of creation. 


A variety of Native American decor items suit people's decorating needs. Fine home decorating items and a beautiful collection of wall art increases the beauty of homes. People enjoy beautiful Native American design dream catchers, pottery lamps, and a wide and interesting group of rattles. For business, retailers can use people's love for Native American home decors and add a new range of offerings. 

The increasing popularity of Native American home decor artefacts will help retailers in increasing their business. Fashinza helps fashion brands and designers connect with reliable and trustworthy apparel manufacturers. We’ll help you find a manufacturer that fits in perfectly depending upon your needs and desires. Besides, we take complete ownership of the process from delivery to design to allow you to rest assured and focus on the other aspects of your business. Connect with us now!


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