Top Fashion Trends For 2021: Emerging Categories Your Brand Should Experiment With!
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Top Fashion Trends For 2021: Emerging Categories Your Brand Should Experiment With!

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Time and trends wait for none! While the world came to a standstill with the outbreak of a pandemic, shift in fashion trends refused to slow down. The consequence? We’ve got brands like Louis Vuitton producing masks - not something the fashion gurus could have predicted before Spring 2020!

As the world adapts to the “new normal” the fashion industry is observing unprecedented trends with a lot of unusual clothing categories experiencing sky-high demands! Here’s a sneak peak at some of the new popular categories for brands to add to their product lines!


manufacture masks produce masks

It’s safe to say masks are going to be around for 2021, having inspired global fashion brands to experiment with fabrics, prints, colors, and overnight becoming an important punctuation in every fashionista’s fashion statement! Who could have thought Billie Eilish’s Gucci mask at the Grammys would become a sensation? But well, here we are! Speculations suggest that masks have the potential to make a permanent place in our wardrobes with increasing concern for pollution among global citizens! If there ever was a time to capitalize on a fashion product, it is now! Masks are all set to soar in the sales charts in 2021!

Overcoats and Jackets

women's coat women's jacket

Fashion influencers are absolutely obsessed with oversized coats/ shoulder-padded jackets and their followers are following suit! The idea is to pair these jackets with everything from shorts skirts to dresses to trousers! There’s a lot of scope to experiment with them and everything from pastel to neon colors are experiencing a growth in sales. As a brand you can definitely consider adding these elegant attires to your inventory for Spring-Summer 2021!


women's scarf

Here's another unusual piece of clothing that’s sneaked into the top trends! Scarves have become quite the cherry on top of a perfect outfit on hot summer days! It might truly be difficult to name another piece of clothing as versatile as a scarf which is being worn by women around the neck, as turbans, as hair bands, and whatnot! More adventurous souls are in fact playing around with scarves, turning them into crop tops! Speaking of which, Louis Vuitton has not only started taking an interest in masks but they’re selling them in combos with scarves - an inspiring trend for clothing brands to follow while diversifying their product lines!


loungewear pajamas

‘Working from home’ is one of the few things that define the ‘new’ in our ‘new normal’ and having shifted base to the four walls of their homes, more and more people are seeking comfort in loungewear, officially their favorite office attire at the moment. Sales for loungewear has soared significantly over the past year and trend forecasts suggest that the demands will continue to rise, implying it’s a good time for brands to stock up on them!

Crop Tops

crop tops

Not exactly a new trend but one that has consistently remained popular over the last few years! Comfortable and stylish crop tops can be spotted on every other woman, making them a safe choice for mass production! Clothing brands can use their liberty to customize their crop tops in unique ways using different fabrics, designs, color palettes, prints, and patterns!

If you want to find the right manufacturer to produce any these categories (OR other categories that you might have in mind), Fashinza can be your one-stop production destination! Through our platform you can meet 250+ manufacturers and work with the ones that best meet your needs! To make the whole deal safer for brands, we accept rather low MoQs - Experiment freely with new categories without putting too much at stake. Reach out to us if you have any queries and we’d love to help you with everything from design to delivery!


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