Looking Back On 2022 For New Year Fashion Trends
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Looking Back On 2022 For New Year Fashion Trends

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Summary: It’s an interesting time of year when we are standing at the fashion intersection. The year 2022 had certain path-breaking moments in fashion. Some of these trends may fall off the runway and few shall carry over to the next season. In navigating the new trends, brands may well keep an eye on fashion that shall roll over into next year.

Straight-to-market brands keep a hawk eye on fashion shows to gather clues for next year’s trends. While trends change every six months, there are quite a few fashion trends that are sticking around, being updated and extended for the fashion trends in 2023. Some of the colors and silhouettes that had their moments in 2022, will continue to find spots in the wardrobes as the New Year rolls in.

Let’s look at some of the fashion trends that ruled the roost in 2022 and would continue to sway in 2023, albeit in a new avatar. This could serve as the guidelines for brands as they prepare to launch next year’s collection.

Baggy, Baggier Jeans

Denim trends have been leaning towards looser and more relaxed fits for quite some time now. They were trending throughout this year and indications are skinny jeans have to wait for a comeback. Bottega Venetta, Tibi, and more have given enough indications that jeans are going to be baggier next season.  A high waist and wide-leg jean that is flattering and loose around the legs formed the staple fashion fit of the '90s. It is here to stay for some time.

Fringes and Tassels

Right from the micro miniskirts and cocktail dresses, the fringes were trending in 2022. Fringes are a good trend of summer as tassel detailing needs to be shown all the time This bohemian trend is expected to get stronger next year and engulf other forms. It could be subtle in everyday dresses and get layered and denser for evening party dresses. Any style in earthy tones for daywear and shiny, sequined pieces for the summer shall continue its run, giving depth and movement to the clothing.

Laces and Laser-cuts

maxi dresses

Another trend that shall have an extended lifeline is laces and laser cutting on tops, skirts, and maxi dresses. Lace detailing and cut-out are good for warm weather. There is a leaning toward artisanal laces and crochets. This, coupled with new technology for laser cuts, gives drama to an evening dress.

Maximum Micros

It was the time of the extremes in 2022 dress trends with either micro or maxis having a say with midis, which had a good run in the past, being relegated to the shadows. Micros in shimmery and silver fabric had really picked up in summer this year. Micros are here to stay, going by the Fashion Week trends.

Sports and Luxury in Sync

The sporty look got an edgy luxury style in 2022 and the trend shall continue with luxury and sports coming together.  The comfortable fabric is matched with trendy silhouettes to give a whole new meaning to sports luxe. Tibi has showcased its collection of silk-sequined sweatshirts and Fendi has channeled the 90s grunge look with its mix of embellished slip skirts and sporty jackets. Up-styling sports pieces to give them a fashion-forward look is a trend that shall continue in 2023.

Doubling up on Denim

Double denim was the flavor of 2022 and the obsession may spill over into next year. Brands would do well to prepare for a silhouette that comprises of low-cut bra and low-cut skirt or a jacket and cargo skirt combo. Designers can be breezy in adopting Y2K trends in denim and should not shy away from similar-colored denim ensembles.

Underwear out in open

One of the fashion trends that made its mark this year and holds the promise of being carried over to the next spring/summer as well—underwear being used as outerwear. While lingerie as an outwear was used beneath the blazer, expect 2023 to offer more delicate interpretations of fashioning them into dress bodices. Brands can think of new ways to treat corsets as a bodice in tops and blazers.

Leather jackets

Leather jackets

For Fall, leather jackets have seen a rise in popularity. The long coats as well as bomber jackets in leather, in structured and belted styles, mostly in biker chic looks, were the toast of streetwear and chic fashion alike. Black and tan were the preferred colors this fall. Leather skirts are also expected to be a rollover trend.

Oversized blazers

The two-piece suit in 2022 was riding on the theme of comfort and a relaxed feel. Oversized blazers with shoulder pads and wide-leg trousers inspired by the powered look of the '80s shall be the preferred style look, given the runway splash by the likes of Prada and Louis Vuitton.  

In retrospect, the 2022 dress trends were drenched in the nostalgia of Y2K fashion-- baggy jeans, and oversized jackets. The surprise element was catsuits. Sleek fashion took a breather. And comfort and relaxed style with an element of fun all along continued to have their say under the sun. Fashion companies would do well to look back into 2022 for some design inspiration for next year.

Key Takeaways

  • From the ruling color lilac, the fashion style impressed comfort and relaxation in 2022
  • Some of these trends shall continue to have their imprint on 2023

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