T-shirt Quotes: Sayings for T-shirts That'll Boost Your Sales
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T-shirt Quotes: Sayings for T-shirts That'll Boost Your Sales

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T-shirts are one of the most selling clothes in the fashion industry because of their versatility and affordable price range. Different kinds of t-shirts are bought by various age groups and genders that suit their personalities. For a while now, t-shirts printed with quotes or sayings have been a trend, and it appears this trend will last for many years to come. As a clothing brand or a textile manufacturing company, it is crucial to know such trends to maximize sales and earn massive profits.

Printing catchy quotes or sayings on plain t-shirts elevates their overall look and increases the chances of selling the product rapidly. T-shirts with printed quotes can be worn with various outfits and accessories and also draw the attention of others. Moreover, this trend is extremely beneficial for fashion brands as t-shirt printing is cost-effective and requires little time for completion. 

Adding a collection of printed t-shirts with quotes and sayings is essential for brands to compete in the market and improve their customer base. People who want to start their clothing line but have a small capital can start their business by selling printed shirts and targeting niche customers. In addition, launching an online clothing store for selling printed t-shirts will further help people with small startups to commence their new journey in the fashion industry. 

How to select quotes and sayings for t-shirts 

Choosing a phrase that will improve your t-shirts sales is a critical but not a difficult process. However, to be ahead of your competition, it is important to be creative and come up with unique ideas to stand out in the market. From trending hashtags on social media to movie dialogues and slang, you can take advantage of famous sayings in your region and print them on t-shirts. 

You can also decide to print in a specific regional language to connect with the local customers and give an aesthetic look to t-shirts. You can print quotes of different lengths and sizes that match the overall look and design of your t-shirt, from one word to an appealing phrase. A quote or a saying in a t-shirt should be relatable and relevant to your target audience so that more customers can connect to it and buy your product. 

Researching the market is an effective way to know what types of quotes and sayings on t-shirts sell more. You can explore printed t-shirts sold by different competitors online and offline to learn the customer response and current trends in the market. 

It's also significant to avoid abusive quotes or sayings that could hurt the sentiments of a specific group of people or religion. Printing such quotes on your product can negatively affect your brand image and also take you to legal consequences. 

Some popular kinds of quotes and sayings for t-shirts 

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According to your area of business and demographics, you can select the quotes and sayings for t-shirts that help you to expand your business. Here are some different kinds of quotes you can print on your t-shirt collection to boost your sales. 

  • Motivational or inspirational quotes

Motivating or inspiring quotes have a great potential to transform a regular t-shirt into a classy outfit and also add emotion to it. People look for motivation regularly, and having a t-shirt with a motivational quote printed on it reminds them of their goals more frequently. 

You can search for motivational and inspirational quotes online on social media platforms and websites and choose the most remarkable ones for your t-shirt collection. Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are the most effective places to find a bunch of terrific motivational quotes and sayings that can boost your t-shirts sales. You can also find some impressive inspiring quotes on Google images perfect for t-shirt print. 

Different motivational quotes on t-shirts will attract different target audiences and customers. To target gym freaks and fitness enthusiasts, you can print motivational sayings related to health and fitness and achieving physical goals. On the other hand, motivational quotes on lifestyle, daily grind, money, success, and power will attract a general audience and thus provide extensive sales opportunities. 

A collection of t-shirts may also include inspirational quotes related to self-care and overcoming life's challenges. Words that came from the legends and motivational speakers also have a tremendous impact on their followers that can be printed to transform the vibe of a simple t-shirt. 

  • Life quotes

Life quotes and sayings are similar to motivational quotes that inspire and educate people to live happy lives. Life quotes are known to provide positivity and good vibes; hence, they can enhance the t-shirt look bought for everyday wear.

T-shirts with life quotes printed can attract a wide range of customers of all ages. Short-life quotes can be explored on the internet by the production team, and select the most inspiring ones for t-shirt printing.

  • Funny quotes

Funny quotes on t-shirts are great for boosting sales since they appeal to most consumers and fashion enthusiasts. T-shirts with humorous quotes can comparatively produce more sales than other quotes as it always stays in trend.

Creating a T-shirt collection featuring funny quotes and sayings allows brands to reach out to young buyers. From school children to young adults, people in this age group are attracted to funny and cool quotes and often wear trendy t-shirts. With the massive potential of t-shirts with funny sayings, clothing brands can benefit from this trend and make large profits out of it. 

Choosing a funny quote for t-shirt printing is also a bit easier as humor is everywhere. You can take ideas from popular movie scenes, music lyrics, social media trends and creatively transform them into funny phrases. To target local customers, you can print funny regional slang and frequently used funny phrases that can generate immense sales in your locality.  

Memes can also play a huge role in choosing funny quotes and sayings for t-shirts as it is booming on the internet, and everyone can relate to it. Meme templates can be used for t-shirt printing to create new trends in the market and become a favorite brand of humor lovers. 

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  • Attitude quotes

Attitude quotes on t-shirts are also extremely popular among different age groups to achieve an elegant and classy look. You can print some attractive buzzwords or catchwords related to personality and behavior that can take your product sales to the next level.

With the T-shirt collection printed with attitude quotes and sayings, you can target youth as well as mature audiences and make your brand dominant in this niche market. 

  • Brand taglines

Incorporating your brand taglines or slogans into your t-shirt printing can boost brand recognition and image. You can also creatively alter some popular quotes or sayings into your brand expressions and use the collection as a branding strategy.

Using brand quotes that are inspired by social media trends and fashion statements will allow you to connect to more customers and improve your brand's reputation. 

Font & design

Selecting fonts and designs for printing quotes on t-shirts is another crucial step after choosing the text. To enhance the impression and appearance, you should go with the font and design suitable for a specific quote or saying. You can either print only text for a minimal t-shirt look or print it with a splendid design. 

According to the trend and look, you can select the area of quote printing on t-shirts to make them unique from regular ones. Most of the quotes are printed on the front side of the t-shirt as this side catches more eyeballs and attention. However, you can also print quotes or signs on the sleeves or backside of the t-shirt to make it more attractive and glamorous. 

Know your target audience

Different types of quotes and sayings on t-shirts are liked by multiple target audiences. You can choose to target a general or a specific group of audience. Knowing your target audience and demographics will help you in creating marketing strategies and goals more effectively.

A niche market will help you to build an audience for your brand and an online community that will most likely pick your product in the future.


To sum up, it is incredibly crucial to know the ongoing trends on the internet and different fields to choose the best possible quotes and sayings for your upcoming t-shirt collection. After finalizing quotes and sayings with great potential, printing them on your t-shirt collection is the next big step. 

You can either print quotes on t-shirts in your company's manufacturing facility or hire a trusted t-shirt printing company for bulk printing. Hiring a B2B platform is another convenient way for brands to order t-shirts of all types and designs from experienced manufacturers and production houses. 

Fashinza is one such outstanding B2B apparel manufacturing platform where you find trusted suppliers for all clothing collections. From the manufacturing process to delivery, at Fashinza, you order your requirements and get them conveniently, just like an e-commerce purchase. Start using Fashinza to make your clothing brand more profitable and the production process effortless.


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