Need 90s Fashion Look Inspiration? Take It From These Stars!
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Need 90s Fashion Look Inspiration? Take It From These Stars!

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Summary: Stars of the nineties such as Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, and Cindy Crawford are remembered for making fashion relatable for that generation. Designers are picking up from those styles to bring fashion that is soaked in the feel of 90s outfits.

The millennial fascination with the 90s is understandable. Those were the formative years for them. And now that they are calling the shots in the world, they would like to bring back moments that shaped them. This is what explains the impact of the 90s on the current fashion trend. It was marked by a throbbing culture in music and fashion. 

Some of the trends are back, just like the re-run of the hit television series of that genre, Friends!

Under the star gaze, fashion becomes nostalgic

Fashion is no doubt cyclical, and past trends always find their way back into the zeitgeist. The baggy jeans and the iconic footwear that lived in the 90s are still thriving today.

The brands have been tapping into the nostalgia and giving a fillip to it.

Companies such as North Face have brought back jackets that were popularized by many East Coast rappers during that wondrous time. Streetwear brand Supreme cleverly rehashed many 90s clothing trends. Designers can browse through the pages of history and come up with their unique take on the 90s fashion trends.

Compilation of the 9 best fashion moments of the 90s

From wide-leg pants to hoodies to basketball caps, let’s look at the iconic fashion trends, which we are reliving now.

The little black dress by Jennifer Aniston

The little black dress with a noodle strap made Jennifer Aniston the cynosure of all eyes even as the popularity of her series Friends was on a high. The style is expected to be back with a vengeance as summer months hit upon us.

Blige’s shiny jacket and pants

From the nineties, Blige’s outfit with a shiny violet jacket and pants coupled with oversized shades is forever etched in our memories. In the rotational fashion, expect to see a monochrome trend revived in a big way in 2023. Fashionistas are not going to shy away from shiny outfits either.

Wyona Ryder in a distressed leather jacket

Distressed leather jackets were favorites throughout the nineties and the outfit worn by Wyona Ryder has gone into the history books of fashion. Today the layers are more versatile, and so are the shapes and sizes. The range is quite diversified, from biker’s jackets to blazers and oversized ones, but minus the embellishments that were hallmarks of 90s outfits.

Aaliyah in thousand straps

The singer Aaliyah hit the stage in All-Star Jam wearing a comfortable tracksuit and raised the oomph with the strappy bralette underneath. The flossing trend, which has nothing to do with dentistry here, is about the play of straps to show and hold the garment delicately through straps.

Janet Jackson in overalls

Few can pull off the denim overall look with smart comfort even now. Back then, Janet Jackson enthralled everyone with the denim overall on multiple occasions. The denim-on-denim trend can be seen everywhere now. When combined with a denim shirt and even a denim bralette and jacket, it's a perfect ode to the 90s outfits.

Pamela Anderson in athleisure look

Who can forget Pamela Anderson and her sartorial outings, but it is her bike shorts that stand out for the casual trend. Wait for a few months to see these boxy shorts out with tees, solving the summer fashion dilemmas.

90s Fashion

Julia Roberts in an oversized suit

Many won’t believe it today, but actress Julia Roberts appeared at Golden Globe Awards in an oversized suit with a tie in place. This look may sound odd but definitely doesn’t look it, even now when actresses like Emily Ratajkowski appear in overtly sloppy pant suits. This 90s fashion trend is expected to make an appearance with gusto this season.

Gwenneth Paltrow in faux leather pant

Paltrow’s fashion sense could rarely be faulted, be it on any occasion. Her appearance at the Armani party in faux leather pants is remembered to date, which she styled with a long black tee. The trend of faux leather pants, which are baggier, is catching up.

Kate Hudson in sheer corset top

True to her superstar looks, Kate Hudson is forever etched in memory, joyfully sporting a sheer corset top and maxi skirt in an awards show in the nineties. Corsets are being used by designers in the most imaginative way, and straight maxi skirts are back in vogue.

90s nostalgia is not going anywhere soon

Through the glasses of present times, the 1990s was surely a glorious time for fashion, made memorable by the fashion stars of the bygone era. The 90s outfits have a huge imprint on what men and women wear today.

Designers and fashion brands can look back at these iconic appearances, soak in the aura of the era, and rock the fashion scene with designs that have a contemporary appeal.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Some of the 90s outfits like baggy pants and overalls have been made memorable by celebrities.
  2. The 90s fashion serves as an inspiration for designers around the world to this day.
  3. Designers are encouraged to browse through the pages of the 90s nostalgia and come up with their unique take.
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