Stylish Ways to Wear the Pantone Gold Color(s) of the Year
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Stylish Ways to Wear the Pantone Gold Color(s) of the Year

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Summary: The Pantone Gold color is a great way to add a touch of glamor and sophistication to any outfit. Whether it is a simple blouse and jeans or a stunning evening gown, this golden hue is sure to make a statement.

Gold color

Below, we have put together a few stylish ways to wear the Pantone Gold shade.

How to flaunt the Pantone Gold

When fashion designers think of Pantone Gold, only richness, warmth, and luxury come to their minds. The good news is that they can incorporate all of that in creating a stunning outfit too!

A great way to get inspired is by adding a metallic gold piece to their collection, whether it is a top, skirt, or even shoes. But they need to make sure that the rest of their outfit is neutral and doesn't compete with the metallic piece.

Fashion designers can also try different textures and combinations to make their collections stand out. For example, a velvet top with metallic gold pants would be stunning. Or maybe, they can try a lace top with a gold-sequin skirt. The possibilities are endless!

Pantone Gold

Pair metallics with neutrals

If designers are looking to add a touch of gold to an outfit they are wanting to create, they can try rounding it off with some neutrals.

  • They can start by selecting a neutral color for the bottom half. Black, navy blue, and brown are all great options, as they'll complement the gold shade without competing with it.
  • Further, they can add a simple gold top to the mix. Whether it's a blouse, T-shirt, or even a dress, this will be the focal point of the outfit.
  • Designers can then round it off with some metallic accessories—think shoes, bags, and jewelry.
Pair metallics

All that glitters is gold

If designers want to try bold and daring, why not go for all gold? Whether it’s an all-over gold jumpsuit or a statement jacket, they can be sure to create an outstanding style. The all-gold ensemble will make their designs stand out and shine.

If they want to keep it toned down, they could try adding an extra pop of the biggest color trends to their design with shiny metallic trousers!

What's more? The combination of pop hues makes it complementary with most other neutrals like pastels, beiges, and grays. So, designers need not be afraid to experiment and try something unique!

Ways to wear Pantone Gold

The Pantone Gold color is versatile and can be incorporated in numerous ways.

For instance, designers can come up with an ensemble by layering a muted gold cardigan over a black mini dress or jumpsuit and complete the look with a pair of black ankle boots. This is an easy way to add subtle hints of gold to any outfit without going overboard.

Gold accessories to complete the look

Once designers have settled on a few glossy gold pieces for their collection, they can amp things up with a few accessories. These can add a touch of luxury to any look and will ensure one feels at the height of fashion.

Designers must not forget about the wonderful world of jewelry. A statement necklace featuring bold golden stones can take a casual style to new heights. Alternatively, gold studs or hoops are a subtle way to flaunt the color trend without looking over the top.

Gold accessories

Footwear to match the gold shade

Footwear is a great way to work the gold hue into any wardrobe. From boots to sneakers to mules, there are plenty of options for designers to choose from to make their collections unique.

For a classic look, they may opt for ankle boots in a golden shade. These will surely bring out the richness of the gold hue and create an understated yet elegant look.

If they want something more trendy, they can try a pair of metallic heels or wedges that match the gold tone. It will add a subtle shimmer to their attire and will look fab.

If comfort is key, then designers can try opting for gold-colored mules or sneakers. These are perfect for adding a dash of glamor while still keeping a style comfortable and casual. Moreover, they're super versatile and can be worn with pretty much any type of outfit!

Gold is a timeless hue we can't get enough of. With so many shades of gold to choose from, it can be tricky to know how to wear it. But with these tips and tricks, it's a no-brainer.

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Key Takeaways

  • Pairing gold with black will help achieve a classic look.
  • Gold can be used as an accent color with a nude-colored dress or skirt.
  • Designers can experiment with different shades of gold to create a perfect look.

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