The 10 Fashion Trends You Need To Know About (And Shop) This Winter
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The 10 Fashion Trends You Need To Know About (And Shop) This Winter

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Summary: Winter dressing has witnessed constant evolution. A thigh-high sock, a shrug, and layers of heavy coats were enough earlier to get through the winter. But today, this season calls for fashionable yet functional dressing styles. From robe coats to chic corsets, the winter 2022 fashion trends are nothing short of iconic. Want to own top trends this season? Keep scrolling.  

The fashion industry has developed since the epidemic, and several styles from fall/winter 2021 fashion trends are coming back on the runways with modern silhouettes and cozy athleisure.

Below are the top 10 fashion trends you must add to your cart this winter to stay on top of the game.

1. Don up with denim


It is one of the most popular winter 2022 fashion trends and a casual yet fashionable wardrobe staple. The denim jacket is a must-have for most millennials. It's mostly loved as a layering piece over white t-shirts and even turtleneck shirts which are 90s-inspired.

2. Electric hues

Typically, neural colors rule the winter, but this year, dark hues and subdued tones, also known as electric hues, are taking center stage. 

In any case, this fashion trend is the cheeriest approach as these hues add a subtle pop to winter wardrobes combating the gloomy winter blues. 

Acid green and aquamarine colors hold the top position in Gen Z's lookbooks and are emerging as one of the top winter 2022 fashion trends. 

3. Varsity jackets

Varsity jackets

Varsity jackets radiate wintertime cool and convey a sense of accomplishment while displaying a youthful and carefree attitude. Varsity jackets were a popular winter 2021 fashion trend and are renowned for their vibrant colors and patterns.

Its history is traced to the Harvard baseball team, which was then popularly worn as sports apparel during winter. Today, it's a staple among high school teenagers, paired effortlessly with sweatshirts or simple handmade shirts, making it a very trendy winter outfit.

4. Leather 


An iconic layering piece that hasn't been out of style since the 1920s and evolved to embrace head-to-toe styles. It has steadily grown in popularity since the last few seasons. 

Leather can level up any outfit. Some of the most popular looks in winter 2022 fashion trends include leather suits, coats, and even leather dresses. 

Leather, one of the undying trends of winter 2021 fashion trends, is a significant material featuring polished surface finishes and shiny patented looks.

5. Cargo pants

Cargo pants have been a mainstay of the winter 2021 design trend and are now considered trendy contemporary clothing. Several firms have even made it available in plus size to appeal to a wide range of consumers. 

Due to its effortlessness and casual glamorous vibes, it has become a go-to party outfit for millennials and an essential of high-end streetwear fashion.

6. Faux fur coats

fur coats

Existing as an animal-friendly and ethical substitute for actual fur coat, which was once notorious for its harsh tactics, faux fur is a show-stopper winter 2022 fashion trend

The faux fur coat doubles as an effective wintertime layering piece, making it a top fashion statement. Most fashion designers give it long lengths and opt for neutral-beige colorways to give it a vintage-luxury aesthetic.

7. Over-the-knee boots

knee boots

Continuing the trend of risque and bold aesthetics from the 90s, over-the-knee boots are predicted to be the biggest footwear winter 2022 fashion trend for this winter season.

Leather over-the-knee boots can instantly transform an appearance from dab to fab by adding brilliant splashes of color or neutral tones. Most consumers prefer pairing them with long coats or knitted mini dresses to make a style statement.  

8. Corsets

Corsetting is the way to go this winter. Most designers work creatively using a corset as a layering piece over a flowy dress, turtle neck shirt, and even an edgy bodycon dress. An extension of a core regency trend, corsets are emerging as the top winter 2022 fashion trend

9. Edgy athleisure

The runway has long-featured athletic-inspired clothing and is a major win-win for winter fashion 2022 trends. Athleisure has gained popularity as more people start dressing in moto-inspired fashion. 

Motocross made its fashion début in the autumn 2022 collections from brands like Courrèges, Diesel, Copernic, and Alexander McQueen. They had a variety of leather leggings, tall boots, and motorcycle jackets which were a huge part of winter fashion 2021 trends.

10. Y2K

Y2K aesthetic is one of the major winter fashion 2022 trends. Bucket hats, rhinestones, studded belts, and jewel-encrusted accessories in a rainbow of colors are just a few details! 

Low waist skirts and trousers, bell bottom silhouettes, pleated skirts, tie-dye designs, vivid matched sets, handkerchief tops, and many other trends from the adored decade are all readily available, thanks to designers and high fashion labels who give in to the craze.

Break out the sweaters

The comeback of these timeless trends is not surprising, given that millennials are currently among the top consumers of clothing and accessories. Revisiting 2021 and recreating styles are major winter fashion 2022 trends.

With the cold season approaching, fashion brands would want to cash in on the trendiest winter trends. Make Fashinza your trusted partner in picking the right trends for your winter wardrobes by sourcing your products more efficiently.

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Key Takeaways

  • The key is comfort. In winter 2022, large clothing will be fashionable and warm.
  • To stand out, add a splash of color to your monochromatic attire.

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