The Latest Color Trends of 2023: A Look at Behr's Color of the Year
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The Latest Color Trends of 2023: A Look at Behr's Color of the Year

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Summary: Behr Color of the Year 2023, Blank Canvas is not just amping up the interiors but will have a significant effect on the fashion industry as well. Designers can pair this white hue with all kinds of neutral, pastel, and bright shades. As a primary color, it will beautifully bring out other 2023 colors like Viva Magenta, Raspberry Blush, and Digital Lavender.

Ever-changing trends in a dynamic fashion industry are hard to keep up with. As trends transform, brands need to adapt to the latest palettes to match both the buyers' and the customers’ moods.

Color forecasting authorities like Pantone and WGSN make it easier by giving them a preview of colors that will rule the market over the next year. Whether it’s Pantone or Behr Color of the Year 2023, each shade can be adapted to create on-trend pieces. 

Behr’s color predictions, just like the other agencies, are made keeping in mind social and cultural factors and buyers’ sentiments around the world. Thus, the color palette moves beyond interiors and delves into the fashion world as well. The Behr Color of the Year 2023 is a warm, welcoming shade from the neutral palette that is as versatile as it is tranquil. 

Considering the minimalist look that is currently popular in fashion and interior designs, it looks like Blank Canvas is here to stay.

What is Behr Color of the Year 2023?

Behr Color

The Behr Color of the Year 2023, Blank Canvas (DC - 003) is a white shade with a warm undertone that renders the freshness and cheerfulness we all are looking for this year.

Blank Canvas, just like its name suggests, offers a plethora of options in terms of design and styling. It effortlessly brings out other colors, textures, patterns, and materials. It complements neutrals, pastels, earth tones, and bold hues as well. 

Color Trends Of 2023 To Go With Blank Canvas

Just as the name of the Behr Color of the Year 2023 would have one to believe, it is a blank slate for brands to experiment with creatively. Here are all the latest color trends of 2023 it can complement:

Blank Canvas And Neons

Canvas And Neons

Hot pink has emerged as the hottest color of 2022, and other neons like mustard yellow, teal, and hot red are following suit. These vibrant shades are not only enhancing interiors but are also adding their flavors to the fashion of 2023. The neons, when paired with the neutral tone of Blank Canvas, bring out new energy and give each hue space to breathe.

Designers and brands have in the past paired fluorescents with neutral and warm shades of white. Bottega Veneta, Burberry, and Fendi, to name a few, have already experimented with this trend. 

Designers and brands who wish to incorporate blank canvas with fluorescents can do so by using blank canvas as a layering option over neons.

Blank Canvas And Pastels

Canvas And Pastels

Digital Lavender, WGSN’s Color of the Year 2023, Apricot Crush, and Sage Leaf are some pastels that are going to rock the runways this year. Labels and designers like The Row and Tom Ford have been experimenting with these colors in all kinds of clothing, from slip dresses to trench coats.

Pairing pastels with white tones like Blank Canvas has always been a classic way to bring out the pastels and create a more distinct look. This trend has been witnessed not only in fashion but also in interiors. Pastel and warm colors, when matched with Blank Canvas, can very well give way to trans-seasonal clothing options.

Brands can add a touch to the warm-toned Blank Canvas, by using it as an accent color with pastel hues like lavender, sage green, lemon yellow, mint, and more in scarves, trench coats, pants, and skirts.

Blank Canvas And Brights

Canvas And Brights

The Pantone Color of the Year 2023, Viva Magenta is perfect to be paired with Behr’s 2023 color, Blank Canvas. This duo is all set to adorn the summer and fall runways. The crispness of white in Blank Canvas can bring out the vibrance of Viva Magenta and other bright shades like tranquil blue, orange, and hues of red that are popular this year.

Many top designers and brands like Ralph Lauren, Amiri, and Philip Lim are curating elegant outfit ideas including whites with bright shades. Even so, many celebs and models like Harry Styles, Zendaya, and Bella Hadid are seen often flaunting such a neutral-bright pairing. 

Brights can also be accented by layering them with Behr Color of the Year 2023 in cardigans, jackets, sheer tops, and more. 

Rolling the canvas

Behr Color of the Year 2023, Blank Canvas represents calm and comfort. Brands can use the color to complement all kinds of hues that are trending in 2023. Designers and brands can use this neutral hue to bring out other hues.  Brands looking to use Blank Canvas and other trending colors of 2023 in their collection can connect with manufacturers and fabric suppliers through Fashinza.

Key Takeaways:

  • Blank Canvas, Behr Color of the Year 2023 is not just influencing interiors, but also has a measurable effect on the fashion industry.
  • All kinds of hues, earthy, neutral, pastel and vibrant shades can be paired with the warm-toned Blank Canvas.

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