The Next Big Thing in Mass Production to take over in 2022
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The Next Big Thing in Mass Production to take over in 2022

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Mass Production in Clothing

Close your eyes and imagine 3 things you can’t live without. What were the things that made your list? Here is a guess – Mobile Phone and Wi-Fi certainly featured in it. How about clothes though? Most of us think we can’t live without our phones, but clothes are essential to us. Is it a surprise then, that the industry catering to a need as basic as this has been one of the most significant throughout history?

Among the many inventions that changed the course of human life, the development of machines for the mass production of goods is quoted often. We have all heard of the industrial revolution and can talk about it even in our sleep. But what were these industries producing? Only automobiles? Think again. The cloth mills and the mass production of textiles did not change only the consumer mindset. Instead, it altered the history of the world, even geography in some cases. Think about that the next time you are buying something from a fashion brand. Or don’t! You go shopping to have fun, not to be scared.

The increasing capabilities to mass-produce, and the clever innovations that make it possible for brands to turn around designs into finished products within 3-4 weeks, are the stuff of legends. By the way, did you check out the latest collection in your nearest H&M or Zara outlet? Go get it before it’s replaced by the next one. As you shop for the next collection in any of your favourite high-street retailers, consider this. How are they able to bring out collections at such a fast pace?

A basic internet search will show the other side of this story – terrible working conditions for the workforce, polluted rivers, and heaps of discarded garments. All this raises one important question, is fast fashion worth the impact? As you step into your role as a fashion brand, whose customers are scrolling through such reports and images, there are many things to consider.

Will the customer be willing to buy mass-produced clothes after this? If fast fashion is so bad, is it even going to survive? Does mass-production even make sense anymore? Or should you be changing track and running away from mass production to save your (brand’s) life? An honest answer to that is – not really!

The process is so deeply rooted in the overall functioning of the industry, that stopping mass production is not the answer. Instead, members of the industry are now coming together to find viable alternatives to the current manufacturing process. Sustainable fashion doesn’t need to be against mass production. It needs to be towards responsible production. Hence, the new inventions that enable the mass production of textiles with a minimised impact on the environment are the upcoming trends in the industry

Trends in Mass Production

With fast fashion being criticised and the conscious shift towards sustainable alternatives, here are a few trends related to the mass production of garments that are becoming popular quickly.

  1. Process Automation – A number of processes in the overall manufacturing process are being automated. With the availability of robotic arms and other technology-enabled practices, automation is leading to numerous positive outcomes. The working conditions aren’t a concern anymore, since the repetitive tasks are now being done by machines. Since the detailing is being done using these machines, the precision and quality (especially for repairs) have increased manifold. Also, as the precision is increasing, the wastage of material is reduced to a great extent. All these, taken together, improve the efficiency of the overall process, thereby making mass production easier and more profitable.
  2. 3D Printing – Another exciting technological intervention enabling mass production of sustainable clothing is the evolution of 3D printing processes. With 3D printing, the process of manufacturing clothes and accessories is considerably streamlined and the lead times are reduced. Also, the wastage is minimal in this case. Thus, whether it is garments, wearables, or any other accessories one is looking at, 3D printing can help scale up production and support mass production in multiple areas. With the current technology, the materials to be used and the flexibility of the colour palette are a slight challenge for 3D printed textiles. There are multiple teams around the world working towards addressing this challenge. As they keep innovating and finding newer and improvised ways for 3D printing, mass production of clothes and accessories is set to receive a mega boost.
  3. Wholesale Clothing Websites – While research and innovation are time-consuming, there is one trend that is happening right now – in the year 2022.  There are numerous websites coming up for wholesale clothes. These readymade garments are prepared by manufacturers with the capability to mass-produce. Smaller retailers can purchase from the wholesale clothing websites and then customise the piece as per their own designs. Thus, the whole effort of designing and then waiting for the garment to come alive, as it gets built from scratch, is reduced. Even the turnaround time for readymade garments is considerably reduced, thanks to the wholesale clothing websites.
  4. Digital Printing – One trend that has been gaining popularity over the past few years is the use of digital printing techniques to design and print clothes. This comes in handy, especially if one is looking at mass production of their designs. The same design can be applied over multiple copies of a product, with precision and without significant challenges. Thus, digital printing technology has been a big boost to the need for design when mass production is involved.

Next Big Thing in 2022

Trends in Mass Production

So, which of these trends are you going to chase in the coming year? You can certainly try all of them if you are an established brand and have deep pockets. But if you are a new entrant in the industry, remember what they say about biting off more than you can chew! Why not start with something that is the easiest to achieve and will give you much-needed confidence?

Industry experts recommend checking out Wholesale clothing websites, irrespective of whether you are a big player in the industry or looking to make inroads. E-commerce retailing is now an established practice, and customers are pretty comfortable with it. Most issues have been ironed out, be it payment-related technology or the platform itself. As a customer, you do not find yourself staring at blank pages or wondering whether your payment went through.

Wholesale clothing websites leverage this progress and take it to the next level. A lot changed in the industry with the pandemic. Counting the many blessings that this period gave to the industry – no more disrupted supply chains or in-person meet-ups to find the right suppliers or manufacturers. Even the manufacturers have had to adapt to the changing times. The newfound agility and dependence on technology have led them to innovate. The outcome is these wholesale clothing websites.

In India and around the world there are many wholesale clothing websites that have come up and are being used effectively by small retailers and independent boutiques. Mass production helps them to stop worrying about the sizes and the availability of material. No more heartbreak and tears looking for the right fabric, waiting with bated breath for the shipment to arrive, and then all the hard work to produce the final garment. Instead, they simply buy the required garments from a wholesaler and customise them according to their designs.

With optimization in technology and the logistics for the supply chains, this trend is expected to become even bigger. If you are an industry observer and are looking for the next big thing in the mass production of textiles – it has to be the wholesale clothing websites.

How to capitalise on this trend?

If you are looking to enter the industry, this is a great time to do so. With the mass production of textiles enabling quick scaling, the entry barriers are steadily coming down. No need to worry about inventory or the availability of manufacturers slowing down your pace. The required garments, especially in standard sizes, will be available on wholesale clothing websites. All you need is to customise them quickly and launch your collection.

Among the many negative outcomes of the pandemic, the one shining light has been the move to digital spaces. Willingly or not, all businesses have had to make the digital move. The changes have led to an extremely supportive ecosystem for beginners.

With the opening up of markets, the global demand improving, and slowly moving towards pre-pandemic levels, this is the perfect time and opportunity for businesses to embrace this new trend. Especially for new entrants in the industry, this is a great time, since they have the required agility. You aren’t running with the weight of legacy. So, make the most of the opportunities being offered.

If you are a manufacturer with ready facilities, this is a golden chance for you. Not only can you serve your existing customers better, but you can also find new customers easily. The ease of use and transparency that wholesale clothing websites bring to the supply side of the business has no precedence. 

Wrapping Up

The trend of wholesale clothing websites isn’t for a select few. Whatever role you play in the fashion industry, you stand to gain by embracing it. As the saying goes, “make hay while the sun shines”; this is the time to adopt the trend, and build an advantage for your business. If the whole idea of building and maintaining a website appears too daunting for you, you can actively become a member of websites and online communities for the fashion business.

These websites have a thriving community of designers, manufacturers, and suppliers that interact with each other for the betterment of the business. One such platform where you can find a big, active and involved community is Fashinza. The end-to-end platform is designed specifically for the different players in the industry. Whether you are looking to understand the events having an impact on the industry, or simply looking for the best supplier for your business needs, Fashinza is the place to be.


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