Kidswear Trends SS 2022: Prints, Graphics, Styles, Colours
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Kidswear Trends SS 2022: Prints, Graphics, Styles, Colours

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Kids' fashion is a constantly changing industry. It's not about what's popular now but what's famous for the next season. Kidswear fashion might see a change of course in 2022. With the world opening up again, kids will finally get a chance to explore the outdoors and experience the absolute beauty of nature.

Kidswear fashion is not only what one wears. It's also how to accessorise and how one must look. And parents' choice plays a vital role in defining their kid's fashion sense. So, clothes must appeal to parents first. With the growing popularity of kidswear fashion on social media, parents invest in making their kids fashion icons. 

This article shares the most popular kidswear trends in spring and summer 2022. But that's not it. Learning about how to build kids-centric fashion brands is equally essential. All the secrets are shared in the article.

Jumping onto kidswear trends alone will not make fashion brands successful. There are a few more factors that kidswear fashion brands need to work on. Trends come and go, but these factors will make consumers connect with fashion brands. And ultimately, brands will have customers returning them every season. 

Factors That Will Help Kidswear Brands Connect With Their Consumers

Suitable Fabric For Right Season

Kids barely understand what fashion is. That’s why comfort is their priority. Plus, they have sensitive skin, which is prone to irritation and inflammation. Therefore, choosing the suitable fabric for kidswear is essential in kidswear fashion.

In hot summer weather, light and sweat-resistant fabrics are preferable. Cotton fabric allows the skin to breathe and not accumulate sweat which is perfect for summer. But it will not work in chilly winter weather. In winters, thin materials with heat-trapping fabrics are suitable. 

Best Quality

The delicate skin reacts quickly to fabrics. Therefore, not compromising with quality is the best option for kidswear fashion. Using eco-friendly, organic, and skin-friendly materials will ensure kids get fewer allergies to clothes. Naturally dyed fabrics are skin-friendly for kids. Organic fabrics produced without pesticides and harsh chemicals make the best clothes for kids.

Manufacturers also need to ensure that kidswear has no rough edges or roughly stitched clothes. It will avoid skin irritation. 

A Variety Of Options

Most kids are fussy about their clothes. Giving them a variety of options will help them choose better. Kids will enjoy wearing clothes with various colours, different patterns, cute accessories and crafts, various styles. Adding a variety of styles will help fashion brands connect with their consumers.

These are some of the factors that will make any kidswear brand successful. Now read on to know more about the kidswear trends SS 2022.

Kidswear Trends SS 2022

Kidswear trends for spring and summer 2022 revolve around nature themes, animal and floral prints, comfort, bright and light colours.

Prints For Kidswear In SS 2022

Prints based on natural themes are rising for kidswear fashion in SS 2022. Some of the most preferred prints for kidswear trends are heartwarming prints that look delicate on girls, playful prints for boys, images of animals, floral prints, polka dots, butterflies, etc. 

Graphics For Kidswear In SS 2022

Brand logos, slogans, unique words, phrases are still prevalent in kidswear fashion for 2022. Some of the popular graphics for kidswear are geometric shapes, amusement park themes, etc.

Styles For Kidswear In SS 2022

Stylish yet comfortable clothes are preferable in the hot weather. Capris and shorts are coming back in fashion in spring and summer 2022. Also, summer being the time for vacations and picnics, athleisure wear is the rage. 

Denim jackets paired with casual bottom wear and sporty footwear are also rising in demand for the casual kidswear trend in 2022. People like tops, t-shirts, shirts, and shorts for regular or daily wear clothes. 

As kids will get to play outdoors this summer, their comfort is most important. Trousers, jumpers, and coordinating sets are in demand for summer 2022.

Colours For Kidswear In SS 2022

Bright, natural, and light colours are in demand for kidswear trends in summer 2022. Pastel and basic colour palettes are becoming famous too. Kids love bright and vibrant colours like red, blue, orange, yellow, pink, peach, and purple. 

Decorative Crafts For Kidswear In SS 2022

Kids love cute and chic decorative crafts in their outfits. There is rising popularity for ruffles, bowknots, florals, dolled-up accessories, and handmade florals. These decorative crafts are making a statement in kidswear trends for 2022.

Footwear for Kids In SS 2022

Kids love anything that looks cute. This can be seen in footwear trends for kids. Cute-looking shoes with bunny ears and light-up sneakers are popular in kidswear trends. Gold-toned princess sandals for girls are an all-time favourite. 

Hopping on to kidswear trends will not help until fashion brands create kids-centric fashion. Comfort is the biggest priority for kids' fashion, but many other elements make a successful kidswear fashion brand. Here are the secrets to building a successful kidswear fashion brand.

Secrets To Building A Successful Kidswear Fashion Brand

Secrets To Building A Successful Kidswear Fashion Brand
  1. Childhood is about colours.

Kids are naturally attracted to vibrant and bright colours because of their playful nature. They love red, yellow, green, orange, and purple colour palettes. Fashion brands must include rainbow colours in their kidswear collection to make it popular. 

  1. Cartoons are their favourite.

It's no surprise that kids adore cartoon characters. Incorporating cartoon designs will help strengthen kidswear fashion brands. Plus, it will build a connection with young customers.

  1. It's about parents too.

After all, the parents pay for the clothes and accessories. Fashion brands must connect with parents by adding elements of creativity, imagination, sustainability, comfort, and nostalgia.

  1. Safety and comfort are the priority.

Kids are always playful and on the move. Their clothes and accessories should not restrict them from being active. And more importantly, they should not be harmful. Fashion brands must make apparel with safe fabrics, lightweight, and flame-retardant materials.

The durability factor also plays an essential role in kidswear fashion. Clothes made from durable, stain-resistant fabrics are preferable.

  1. Know your niche market 

Are you creating luxury clothing for young ones? or are you making daily clothes for schools and play centres?

Knowing your competitors and niche market will help strategise the kidswear fashion brand.

  1. Sourcing the right materials

As discussed above, kidswear fashion is all about comfort. Fashion brands must ensure that the fabrics and materials used to make kidswear are safe. Always look for suppliers that guarantee safe and ethically sourced materials.

Fashinza helps fashion brands and independent designers connect with the most trusted apparel manufacturers. Whatever your requirements, we will help you find a manufacturer that exactly matches your needs. In addition, we take full responsibility for the entire process from delivery to design, so you can be confident and focus on other aspects of your business. Contact here

  1. Your business is as good as your marketing plan.

How do you plan to sell your products, online or in-store? 

What are your promotional strategies?

What channels do you want to use for marketing?

All these questions will help decide marketing strategy. A successful kidswear fashion brand is built by good advertising and marketing.

  1. Inclusivity

Fashion brands need to be more inclusive to be successful. Refrain from using gender-specific colours for kidswear fashion. Make clothes for all shapes and sizes. 

  1. Partner with the right influencers

Social media is booming with kids' influencers. Fashion brands can capitalise on it and promote their products.

The Bottom Line

Kids nowadays like wearing trendy and attractive clothes. Fashion brands can experiment with colours and themes to develop the best kidswear trends in 2022.

Building a successful kidswear fashion brand is not an easy task. Fashinza can help you connect with certified suppliers and manufacturers and help you with your requirements.


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