The Best and Worst Designers from All Project Runway Seasons
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The Best and Worst Designers from All Project Runway Seasons

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The reality show Project Runway has dominated the field of fashion. Project Runway has continuously produced innovative designs, a diverse cast of talent, and jaw-dropping glitz and glitter throughout the course of its 18-season existence. It's also made some blatant design errors along the road, and in this piece, we'll look at the best and worst of the series.

The Backdrop of Project Runway

Project Runway is a reality television show about fashion design that airs in the United States. The participants compete to design the finest outfits while being limited by time, resources, and theme. Throughout each season, candidates are removed one by one until only a handful remain. For New York Fashion Week, these finalists create entire fashion collections. The judges pick the winner after the runway displays. The show received a Peabody Award in 2008. It has been adapted in over 30 countries. Many of the participants have made an impression on the program in some way, and many of the previous contestants have gone on to have successful careers in the fashion industry.

Let's look at some of the best designs on Project Runway across the seasons:

Best Project Runaway Designs

The show has run for about 18 seasons. Let's look into some of the best designs of the show: 

●      Seat Belt Opus by Korto Momolu (S5, E7)

Momolu will go down in Project Runway history as the series' "bridesmaid, but never the bride." Her Liberian designer can still hold her head high after finishing second in season five and two other seasons of the Project Runway All Stars.

●      The Beautiful Corn Husk Disaster of Austin Scarlett (S1, E1)

Best and Worst Designers from All Project Runway Seasons
PROJECT RUNWAY Episode 1 Olga Kononova Austin Scarlett's Corn Huskers Dress

The legendary Austin Scarlett was challenged to design a stunning costume from items found at a regular supermarket. He picked the shriveling, shrinking maize husk as his main material, only to have the garment that had been meticulously constructed shrink and took on a frailer appearance than anticipated.

●      Black-and-White Delight by Anthony Williams (S7, E11)

Despite being liked by Project Runway viewers, Anthony did not do well in season seven. Regardless, he designed some of the most gorgeous, flowing, and well-crafted dresses we've ever seen on this show. His black-and-white design was ideal for the red-carpet task.

●      Epic Creation by Christian Siriano and Chris March (S4, E8)

Best and Worst Designers from All Project Runway Seasons

We knew Christian Siriano was heading for stardom when we watched him guiding his design partner for the week, Chris March, through the creation of this modern-day Elizabethan-inspired gown. In season four, he won the most challenges compared to any other participant.

●      The Aww-Inspiring Suit of Mondo Guerra (S8, E10)

For the young designer, the style had a far deeper meaning. When Mondo's model walked down the runway in this pattern-heavy, high-waisted outfit, his fellow designers let out gasps.

Worst Project Runaway Designs

While running all these years, this show also featured quite a bit of bad designs. Let's look into the worst Project Runaway designs of the show:

●      Burlap Butt Flap by Ping (S7, E2)

Ping was a bit of a pill in season seven. While she was a vivacious presence on the show, her unwillingness to utilize a dress form and her tendency for overdoing it with the fabric made her creations a little difficult to see on the catwalk.

●      Ven Budhu's Bad Attitude, Embodied (S10, E6)

Best and Worst Designers from All Project Runway Seasons

The designer bemoaned being assigned an "overweight" client at every turn, pointing out her inability to wear belts from the accessories wall, and said he was "surprised" that she looked so lovely. Ven didn't listen or act like a caring person when the poor woman informed him, she despised his "slimming black" skirt and flouncy grandmother top (apart from his distasteful comments), and his customer ended up in an awful blouse.

●      The Gingerbread Lingerie Nightmare by Santino Rice (S2, E4)

During Project Runway's second season, Santino was a difficult designer to judge. This horrific German children's tale gone wrong was by far his poorest creation, and it almost had him kicked out if the judges hadn't realized he could do so much better.

●      Candy "Bikini" by Wendy Pepper (S1, E1)

Wendy Pepper's reality show got off to the worst possible start. Wendy was naturally taken aback by the prospect of selecting costume materials in a grocery shop, but her choices were so poor that the whole thing turned out to be a total disaster.

●      The Rainbow Torture Device by Blayne Walsh (S5, E9)

With leather straps and huge purple tapeworms, Blayne's destiny was cemented. His invention may easily be described as one of the worst in the show's history. His creation was revolting and a complete disaster that he delivered to the television screen.

Which design was your most and least liked? Did yours make it to our list? We're going to go watch some re-runs now. Bye!


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