Pantone Color Trend Spring-Summer 2022
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Pantone Color Trend Spring-Summer 2022

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Summary: Guess what the fashion mavericks have picked this season from the list of Pantone? Well, it’s none other than the energetic and vibrant shades of classic reds, cool blues, lush greens, and many more lively hues. They are believed to assist designers in expressing their personality and style most charmingly. The Pantone colors of 2022 are perfect for creating a versatile look.

Let’s take a look at the comprehensive list of these color trends that are both classic and contemporary.

I "Very Peri" you: Very Peri is a new name added to the color palette and is titled "the Pantone color of 2022." It is an intriguing, cool-toned blue that reflects carefree confidence and animates our creative spirit. A timeless blue that's both cool and calming, it is a versatile shade, perfect to be used for creating outfits for any occasion.

Very Peri

The humble Coral Reef: Optimism and buoyancy are symbolized by the gorgeous coral reef, which is a warm and joyful pink-orange color. This calm shade represents our yearning for playful expression and envelops us in love. Soft patterns and textures make it more exploratory and bubbly.

Coral Reef

Daffodil obsession: This stunning yellow is sure to cheer all designers up. The joyful daffodil connects us to the spontaneity of a spring garden, making it one of the top picks on the 2022 Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report. So, designers can go "Oh! Feelin’ So Yellow!" as they welcome this sunny-side-up hue.


It's Innuendo o'clock: Innuendo, a vivacious pink hue, has taken over the runways and red carpets. And this is yet another go-to shade of the year that evokes pulsating energy and a fun attitude. Trendsetters as well as celebrities are seen crushing over this haute and powerful pink.

vivacious pink

Fiery Poinciana: Poinciana is a reddish-orange color that is intensely saturated and vivid and makes a strong statement. In the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report for summer-spring 2022, this color is a proud placeholder. Designers can undoubtedly turn any style into glam with this vibrant shade because it stands out on its own.

Fiery Poinciana

Exciting Pantone color combinations

Fashion designers, get ready to be dazzled by some exciting combinations of Pantone colors in 2022. We suggest considering shades such as Skydiver, Raspberry Sorbet, corals, all-rounder whites, grays, and pretty lilacs.

The mood is decidedly upbeat, creating an atmosphere of cheerfulness and optimism. Think playful and modern soft pastels that are full of energy and a mix of softer neutrals that amplify natural beauty.

Designers can interestingly combine different hues to make a bold statement. They can try pairing vibrant corals with Gossamer Pink or pretty lilacs with all-rounder whites. Fashinza suggests creating a look infused with that "wow" factor of an array of brilliant color choices that will take an onlooker’s breath away!

Exciting Pantone

How to combine the Pantone colors for a sophisticated look

The palette of Pantone colors in 2022 is set to enhance the summer-spring fashion collections. The season is all about earthy tones with vibrant pops of color that will assist designers to create a unique appearance.

Let’s explore how

To begin with, we suggest mixing and matching different shades of the same color to create depth and interest. Designers can layer the ensemble with some pop colors to add a finishing touch. They can ace the look by accessorizing it with a pair of dainty earrings.

In case designers are still not sure where to start, our bets are on pairing Pantone Rose Quartz and Serenity together. For something bolder and more striking, they can go with Marsala and Emerald. And finally, for a cool and modern vibe, try mixing Cerulean and Neon Green.

color trend

Know-how guide to donning these shades

When it comes to Pantone colors, in 2022, designers don't need to stick to only one shade. They can try experimenting by mixing and matching assorted hues to create an amazing look.

They can start with one color as the base or primary color, and then accessorize with other shades. If they want to make a bolder statement, choose several pieces in complementary colors, such as yellow pants and a dark navy-green top for a striking appearance.

For that unapologetic and daring look, we suggest creating an outfit with two different shades within the same palette. For example, an electric-yellow sleeveless top with a fair green skirt. Ace this ensemble by pairing monochromatic accessories, such as yellow sandals and an electric-yellow crossbody bag.

Fashinza is here to inspire designers to explore Pantone’s Spring-Summer 2022 Fashion Trend report and walk them through the playful and exuberant mix of hues.

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Key Takeaways

  • Pantone's Fashion Color Trend Report highlights the summer-spring colors in 2022 that designers need to be cognizant of.
  • They are perfect for adding a splash of color to any outfit and are adaptable enough to be worn in many ways.
  • The palette of Pantone colors in 2022 is inspired by nature and is all about balance and harmony.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Fashinza now and speak to an expert today!


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