Plus-size 70s Fashion Trends That Will Rule 2023
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Plus-size 70s Fashion Trends That Will Rule 2023

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Summary: Fashion trends from the 70s are all the rage now. Right from jumpsuits to whimsical maxi dresses, the best fashion trends of the 70s are hitting the runways in 2023. Explore this blog to check out some fabulous plus-size 70s fashion along with other iconic styles that were popular in the hippie era of fashion. 

The 1970s fashion trends abandoned formality in the acceptance of functionality. The trend of casual dressing during the 70s laid the foundation for three decades that would come later. The 70s will go down in fashion books as one of the most trendy decades, and with good reason. 

The fashion trends of this era reflected the carefree and brash nature of the hippie and disco culture. From flared pants to jumpsuits and a whole lot of colored sunglasses, the clothes and accessories of this decade don’t even make us cringe anymore. If anything, the designers today are drawing inspiration from this era to create their plus-size 70s fashion collection and even the Spring Summer line. Here’s an overview of all the plus-size clothing trends that will be a reinvention of the iconic 70s style.

  1. The Jumpsuit - A classic spin on the 70s staple

The jumpsuit was a wardrobe staple of every woman in the 70s, and it has made a grand entry on the runways at the Paris Fashion Week. Yves Saint Laurent went all guns blazing at the PFW with chic and well-tailored jumpsuits that draw color and print inspiration from the 70s and 80s era. Jumpsuits are in high demand in the plus-size fashion market, and adding a range of these to your brand’s plus-size 70s fashion is a winner. 

The Jumpsuit
  1. Flared Pants - The OG trendsetters of the 70s

Flared pants keep coming and going out of trend few years. In 2023, they are everywhere; right from flared jeans to comfier cotton trousers. The slim fit and tapered bottoms seem to have taken a backseat to focus back on the flare. Add this style in a range of colors to your plus-size brand’s collection in 2023 and see them fly off shelves like hotcakes! 

Flared Pants
  1. Halter Neck - Dresses, tops, and more of this chic style!

Halterneck dresses with an empire line were a favored nighttime outfit choice, especially those which had a metallic luster for glamour. Halter tops, on the other hand, were the first choice to pair with pants and skirts in the daytime. This iconic style seems to be making a comeback and we’re all for it. 

  1. Oversized Sunglasses - The statement makers of the 70s outfit

The fashion universe has finally let go of its obsession with tiny sunglasses. In 2023, the oversized glasses of the 70s, which have light or ombre lenses are returning. They are the perfect 70s accessory to add to your label’s collection this year. Choose bolder and conversation-starting styles over the simple bigger lenses. 

  1. Breezy Florals - The true-to-culture style of the 70s

Breezy florals fit right in with the easygoing and boho vibe of this era. Slightly sheer dresses and pretty pastels are a testament to the carefree clothes from this decade. Some might argue that florals are passe for Spring Summer collections, but we think they are eternal; you can never go wrong with them! Plus-size dresses in breezy florals are a great choice to add to your brand’s catalog.

Breezy Florals
  1. Mini Dresses - A boho take on the 60s shift dress 

Mini dresses were arguably the most-loved trend of this era. They were casual, relaxed, and had a flowy silhouette, which sit perfectly with this decade’s boho vibe. These kinds of easy-breezy mini dresses have a big demand in the plus-size fashion market and adding them to your label would be a big hit among your customers. 

Mini Dresses
  1. Long Trench Coats - Winter must-haves of the 70s

Trench coats have been around for a while and they are here to stay. Comfy and stylish, trench coats are among the best plus-size 70s fashion outfits to add to your 2023 collection. Create your line of plus-size winterwear for this year with the classics of the 70s. 

Long Trench Coats
  1. Knee-length Boots - The bold footwear that’s back in style

The smaller hemlines dresses in the 70s were ideal for wearing boots that hit at, or over, the knee. The It girls of this era loved flaunting knee-high boots as compared to stilettos. This classic footwear style is back in trend in 2023 and we’re here for it! Make these boots your choice of footwear to add to your brand’s plus-size 70s fashion outfit collection.

Knee-length Boots

The plus-size fashion market has a huge demand in 2023. Adding a line of trendy 70s fashion to your brand’s collection is a win-win. Tweak some of these trends to match your target audience’s preference and you will have a promising collection of plus-size 70s fashion outfits for 2023.

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Key Takeaways

  • The boho vibe of the 70s is picking up at fashion weeks across the globe. This trend makes for a fantastic way to incorporate elements and looks of the 70s decade into your collections for 2023. 
  • Plus-size fashion still has a dearth of fashionable and trending clothes. Most of the styles of this era can be easily adapted to curvy sizes, thereby ensuring that the plus-size millennial customer can wear what’s in for the season. 

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