Latest Color Trends 2023: What's Hot, What's Not
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Latest Color Trends 2023: What's Hot, What's Not

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Summary: Trending colors in any year are influenced by socio-economic sentiments and the choice of color forecasters such as Pantone and Behr. These 2023 color trends have some fab colors and hues for all seasons. Pantone color of the year 2023, Viva Magenta, leads the pack of colors in trend along with Turquoise Blue and Olive Green.

Fashion colors, just like other trends, are influenced by runway shows that happen prior to a season. Color forecasters like Pantone, Behr, and Coloro among others play a crucial role in predicting and forecasting the colors that people would like to wear in the future.

So, the 2023 color trends will revolve around a mix of vivid and subtle hues that were predicted by forecasters. This year, the Pantone Color of the year 2023 is ‘Viva Magenta’, an eclectic color that has a touch of bold pink.

2023 color trends are a mix of many kinds of tones that fall from the brightest of colors and shimmers to subtle pastel shades. Let us see how various brands and designers are using 2023 colors to create their collections.

1. Viva Magenta


Pantone’s color of the year 2023, Viva Magenta is a pink color flush with cochineal red, a deep and vibrant shade that lends it a powerful and empowering confidence. Viva Magenta has already found its way into the hall-of-fame brands of Giambattista Valli, Del Core, and Prabal Gurung.

Designers are using it in cocktail dresses and as accents in skirts and slip dresses. This audacious shade can be paired with neutral shades of white or navy to make the color more formal and accessible.

2. Olive Green

Olive Green

Olive green is a shade that is mostly associated with casual clothing like cargo pants. But for 2023 color trends, olive green has been given a chirpy and fashionable makeover. Victoria Beckham, Brandon Maxwell, and Alberta Ferretti used this shade to flaunt glam dresses.

Burnt Orange, another 2023 color trend, goes really well with olive green.

3. Blue Pastels

Blue Pastels

Forget royal and bright blues. For 2023 color trends, we will be enjoying a bit of a downturn. Tranquil blues, ranging from pastels to turquoise and azure are very much in. Designers like Fendi, Rejina Pyo, and Issey Miyake are already experimenting with muted shades of blue.

You can pair them with trending new classics such as Vanilla Cream to create awe-inspiring summer combos.

4. Creige (Cream + Beige)


'Creige', a mixture of cream and beige, is a new neutral for the 2023 color trends of fashion. The beauty of this milky shade is that it can act as a great background for all vibrant colors that are in trend for the year. Bottega Veneta and Roksanda are blending shades of green and pink with creige.

Behr also announced 'Blank Canvas', a warm white hue as its color of the year 2023. It is also an inspiring color that can be adapted to your clothing range.

5. Soft Pink

Soft Pink

2023 color trends will see pink turning subdued and paler. Soft and feminine pink will rule brand collections of all genders this season, as it signifies self-care and nurturing, emotions that are being felt post-pandemic by customers.

To show that pastel pink is not just meant for dresses and pretty skirts, Chanel sent models in soft pink power suits. Stella McCartney went with pink jumpsuits and Fendi Couture created sheer dresses in soft pink.

Colors to phase out in 2023

1. Kelly Green

Well, Kelly Green has seen its bright and good days over the last few years. But with new bold hues that are reigning in fashion like aquamarine blue, turquoise, or cerulean, Kelly green will be on its way out.

2. Tangerine

Tangerine is known to bring the 'tacky' to fashion. But it will not be seen as gaining much traction. With metallics taking over, brands are switching to them for a slice of chirpiness. Also, Burnt Orange and Benjamin Moore’s color of the year 2023, Raspberry Blush, have taken over the mantle from tangerine.

3. Highlighter Hues

Highlighter Hues or neon shades would take a back seat this year with soft pastels taking the center stage in New York Fashion Week. Neon will still be around, though more as an accent or a statement piece.

Coloring it up, one change at a time

Coloring it up

The Color of the year 2023, Viva Magenta, and other trends like soft pink, fresh, pastel shades of blue, burnt orange, and olive green are to stay hot this year.

There are many ways to add such colors to one's collection, depending on the vibe one wants to bring to the brand. At the same time, there is some kind of resurgence of the more earthly and neutral shades that can top the 2023 color trends.

Key Takeaways:

  • Color trends are not just influenced by runways and designers, but also by color forecasters like Pantone and socio-economic sentiment.
  • 2023 color trends include vibrant shades of blue, olive green, the color of the year 2023 Viva Magenta, and pale pink.

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