The Biggest Color Trends in 2022 You Need to Know
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The Biggest Color Trends in 2022 You Need to Know

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Summary: Fashion is about colors. Every year, a new color rules the fashion industry until a new one comes along and takes its place. In 2022, colors like Kelly Green and Valentino PP Pink made it to the A-list along with comfy shades of Pantone’s Very Peri.

Every color says something. Seeing a flush of pink will make you feel a certain way. Wouldn't it? Whether you are looking to dress up in soothing pastel tones, the warmth of summer, or a bright starburst at a party night, colors hold the power to reflect all your emotions. With the fashion industry always trying to navigate a dynamic curveball in changing tastes, the colors and their perceptions morph into various shapes, to stay on trend.

No wonder, color trends not only sustain the fashion industry but also play a vital role in the aesthetics of spaces they occupy. Benjamin Moore named its 'October Mist 1945' the color of 2022. Paint color trends of the year did walk hand-in-hand with fashion color trends in 2022.

So tighten your seatbelts! Let's get rolling and look at the fashion colors of the year 2022. 

Valentino PP Pink

The fall of the year 2022 was decked with pink when creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli formulated 'Valentino PP Pink' in collaboration with Pantone color. The color made its debut during Maison's autumn/winter 2022 collection at the Paris Fashion Week. This color has surely been a highlight of the 2022 fashion color trends.

Another reason why this hot pink hue became so popular was that it was flaunted by celebs, including singer Olivia Rodrigo, Kim Kardashian, Timothee Chalamet, and Zendaya. With celebrities donning bright pink and even dyeing their hair in similar hues, it became a darling of the fashion industry.  

Kelly Green

Kelly Green

The greens of nature remain with you. The Kelly Green color officially came to light when Daniel Lee introduced a variation for Bottega Veneta. Little did he know that this young color would not only be adopted by the brands but will top the fashion color trends 2022! The shade, 'Bottega Green', went on to be rechristened as Kelly Green and was a staple for many brands like H&M, Versace, and more. Kelly Green not only took the form of clothing, but was seen embellishing accessories, eye makeup, and even footwear. 

Hot Red

'But loving him was Red' said ever famous Taylor Swift and was she right! Another trans-seasonal shade in 2022 fashion color trends is none other than Hot Red! Just like Valentino Pink, Hot Red was seen donned by celebrities and supermodels alike. Be it scarlet red or cherry, fashion has been seeing a lot of red hues in its palate. With such versatile adaptability, red becomes a color that can transcend from summer to fall and can glide into winter as well. No wonder, William Ralph Blass said, "When in doubt, wear red!"

Very Peri

Another color that turned heads this year was Very Peri. Reminding one of the bluest of skies emerging amid winter evenings, this color is an iconic contrast to all the bright shades mentioned above. So, how did this soothing pastel shade make it a favorite of fashion brands? Well, for starters, it was named as 2022 color of the year by Pantone as a "...color with courageous presence.”

With its positive undertones of red and blue, the color made its way to the spring-summer runways of Valentino, Fendi and others in the league of extraordinary designers.



More or less, the 'silver lining' of this year's color palette goes to none other than this metallic classic. The icy cool metallics have always remained the go-to choice for models, celebrities, and fashion brands all over the world. One can always find some dopamine rush at the sight of silver while scrolling through social media feeds and finding celebrities donning it. This year too, the silver shone in distinctive ways; finding itself in the narratives of quirky jewelry and streamlined mermaid dresses. The color trended in the top-notch hats with its punky vibe.

A Little Help to Color it Up

The idea of aligning with color is not new. Brands have now started associating themselves with certain color palettes that identify their outlook better. All luxury brands are dipping their hands into colors of their choice. If you are wondering which color to choose for your fashion label and leave your mark, hop on to Fashinza.

Key Takeaways

  • Fashion is an ever-changing Industry and the colors it chooses every year also change with seasons, brands and aspirations.
  • Trends in color are set in motion by designers, spring-summer runways and haute couture events. Celebrities and supermodels along with social media make them go viral globally.
  • Bright hues such as hot red and Valentino PP Pink dominated the fashion color trends 2022. Soft pastels such as Very Peri offered sensory relief and became a trending color not just in clothing and apparel but also in lifestyle goods and accessories such as interiors, furniture and shoes.

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