Is Lounge wear still Going To Be a Mainstream Trend in 2022?
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Is Lounge wear still Going To Be a Mainstream Trend in 2022?

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Nowadays, pajamas and loungewear are gaining more popularity than dresses. The elegant elements and features of wholesale loungewear make the wearer feel comfortable and convenient when working from home in this pandemic. 

According to a recent webinar, Fashion Snoops material editor Nia Silva and Fashion Snoops head of loungewear and intimates, and women’s wear editor Patricia Maeda assessed shifts in the expectations of the fashion trends. They also forecasted fashion labels, brands, and firms to witness significant sales growth in intimate categories and loungewear in the next 18 months.  

The backbone of these intimate categories like wholesale loungewear is comfort, but what Silva and Maeda described is that it’s a quality that can be acquired via sustainable, thoughtful, and aesthetic designs. So, let’s move forward and discuss some of the core aspects that are at the heart of fashion loungewear. 


“Millennials discovered a new luxury for them - quality sleep. In this topic, Maeda said that they’re looking for relief from tiredness with a self-care routine. Due to the increasing relevance of the need to detach and the need for mental peace, customers are getting attracted towards fashion products that ensure calm,” said Maeda.

Whether it is high-quality mattresses, sleep masks, or silk pillows, the aim is to lower stress and give rest to the mind. As human beings spend one-third of their lives in bed, Maeda said that wholesale loungewear and sleepwear are a crucial part of this self-care routine. 

Fashion Snoops evaluates how comfort plays a key role in consumer purchase behavior. The ideal items include pajama dresses, maxi-length robes, quilted robes, and more. 

Silva said that “consumers get comfort from touch-centric fabrics.” “Fuzzy irregularities and aspects in textured yarns or quilted garments with biodegradable or synthetic down fills are key,” she added. 

Maeda said, “I experienced a constant growth of soft sleepwear and wholesale loungewear sets since 2016, and these dresses ensure their lightweight design and smooth cool-touch yarns give better comfort.” “We tend to sleep better when everything’s cooler,” she added.  

For enhancing the fabric’s comfort level, the manufacturer can add softening treatments during the finishing process. Fibers like Supima cotton are crucial to ensure maximum comfort and material strength. Maeda said, “we keep washing pajamas frequently.” “We desire for a lived-in feel, but it must resist washing.”

The concept of ‘restore’ also extends to the horizon of the increasingly popular trend for restorative travel kits. These efficient kits come with sleep masks, socks, and base layers made of temperature-regulating fibers. 


whole sale lounge wear

“People are showing an energetic attitude towards improving the overall quality of life,” Maeda said. 

In Bare, Fashion Snoops gets indulged into this conversation from different angles with sustainable designs that won’t neglect styles and products that encourage body positivity and prominence of less but high-quality garments. 

“With uncomplex designs, we’re thriving for more vital aspects,” she said. 

Back to classics, wholesale loungewear and functional lingerie offer optimal comfort to the consumers. “COVID-19 is the time when we all can go to flashback to rethink and reconsider what we need, including what we need to add to our wardrobe,” Maeda said.  

Silva noticed that fashion designers should focus on designs that alleviate the need for uncomfortable underwire and elastic waistbands, along with gradual decline concepts that reduce the number of dyes and chemicals on the wearer’s body. The key highlight is the soft, breathable materials comprising artificial cellulose fibers like Tencel and modal. 

Fibers made of citrus products and Roica’s sustainable stretch fibers are gaining popularity daily. She said, “these fibers ensure absorbency and breathability and need less water to produce than cotton.” 

In Bare, the essential items are wholesale loungewear and lingerie sets, all coming in neutral colorways. “All-inclusive design should be the essence for intimate fashion brands,” Maeda said. “Lingerie sets with wireless components ensure comfort, but fashion brands must also consider 3D-printed cups and memory foam cups for additional support.” Also, shapewear is designed strategically by applying a smarter way of easy compression.

Consumers are also getting fond of sheer fabrics. Silva says that this demand focuses on the idea of second-skin intimate wear. 

The fashion trend emphasizes conveniently dressing one-piece clothes for wholesale loungewear, a cozy romper, or a roomy jumpsuit. There’s also an appearance made by the “Sunday suit.” These sets, including shorts or pants and button-down tops, perceive style prompts from ready-to-wear garments with refined buttons and tailored collars.  

Bed To Street 

In Bed to Street, the ready-to-wear fashion and sleepwear options merge, which Fashion Snoops considers the next level evolution of wholesale loungewear. With high-quality materials and uplifted silhouettes, Maeda said, it’s introducing a new category of catholic Fashion that ensures consumers’ practicality, versatility, and ultra-modern style. 

She said that this fashion trend is stimulated by the increasing numbers of part-time staff and the number of freelancers building up the ‘appearance economy’ and a particular manner of living that needs people to wear various hats in one day. 

From simple hoodies or leggings, it’s a significant step forward that also helped to ignite the loungewear movement. Fashion brands emphasize quality and luxury, and materials play an essential role. Elements from Fashion such as plush velvets and Lurex threads, high-stretch ribbed knits, and silk and satins live here. 

The essential items comprise loungewear staples such as joggers redesigned in silk, cashmere sets and tops, sweater dresses that can fit anyone. Precise detailing, like waist-tie pockets with robes, Maeda said, are helping loungewear to be an overall mainstream trend with minimal aesthetic appeal. 

Is LoungeWear Still Going To Be A Mainstream Trend In 2022?

whole sale lounge wear

With the new COVID-19 variants like Omicron, many governments are imposing specific guidelines and restrictions again. The work culture that witnessed employees returning to offices in the last few months will again resort to the ‘work-from-home’ culture. However, some offices may ask their employees to come to the office for specific days a week. Thus, the need for wearing formals and semi-formals is on the verge of collapse again. Therefore, most people who will stay at home can get back to wearing their super comfortable loungewear sets. 

Final Thoughts 

Statistically speaking, loungewear is too unlikely to become a temporary outfit option. It’s devouring into the market share because, as per WGSN’s perspective, we’ve started to spend more time at home than outside. Significantly, every fashion business should evaluate its business model and ensure congruence between the consumer values and product approach. 

Apart from all these evaluations and key highlight features of loungewear, it’s also crucial that fashion brands source the best quality fabric or fibers for making such products. It’s trustworthy and safe to hand over such fabric sourcing to platforms like Fashinza, as thousands of fashion brands globally trust it. So, conclusively, this year of the pandemic, people are still studying or working from home, so the consistency of loungewear as a mainstream trend is not going to be affected. 


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