Top 5: Winter Coats Trends of 2022-2023
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Top 5: Winter Coats Trends of 2022-2023

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Summary: Trends from 2021 are still going strong in the fashion industry, especially when it comes to fall and winter wear. Brands like H&M, Zara, Girlfriend Collective, and Calvin Klein are gearing up to showcase their collection inspired by the winter coat trends 2021, which will be the highlight of 2023.

Since winter is here, brands have been racking up the winter collection in a major way. When it comes to coat trends, many brands are still relying on the winter coat trends of 2021. The runaway trends of 2021 are reflected in the stylized coat trends that have the power to make any plain and boring outfit turn up the heat from zero to 100. Even though these styles are from the winter coat trends 2021, they have a fresh vibe and are not yet overdone. Let us take a look at the top 5 winter coat trends of 2022-23 that the brands and designers are glowing after!

1. Built-in scarf coats

At the top of your to-do list, this season for your fashion brand should be none other than the ultra-chic built-in scarf coats. These coats have been available in classic camel versions flaunted by brands like Mango. Customers prefer to pair them up with casual jeans and shirt looks. But brands like Tove and Malene Birger have created fancier built-in coats that can rock any night party.

The reason these scarf coats have been popular since 2021 is the convenience they offer to customers, along with the added uniqueness, of course.

2. The super shearling

The super shearling

The shearling trend has been slowly making waves for some time now, but it seems like it's finally reached a crescendo. Instead of opting for basic lining in coats, many celebs have decided to walk with this fabric, making it the hottest among winter outwear.

Thanks to fashion brands like Stand Studio, Jonathan Simkhai, Remain Birger Christensen, and more, these shearling winter coats remain the talk of the town in 2023. Apart from these coats, the shearling collar is also becoming popular. Since shearling makes up for a fuzzy and warm fabric, it has been paired effortlessly with many other fabrics, especially with leather as fuzzy collars.

3. The quilted shells and padded bombers

The quilted shells

The quilted shell coats have been gaining enormous popularity since the winter coat trends in 2021 - courtesy of big brands like Ganni, Totême, and Anine Bing. These lightweight coats can work in mild winters and fall seasons without any additional layering.

Bombers are generally categorized as jackets (not coats). But it would be pretty neglectful to not talk about the impact they are having since the trends of 2021 and are still continuing to make an impression in the winter collections. This is the trend which was all over the runways, donned by celebrities and supermodels. It has become a necessary winter outerwear for fashionable men and women. No wonder, brands like The Frankie Shop and H&M have been continuously adding these bombers to their winter collection.

4. The Leather Trench

The Leather Trench

Leather coats and jackets of all varieties are in trend this season. Even though this ultimate wardrobe staple works for every season, people are seen hoarding them, especially during winters. Thanks to supermodels like the Jenner and Hadid sisters, these leather coats, especially long ones, have been trending since 2021. 

Brands can include this timeless and classic leather trench coat in their collection and pair it up with the winter boot trends from 2021 in beige and soft pastels. Statement colors that will rock this trend in 2023 are black, orange, olive, and brown.

5. The wild ones

The wild ones

Last but not the least, this top-notch trend of statement animal prints has been making headlines in the fashion world. Winters come and go every year, but these cheetah, leopard, and zebra prints stay, and stay, and refuse to go away.

Be it the zig-zag zebra lines from brands like Dries Van Noten and Stella McCartney or those leopard and cheetah prints from Nili Lotan and Rixo, these coats have been created to stand out in a bold engagement with any surroundings. Earlier, these prints were seen as a fashion risk by clothing brands. But with time, they have become a versatile choice for clothing labels. 

Riding into the New Year With Warm and Fuzzy Coats!

Coats are a fashion staple of men and women. When it comes to curating a winter collection for any fashion and apparel brand, coats are a must-have segment. The top 5 coat trends mentioned above have time and again proven to be the evergreen classic and 'here-to-stay' trends. Be it the scarf-embedded coats or timeless leather ones, these winter coat trends will carry into 2023 effortlessly.

If you want to have a 'stand-out' winter and fall collection for your fashion brand this year, Fashinza can help with connecting you to trusted and reliable suppliers to build a great fall/winter collection.

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Key Takeaways

  • Winter coat trends 2021 are making a huge comeback in 2022-23 with various additions to them.
  • Trends like animal prints and leather coats are timeless and have proven to stand out in every fall/winter collection.
  • Another new trend fashion brands can look to invest in 2023 will include quilted and shearling coats and built-in scarf coats.

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