Top 10 Fashion Trends From the '80s
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Top 10 Fashion Trends From the '80s

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Summary: The glorious yellow pages of 80s fashion trends are tinted with everything glitzy and bold. The 80's fashion is known for its implementation of art into fashion; the era essays the freedom of expression and was indeed a revolution. The punk and preppy era was dipped in stark hues, and everything glimmered! Folks were vibing to the heavy metal beats of Michael Jackson and Madonna while taking style notes from the era-icons Jane Fonda and Joan Collins.

To the '80s and Beyond

The 80s fashion trends covered various styles, from sophisticated to flashy and grunge. During the 1980s, fashionistas were emulating styles depicted in television shows such as Dallas and Dynasty. From pearl necklaces to Pam's eccentric hair and baggy knits, the 80's fashion diary was etching suave notes with animal prints, power suits, denim, and Doc Martens. Bold color stories and unapologetic glamor defined the 80s fashion trends.

Gia Carangi, Brooke Shield, and Kim Elexis were a few of the muses taking over the ramps, flaunting structured silhouettes by eponymous designers like Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Gianni Versace, Giorgio Armani, and many more at the time. Athleisure brands like Nike, Reebok, and Adidas became the go-to brands for the fashion folk of the 1980s. Let's revisit the best style moments and trends of the '80s; read along to binge!

Statement leather dresses

The 80s fashion trends boast very svelte leather dresses with bold cuts washed in vivid hues. Fishnet stockings and heavy smoky eye-do often graced the ensemble. Guess what: the style is still very much in vogue and does not fail to impress.

Waltzing to the Print Play

During the 1980s, the relevance and craze for prints began to make more sense; this bold aesthetic was enamored and owned by many in the lanes of tinsel town. The vibrant floral print story and iconic animal print began to appear in nearly all apparel and accessories.

Love for the Neons

One of the mainstays of 80s fashion trends was the oh-so-dazzle of neon hues. It was featured on leggings, headbands, and even socks! The accessories were also dipped in the fluorescent hues of the brightest pinks, the lemony yellows and vivid greens adding an edge to the whole ensemble.

Monokinis and more

Yes! the high-cut one-piece bold swimsuit, which is still very popular, found its glory back in the 1980s fashion trends. These monokinis were washed in vivid tones and were highly structured. The ensemble was often completed with heavy accessories. It's easy to see it on one of the 80s muses who swears by this very sexy silhouette.

The Game of Stacking

One of the most notable trends from the 1980s is the stacking of necklaces and bracelets. The trend was orchestrated with a symphony of beaded, chained, and encrusted jewels, resulting in a statement ensemble.

Shine and Glimmer

During the '80s, there was nothing called too much of a glimmer; it was like "the more, the merrier!" Highly sequined tops and dresses with bold cuts started featuring in the 80s fashion trends; the most iconic one that took the world by storm was the one sported by Paris Hilton.

The Power of Checks

The diary of 1980s fashion examines the power and polished dressing aesthetics emphasized by various checks on blazers and pants. The layering game of turtlenecks often completed the ensemble, which was also an iconic trend during the '80s. Folks back then loved statement and chic work and also wore and flaunted it!

The Bold and Bustier Tops

Adorned with delicate lace and mesh details, the
80s fashion trend diary records the feminine and finely crafted bustier silhouette. The best of this trend can be spotted back in the 1984 VMAs when Madonna graced the Boy Toy bustier look in pristine white.

Poufs and ruffles

Our deep love and obsession with poufs and ruffles crafted on our silhouettes originate in 80s fashion trends. The structured gowns with statement ruffles and pouf details are what the 80s were musing about. This trend was very much owned and loved by the very charming Lady D; oh my, she was always a sight to behold!

The Denim Dream

During the 1980s, denim captivated our attention and became a classic. The denim movement was established almost everywhere during the 80s fashion era, from the rugged and ripped to the mom jeans and layovers. The denim moguls like Guess and Levis still have our hearts!

Inspiration from the dazzling '80s

That's all for now on the best 80s fashion trends; if you're inspired, we'd love to see you curate wearable art spelling out the era of the 80s. Get in touch with our expert for further assistance in curating your apparel line. Fashinza's hassle-free AI-driven platform is all designers need to translate their creative vision into reality. We help you connect with suitable suppliers and manufacturers, and one can track the creation and logistics with a single app click. Inquire for non-fussy assistance by booking a demo now; visit us now!

Key Takeaways

  • The 80s fashion trends made a significant remark on how we dress up to date. One can easily spot the relevance.
  • The 80s highlighted the need for comfort and utility in our day-to-day fashion.

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