Latest American Trends in Home Decor
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Latest American Trends in Home Decor

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With the time we have spent at our homes in the last few years, constantly watching the same walls and interior, we definitely deserve to make some changes.

Home decor is something that takes a step up every year. A design that was trending a few years back has completely evolved into something new and more appealing this year.

At a time when people were absolutely in love with multi-colored walls, blending styles, and geometric accents throughout their interiors, people now are more into minimalistic designs.

With every passing year, there’s a shift in our tastes and trends, which is really exciting to witness as well. So if you are trying to step up your home or even farmhouse decor this year, we have the perfect list of some pleasing makeover ideas for you.

Even though a ‘decade’ is a long projection, we have realized a thing or two over the last few years of being at home.

With work-from-home environments, people right now want to focus on building a dedicated working space in their homes. At the same time, we’re focused on creating a space within our homes where we can relax and get a sense of calm.

These expectations lay the foundation of having decor that compliments both these themes. And we sure can expect all the latest and upcoming home decor trends to follow the same!

With that, let’s take a look at some of the best American home decors trends you can adopt this year.

1. Nature-centric designs

Nature-centric designs

Image Source - Google Images

The pandemic made us pick up a lot of habits, hobbies, and tastes. While some loved the concept of gardening, others wanted to feel the outside world in their very own homes. 

Because of that, house plants and mini-trees will continue to dominate our home decor for the foreseeable future.

Homeowners who want to adopt these designs are usually familiar with taking care of their plants and know which ones could survive in a typical household environment.

But what about us, the less knowledgeable ones?

Turns out, the idea is to just give your home decor the ‘look’ of being nature-centric. With so many ‘almost realistic’ artificial options to choose from, you can easily adopt such designs in your home that don’t really require that much attention or care.

The best part? Most of the time, it’s almost impossible to draw out the difference between real plants and artificial ones.

2. The vintage seventies style

The vintage seventies style

Image Source - Google Images

Trends, old and new, keep repeating themselves and being popular again. And this year, it’s time to revisit the seventies! Inspired by nostalgia and farmhouse decor, these designs reflect a lot of colors and designs.

When mixed with the current trends, the vintage styles bring geometric prints, accents of velvets throughout the house, and wooden accent furniture. Altogether, it means that these designs bring rough forms, curved edges, and objects connected to symbolism.

The vintage style entails bright lights, tinted glass designs, and two-tone-styled tableware. A major add-on is the customization of walls that completely depends on the interest of the homeowners.

The walls are the proud displays of artworks. So, if you are enthusiastic about collecting art forms (or making them yourself), you can proudly match them with your interiors.

3. Flowing designs

Flowing designs

Image Source - Google Images

Inspired by the ‘less perfect’ shapes and designs around us, this trend explores such shapes that are derived from nature and translates them into all kinds of designs.

Right from furniture to lighting and art pieces in your homes, every design could be inspired by flowing designs. 

If you want to be minimalistic with your flowing designs, you can contrast black and white to create an elegant feel to these beautiful designs.

The theme of these designs is to infuse a feeling of warmth and coziness into your homes. With scalloped edges and a whimsical feel, the comfortable-looking elements of your interior are sure to leave an impression.

4. Lilac designs

Lilac designs

Image Source - Google Images

Lilac designs have the most significance in the fashion world, from dresses to home decor. So it only makes sense that lilac designs are in trend.

Lilac is a soft, muted shade of purple with a bright look and a glossy finish. It is versatile enough to work with neutral color palettes or add a pop of color to an otherwise dull space.

You can pull off lilac designs with metallic finishes, plush velvets, and matching furniture to give your interiors a very sleek design.

This color could be matched with anything, from your drapes to home accessories. Most importantly, lilac can perfectly suit other colors as well.

5. Color blocking

Color blocking

Image Source - Google Images

Whether you are trying to be more adventurous with your home decor or just want to keep a room dedicated to looking ‘different’ than other rooms, color blocking will certainly appeal to you.

Color blocking has been in trend for more than 10 years now, and its popularity has never decreased.

With color blocking, you drench one wall of your room in a color of your choice and the other walls in a different color altogether.

One of the best things about color blocking is that it practically compliments everything. From furniture to wall paintings, it can highlight every intricate detail in your room. Previously, homeowners would be hesitant of the idea – now, it’s one of the most preferred style options in the world.

A major advantage of color blocking is that you are not just limited to a single wall. Your artistic approach could take you all the way to experiment in so many ways with color blocking.

6. Gingham home decor

Gingham home decor

Image Source - Google Images

So what if gingham was popular back when your grandparents were young? People are still into this simple, cottage-chic design so much that it continues to make a comeback almost every single year.

Although you might see this famous checkered pattern mostly in farmhouse decor, it still finds its place in modern homes. 

Gingham is a nostalgic trend that could be introduced in almost any color scheme. With pastel hues and a precise color scheme throughout your homes, gingham designs are here to stay because they never stop evolving. 

You can incorporate gingham designs into your home decor in a variety of ways, like pillow covers, curtains, and crockery. This iconic print can redefine your interiors and give that summer daze feeling every time you look at it.

7. Cottagecore home decor

Cottagecore home decor

If you were planning to add a warm, cozy spot to your home, you might be interested in exploring the cottagecore trend. 

Inspired by cottages and rural life, cottagecore gained most of its popularity from social media. This homey makeover consists of vintage accessories that create a comfy vibe where you can spend time alone or with loved ones. 

When enhanced by traditional touches, open shelving, and exposed wooden beams, this home decor seems unmatched in terms of warmth and appeal.

Cottagecore is usually suitable for giving a hint of elegance to your home. When matched with nature-inspired prints, ornaments, and paintings, your home could have the most appealing personality.

8. Wallpaper designs

Wallpaper designs

Image Source - Google Images

The ever-growing use of wallpapers in recent times has led to the creation of stunning prints and patterns that make you fall in love with them from the very first look. And each year, the designs get better than the last year.

Part of why this design trend has caught on so much is because of how diverse wallpapers are. Right from complex vintage patterns to solid color block-inspired looks, wallpapers could definitely bring life to your home decor ideas.

If you have an office in your home, wallpapers can definitely give it the right aesthetic. Peel-and-stick wallpapers are a life-saver for homeowners who prefer changing their spaces with growing trends.


As the home decor and interior designing industry are constantly evolving, so are our priorities and expectations. So before you decide to give your home an entire makeover, find out what works for you. Going for evergreen trends and designs is ideal as you won’t need to upgrade your home too frequently.

Homeowners can incorporate the latest American trends and colors in new creative ways that reflect their aesthetic and style. With so many choices to choose from, you can easily pick a design that appeals to you solely.


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