Popular Trends For Men's Performance Shirts In 2022
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Popular Trends For Men's Performance Shirts In 2022

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Summary: A guy's wardrobe has shirts for every occasion. Be it a casual outing, office meeting, romantic date, or brunch; a guy has endless options. But it was not always the same. Over the years, the trends in men's shirts have evolved, leaving us with numerous options. If you are a fashion designer or run a fashion brand, check out these latest fashion trends for men in 2022. 

Modern men desire to look cool in stylish yet comfortable outfits. No matter what he chooses to wear, he wants to stand out from the crowd. This desire has given rise to men's trending clothing styles. 

Over the years, there has been a speedy increase in the menswear business. Today, men can choose from dozens of styles, from button-down shirts to denim shirts and whatnot. 

As a fashion designer, you need to hop into the trends of men’s shirts to create your collection. Scroll down to check out the top 10 performance shirts for men in 2022. 

1. Button-Down Shirt 

When we talk about the latest fashion trends for men, we cannot miss the iconic button-down shirts. Originally this shirt was designed to stop the collars from flapping when men galloped down the field on horseback. 

The button-down shirts designed today are made from lightweight madras cotton or oxford cloth, which makes them perfect for every occasion. That’s why they’re highly in demand for corporate settings.

2. Dress Shirt 

Dress Shirt 

Dress shirts have become popular among professionals who like wearing ties in the office. Finding a perfect-fitting dress shirt can take some time, but the time is worth it. They’re made from woven cloth and are mostly worn in formal office-like settings. 

Today one can choose from a range of dress shirts that can be worn in casual style. Staples including cuff styles, collar shapes, and more are highly in trend. 

3. Going-Out Shirt 

Going-out shirts made an appearance in the 80s, and there is no going back. Even in 2022, going-out shirts are considered one of the latest trends in men's shirts

The silky, flashy, and flowy appearance of the going-out shirts makes them perfect for parties, clubs, or any informal event. Most millennials complete the look by pairing them with the best dancing shoes and a flashy necklace, making it a trendy go-to outfit. 

With changing trends, going-out shirts have become smart staples in men’s wardrobes in 2022. 

4. Polo Shirt 

Polo Shirt

Inspired by the 1920s, polo shirts are casual tops that are making their way into millennials' wardrobes in 2022. They were famous for their comfort and flexibility and were a standard part of tennis games. 

But today polo shirts have also become more casual than button-down shirts and are considered more proper than a tee. With changing trends, oversized polo shirts are becoming more style-centric with patterns and basic colors. 

5. Rugby Shirt 

A perennially chic staple, Rugby shirts were a sports statement back in the day. But today these are designed in contrast with collars with different colors and patterns making them casual and trendy wear. 

Most streetwear brands and high fashion houses have taken the lead in manufacturing multiple styles on this 1800s basis. These tough shirts are mostly worn with chinos, jeans and popular sneakers, which makes it a high-end street fashion among Gen Z. 

6. Denim Shirt

Denim is a go-to swear, an undying staple in the fashion industry since its inception. It’s never going to die. The versatile denim shirts are a must-have because they can be paired with any kind of pants, accessory and style. Plus, they are most loved in different shades of blue and black. 

Today denim shirts are mostly paired with the tired flannel suit, layered with a white tee and a wide leg till chino inspired from the 90’s catalog. Most celebrities like Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling have inspired audiences by pairing a denim shirt with a sports jacket and pair of sports shoes. 

Denim Shirt

7. Popover Shirt 

The popover shirt feels casual and is mostly worn for casual and relaxed settings. Back in the day, it was paired with a well-fitted blazer. But today, most people prefer wearing a popover shirt with classy loafers or chinos to create a decent look. 

8. Henley Shirt 

An old-school charm, Henley shirts are considered the collarless version of polo shirts. Transitioning from being an undershirt, henley shirt has come a long way, all thanks to Ralph Lauren for introducing this shirt as view them today. 

Several brands offer these shirts in different styles, colors and patterns making them the trendiest staple for city street and countryside fashion.

9. Camp Shirt 

Boxy fit, a straight hem and short sleeves, camp shirts are also popular in 2022 because they have interesting prints. Also, this shirt is made from lightweight material, which makes it a perfect outfit option during summertime. 

10. Flannel Shirt 

Flannel Shirt

Paired with layers to create an urban look or tucked in to create a smart one, these shirts are made from heavy fabric and mainly come in solid colors today. Millennials usually love to pair them with a sweater or sweatshirt to create a laid-back style, which is quite popular in 2022. 

Over the years, men's fashion has evolved, which is why their latest fashion trends keep changing. Fashion designers can take inspiration from the above 10 best men’s performance shirt trends in 2022.

Key Takeaways  

  • Denim shirts can be designed in a range of blue and black colors. 
  • Button-down shirts are classic and must-have. 

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