Trending Christmas Dress Designs And Easy Ways To Source Them (In Just 4 Weeks)
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Trending Christmas Dress Designs And Easy Ways To Source Them (In Just 4 Weeks)

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Christmas holds a special place in everybody’s heart. The Christmas and winter season excites people more than ever to splurge and look their best. 

The Christmas fashion trendsetters have pushed the boundaries of Christmas dress styling this year. Fashion sensibilities are changing and people have become comfortable in experimenting with their looks. Holiday parties are a perfect excuse to find the most beautiful festive styles and the perfect outfit. Finally, a fresh new start, more new friends, new fashion trends, and a new dress! So the question here is, are you ready?

Firstly you need to know what kind of party you are heading to, the time (whether it's in the evening, brunch or late-night). Now, once you get all those details sorted, it becomes easier to choose the perfect attire! 

Here's a quick guide to trending dress designs for Christmas 2021 that are sure to make heads turn at any Christmas party.

Chic Chick 

When it comes to the perfect Christmas dress, more than a perfect choice, an elevated LBD or little black dress never fails to impress. The length does matter in this season. Be playful to show your fun side. You can choose more luxurious fabrics that give a glimpse of decadence. Wear a statement piece or jewelry, or go for embellishment on your dress. Pair your dress with glittery heels and a chic clutch to complete the look.

Pretty and Flowery 

A trend that won't see an end! The florals will give you a feeling of freshness and comfort in any style. A beautiful floral print dress adds charm to your overall personality. Look for bold and bright colors if you want to experiment. You can also go for a subtle and chic look by opting for neutral colors. They will make you look graceful and will give you subtle sophistication. To add something to the neutrals, try carrying a different-colored bag or playing with accessories.

Bold is Beautiful

Bold is Beautiful

If you are looking to move on from classic red and gold to a more dramatic and sophisticated one, this one's for you. Pair shades of raspberry, plum, and grape with some gold detailing, and you are bound to stand out in a crowd. Bold monochromatic or a single-color piece is a great option if you want to make a statement. 

The Velvety touch  

Luxurious and special, the velvet never disappoints! It ain't the season of celebration if at least one person doesn’t show up in a velvet dress at the party. Velvet fashion truly lends a star look. Velvet dresses are a safe and perfect bet for winter parties to warm you and make you look stylish. You can go for contemporary cuts and delicate details to make heads turn.

Go with the flow 

Celebrities all over the world have given a new dimension to the beautiful flowy gowns. There is a whole new range of variety to the shoppers when it comes to choosing this style statement. They are the latest trendsetters for the style statement for women around the globe. Ladies love to flaunt and look stunning in these flowy clothes, and the feel is just like any celebrity.

Be at your lacy best 

Twist old favorites, and you have another winner here. If you are looking for something to wear during daytime lunch, lace is the best bet. Lace has played a major role in fashion ever since it was developed. It has an old-world charm. Nothing makes a woman more feminine and pretty than a lace dress. With the designers playing with patterns and cuts, it has made itself appear in the top ten trends for this season too. Ruffles, tiered, sheath, asymmetrical, maxi are some of the many options available. The dresses are available in a vast range of designs and patterns. They all look super gorgeous in different designs and lengths of sleeves, patterns, and cut-off neck; they are definitely going to spoil you for choices.

Glam doll

Glam doll

If the venue is a fancy one and the gathering is of friends, then go for all glam. Pair a sequin dress, high heels, and a shiny clutch together. Don't forget to add the bright Lipper and be ready to have all eyes on you. Metallics and gemstone colors will shine this year too. Silver might give a good competition to gold. Its muted and cooler tone will help bring the snow outside in-sans the freezing cold temperatures. Opt for Gold to add some warmth and depth. Anything sparkly and glam will import you into the Christmas spirit, and you just need an excuse to dress up. Glittery and Sparkly coats are also trending this season.

Cowboy girl

A fashion trend that still is a favorite of much WILD wild west is a leather skirt, pair of boots, and a nice hat! Cowboy boots and fringed jackets are an obvious choice here. Now, how you can own the look- add your personal style, go for sleek boots from prints to embellishment, wear a belt over a leather dress, cow print skirts, again the choices are many. 

Casually Smart

A step up from business casuals, smart casuals are perfect for office brunches with professionals. These are the dresses that give you a relaxed but polished look and are elegant and comfortable. Fashion rules are always evolving, and the mantra is to mix together new trends to create moments that have become part of the big picture for a long time. Blouses, polo shirts, button-downs, chinos, dress pants are some of the options you can choose from. Wrap-around dresses are also great options when you have to follow this dress code.

Strappy Elegance

Bodycons and strappy figure-hugging dresses are always sexy. Red, maroon, white, lace, patterns and prints or solids, the little strappy dresses can be a hit at any casual or formal do, depending on how you accessorize it. Keep the shoes high heeled if it's a formal party or a denim strappy dress with sneakers could be the other extreme. You can go Bohemian with the jewelry if you're with friends and family or stick to sleek, elegant jewelry for a formal get-together. Sometimes just a pair of long earrings are enough to draw attention to the nearly bare shoulders.

Go Vintage

Go Vintage

You can't go wrong with a vintage look. A knee length dress or skirt with box pleats or an A-line flair with a back or side hidden zipper gives a flawless figure-fitting look. You could go a step further with Christmas prints like pine trees, mistletoes or snowflakes. Pick prints in contrasting colors from the base color of the dress and pair them with stiletto heels. If it's cold outside, drop a woolen stole over the shoulders. Accessorize with small diamond or pearl drop earrings and a sleek chain and small pendant. Classic, classy, elegant and old-school!

Warm Up

Designers have gone overboard trying to make the age-old sweater come of age. Its winter season and as good as the short or slinky dresses may look, there is nothing more comfortable than something warm and cozy. Bring out your style quotient with some bright colored sweaters, jackets, stoles, and mufflers. Christmas is a great time to pull out the poncho too. How about a red poncho with a white fluffy edging or a green poncho with a red collar? Pair a white woolen with almost any bright or pastel color bottom and voila, you're ready for Christmas!

Leggy Beauties

If it's cold out there, you might want to cover up those legs. A pair of woolen or leather pants, maybe black or red, can really bring out your length. Your legs look long and slender in a pair of tight fitting pants or tights.  Pair them with a fluffy woolen sweater, a leather jacket or a long muffler. Boot-legs are back in fashion and that may be a great choice too. 

Slits And Crop Tops

This holiday season flaunt those legs and the toned belly with crop tops and long slitted skirts, which qualify as the perfect Christmas dress. Or a pair of bell-bottom pants slit all the way upto the thigh. A high-neck short crop top or an off-shoulder tube can look awfully hot too. A little peek-a-boo yet warmly elegant, if you are ready to show some skin, now is the time. A long straight dress with a high side slit is also a great option. A pair of strappy heels can enhance the beauty of the feet showing under the slit.



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