The Evolution Of All The 90s Trends
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The Evolution Of All The 90s Trends

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Summary: The 90s fashion trends reflected the coming of age of tech and pop culture. Today, Gen Z is drawing its inspiration from grunge, rave, and brit pop influence and rewriting the 90s-inspired outfits in a unique way. 

The Spectacular 90s

The period between 1990 and 99 was a defining decade for the world. It catapulted tech to the mainstream, globalization connected the countries more closely, and the Internet made inroads into people’s homes. In a world that had changed, fashion too donned a bold new avatar. Grunge, rave, hip-hop, and brit fashion became all the rage on the streets. The zeitgeist of the 90s has now made its way into the wardrobes of Gen Z and millennials. 

The 90s-inspired outfits are making their mark from the runways of Paris to the street fashion of Harajuku. High-waist jeans, cargo pants, bucket hats, and fanny packs have put the spotlight on the good stuff. High-end brands like Chanel, Coach, and Gucci have taken on the 90s trend and have put it in the limelight.

Not all 90s outfit ideas work. Hence, we carefully curated the best of 90s-inspired outfit ideas for you to get started on! 

1. Cargo pants

Cargo pants

Cargo pants or cargo trousers originated in the 1930s. It was primarily military wear and slowly made its way into street fashion in the 80s and 90s. The 90s had pop bands like TLC, NSYNC, and a host of other celebrities flaunting the cargo in various shades and styles.

Cargo pants will be trending in 2023 in a big way. Major fashion influencers like Bella Hadid, Kanye West, and Gwen Stefani are seen wearing the modified cargo. From shorts to jumpsuits, pants with a multitude of pockets are influencing Gen Z and millennial fashion. 

2. High-waist denim

High-waist denim

High-waist jeans were popularized in the 70s by the disco culture. The high waist helped to elongate the leg and make the hips look smaller. Celebrities and influencers in the 90s took to this trend in a big way. 

Today, youngsters call them mommy jeans, a notch above the ubiquitous boyfriend jeans. Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have been spotted sporting high-waist denim in various styles. The 90s-inspired outfit is so popular that a sustainable brand like Everlane has stocked it. The fast fashion brands like Zara and H&M have introduced it as well.

3. Fanny packs 

Fanny packs

Once a tourist and a hiker favorite, fanny packs have come a long way. They helped people to carry their belongings without worrying about losing them or having them stolen. 

Fanny packs or waist bags or belt bags, whatever you may call them, are now dominating the fashion scene. Straight from the 90s, this unisex product is now being flaunted by the likes of Jimmy Fallon and Rihanna. One can spot them on red carpets and in streetwear. 

4. Slip dresses 

Slip dresses

Slip dresses were often made of lightweight, flowing fabrics and were worn as a standalone dress or layered over a t-shirt. They were all the rage in the 1990s, dominating the casual, bohemian-inspired looks and were often paired with ankle boots or sandals.

The slip dress is one of the 90s-inspired outfits that have made a comeback in Gen Z’s fashion closet. Hailey Baldwin, Emily Ratajkowski, and a host of other celebrities and influencers are pairing it with choker necklaces, heels, and boots. 

5. Bike shorts 

Bike shorts

Originally designed as athletic clothing for cyclists, bike shorts came into their own in the 90s with Princess Diana making them popular. It was also instrumental in opening up the athleisure market.

Bike shorts are now a legit 90s-inspired outfit that is embraced by high-profile musicians and celebrities. Athleisure brands like Off-White and EleVen by Venus Williams are some brands that have brought this ultra-comfortable clothing back into vogue. 

6. Bucket hats 

Bucket hats

The bucket hats were originally designed to protect the head and face from the sun and other elements. They were made from durable materials such as canvas or oilcloth. Bucket hats became associated with the counterculture and hip-hop scenes in the 90s.

The 90s-inspired outfit accessory got reintroduced by Lacoste in 2018. From classy Italian brand Fiorucci to Nike, everyone is making these hats in different fabrics and textures. 

7. Matching plaid sets 

Matching plaid sets

Matching plaid set suits became all the rage when the movie Clueless was released. The main character Cher’s impeccable high-class taste in clothing fueled a fashion revolution. 

The revisiting of Clueless through OTT channels has given this 90s-inspired outfit a new lease of life. As suits have made their way back post covid, matching plaid sets have entered the closet and the streets.

90s is better

Every season, fashion brands put out new collections inspired by different time periods. The world is rapidly changing, with recession and the Ukraine war taking up the headlines. The 90s-inspired outfits are a way for the younger generation to look back upon the good times. 

If you’re a brand that wants to introduce a line inspired by 90s outfits, Fashinza is here to help you. Our unique AI platform helps you to quickly execute your designs with the help of curated partners.

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Key Takeaways 

  • The younger generation tired of covid lockdown is looking for inspiration
  • Fashion brands both big and small have turned to the 90s for their new collections
  • Celebrities, music artists, and social media influencers are flaunting these looks

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