Magentaverse: How and Why Pantone Picked 'Viva Magenta' as Color of the Year 2023
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Magentaverse: How and Why Pantone Picked 'Viva Magenta' as Color of the Year 2023

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Summary: Do you know why the vibrant Viva Magenta is Pantone color of the year? The shade is a promise of a more vibrant future after the tedium of the past few years. Here’s how Pantone arrived at the color that will rule fashion trends in 2023. 

Pantone announced the Pantone color of the year 2023 - Viva Magenta 18-1750 at the beginning of January. It describes the color as a "shade rooted in nature" and symbolic of new strength. Descending from the red family, the color is fearless and brave, and resonates with optimistic and joyous celebration.

Viva Magenta is described as a "nuanced crimson red tone" with the ideal balance of coolness and warmth. The tone of the color is assertive and signifies possibility and positivity. Calling it an "unconventional shade for an unusual time", Pantone traces the origin of Viva Magenta to nature and its beautiful creatures. In this case, it is the cochineal beetle that is credited as the source of natural red carmine dye.  

How did Pantone pick Viva Magenta as the Pantone color of the year?

The years preceding 2023 have seen a closed-down world, oscillating between fear, stress, and isolation. This overexposure to the digital created a desire for the natural, and as the world opens up in 2023, a massive push towards nature-inspired trends has been visible.

For instance, one of the biggest trends during the pandemic has been a newfound appreciation of plants and flowers. After the pandemic, as tourism opened up, the biggest destinations were all places of breathtaking natural beauty.

This desire for the natural world has inspired the Pantone color of the year 2023 — Viva Magenta. A color that marries the warmth of nature to the cool edge of futuristic fashion.

Why did Pantone pick Viva Magenta as the Pantone color of the year?

Viva Magenta – the Pantone color of the year, is a bright, crimson red which balances boldness and bravery with an element of fun. On one hand, it exudes the spirit of rebellion, yet on the other, it can easily transform into something soft and calming like a blooming flower.

Colors in the red family are associated with passion, hope, affection, high spirit, and transformation in various cultures of the world. Viva Magenta is one of the natural shades from the family of reds that celebrate these themes.

From orchids and other flowers to mushrooms, bugs, and even butterflies — Viva Magenta has been present around us for thousands of years. It invokes a strong connection to nature and speaks directly to the nature-craving world of 2023.

With its delicate balance of warmth and coolness, Viva Magenta is one of those colors that flatter all skin shades and undertones. It is an appropriate celebration of a time when we are turning away from a single beauty standard for all and embracing diversity in fashion.


How does the Pantone color of the year impact the fashion industry?

From home and interiors to graphic designing, packaging to fashion, color is the visual language that covers all areas of life. According to a study, 85% of buyers base their decisions on the color while purchasing. As one of the biggest authorities on color, Pantone colors tend to set the mood and jumpstart trends for the year. 

As a fashion designer or manufacturer, dive into the Pantone color of the year for the trendiest and best-selling outfits. You can harness the full power of Viva Magenta with a statement monochromatic look. Or you can go for a high-contrast fit with just a pop of Viva Magenta in the right places. From dresses to accessories, from furniture to wall colors, Viva Magenta is set to rule multiple industries like apparel, shoes, leather goods, upholstery, and paints in 2023.

The brave and fierce shade of red has already made its mark on the runways with brands such as Coperni choosing this color to showcase their collection for spring/summer 2023. The color has been gaining visibility even before being declared as the Pantone color for 2023. Bluemarine incorporated it in their autumn/winter 2022 collection. It has also been showcased on the runways by brands like Gucci, Dior, and Valentino.

Live in the Magentaverse 

The Pantone color of the year – Viva Magenta is a color defining balance and rebellion, coolness and warmth. It is not as orange as scarlet, it is not as primary as red, nor is it as mauve as fuchsia. While the color might seem more complicated than the simple hues, it has already taken all over the fashion shows and streets.

If you are a fashion designer/manufacturer, it is high time you use Viva Magenta in your collection. Fashinza can help you source the best quality fabrics and the most reliable suppliers through our AI-powered platform. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • The color authority defines the ‘nuanced crimson-red tone of the Pantone color of the year, Viva Magenta as the perfect balance between cool and warm. The tone of the color assertively aims at creating positive vibes for the future through the designs. 
  • As a fashion designer or manufacturer, dive into the Pantone color of the year for the trendiest and best-selling outfits. From monochromatic looks to just a pop of color, Viva Magenta can help you create the most flattering and high-demand looks for 2023.

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