The Biggest Fashion Color Trends for Fall 2023
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The Biggest Fashion Color Trends for Fall 2023

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Summary: Fall fashion witnesses bright colors and this year’s palette is no different. The colors for fall of 2023 include Digital Lavender, Apricot Crush, Astro Dust, Galactic Cobalt, and Sage Leaf. Fashion color trends in 2023 will also see extensive use of Pantone’s Viva Magenta and Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Blush, both colors of the year 2023.

What is fall fashion without some bright colors? It’s the time to experiment with various hues and this year’s palette gives designers ample scope to do just that. The trendiest hues of fall 2023 take inspiration from last year’s shades and are going to set the stage for fashion in 2024. Read on to know more about the best fashion color trends to use for fall 2023 collections.

The Hottest Hues of 2023 

Designers looking to get their brand on trend with the hottest colors for the upcoming fall season should look at WSGN and Coloro’s Autumn-Winter 2023-24 color palette. With a mix of bold hues and subtle tones, there’s a lot of room for designers to play with this fall.  

One of the key colors for Autumn/Winter 23-24, Digital Lavender (Coloro 134-67-16) is also WGSN’s Color of the Year. While 2022’s Orchid Flower fused technology with nature, this year’s color is a calming shade that embodies digital therapy. The color of ‘renewed optimism,’ Digital Lavender is a soothing soft lilac that offers hope in times after the pandemic. It has already been featured on runways alongside Pantone’s 2022 Color, Veri Peri, both hues balancing deeper jewel tones of the fall palette. Designers can use it for separates, loungewear, knits, and formalwear. 

Looking At 2024: Apricot Crush

Apricot Crush

Apricot Crush (Coloro 024-65-27) can be a brand’s best pick to grab eyeballs this year, as well as keeping it open for 2024. The peachy-orange shade is one of the trendiest fall colors that 2023 is set to witness; WGSN and Coloro have already named it their Color of the Year 2024. From the orange family, Apricot Crush is seen as a trans-seasonal shade. It has a soft, sun-bleached aura that pairs very well with neutrals. Its versatility makes it great for outerwear, activewear, loungewear, and occasion wear.

Adventurous Astro Dust 

Astro Dust

Coloro’s rich mid-tone red, Astro Dust (010-42-20) is in sync with fashion color trends of 2023 that feature softer shades of bold colors. Inspired by the dusty Mars terrain, Astro Dust embodies the desire to explore the unseen. The color can be used in materials like leather or texturized outwear, as seen in layerings in Rick Owens’ collections. The gender-inclusive color makes the perfect fall hue, suitable for outerwear, knitwear, and footwear.

Get Futuristic With Galactic Cobalt 

Galactic Cobalt 

2023 is all about jewel tones, and Coloro’s Galactic Cobalt (120-28-32) is all set to rule occasionwear. Its richness and depth make it the perfect hue for evening wear, formal gowns, and party dresses. Inspired by new space and the Metaverse, this dynamic hue has already appeared on the runways of Altuzzara, Fendi, and Christian Siriano. Brands can also use it for activewear, and for transformative finishes through satiny fabrics to exude a bold, confident air. 

Sage Leaf: A Mellowed Color

Mellowed color

Coloro’s Sage Leaf (072-45-06)  is loved for the comforting ambiance it creates in interiors. It has the same effect when used in clothing. Meant to lower stress, this calming shade of green stands for refined comfort in elevated basics. With silvery-gray overtones, this adaptable hue adds an elegant touch to separates, brushes jerseys, soft knits, and faux furs. Brands specializing in sustainability can use this comforting hue, which will resonate with their brand personas.

A Bold Vibe For 2023

Bold and optimistic shades like Pantone’s Viva Magenta (18-1750) and Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Blush (2008-30) – both Colors of the Year 2023 – are the other hues that are ruling this year’s fashion trends. They will continue through the fall season of 2023 and be seen in a variety of outfits in either primary or accent colors. They work well with neutrals that form a timeless color palette. The bold colors can be adapted for fall fashion classics like turtleneck sweaters, peacoats, crewneck pullovers, bodysuits, and tiered dresses. 

Not only will these colors be popular this year, but they will also set the stage for the 2024 palette that takes off from the colors of the past two years.

Making way for the future

After the pandemic, the fashion industry is witnessing a key shift in color trends and style. On one hand are bold jewel tones that take a futuristic approach. On the other, comforting hues like Digital Lavender and Veri Peri have made their way into fashion. Fashion trends for Fall 2023 will see an explosion of these colors in various forms and fabrics.

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Key Takeaways

  • Digital Lavender, Apricot Crush, Astro Dust, Galactic Cobalt, and Sage Leaf are WGSN and Coloro’s fall fashion colors for 2023.
  • Pantone’s Viva Magenta and Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Blush, both colors of the year 2023, will continue to trend through the fall season.

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