Inspiration Samples for Fashion Drawing of a Dress
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Inspiration Samples for Fashion Drawing of a Dress

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"Where can I find the most creative ideas?" Is that something that trickles your mind whenever you sit for drawing some fresh samples of fashion illustrations? It is not new to us that the brain and its creative ideas come to a halt now and then, and we feel virtually out of ideas for illustrations.

Well, you can walk miles of victory in this industry when you have a creative edge with an unmatched imagination and execution. Hence, professionals seek inspiring works to re-energise their creativity and give the world something unique to cherish.

Now, as there are already many established designers, new ones have a more challenging task; they need to work harder and immerse themselves in research. New designers can gain much experience through analysing fashion sketches. Studying, understanding, and practising fashion sketch dresses and not just relying on theory helps improve your skill.

New designs have to be presented as hand-drawn sketches before they are cut and sewn on cloth. First, a croquis, which is a pencil sketch, is drawn. This model-shaped pencil sketch serves as the base of the sketch. This blank canvas can illustrate information on patterns, drawings, knitting, sketching, printing and a lot more. With correct measurements, your illustration will come to life.

Your motive should be not to draw a realistic-looking figure but a blank canvas of sorts to display illustrations of dresses, skirts, blouses, accessories and the rest of your creations. Adding colour and details like ruffles, seams, and buttons help to bring your ideas to life.

Some Inspiration Samples for Fashion Drawing a Dress

Here are some samples, which will help you get ideas and inspirations -

Sketches of fashion models

You can use vibrant, colourful sketches of models to frame your dresses. These illustrations are best suited for modern-day wear dresses.

Floral II

This beautiful looking fashion illustration is a sketch of a girl adorning a beautiful designer dress with floral patterns on it. The dress represents a blooming flower.

Rouge et Noir

Rouge et Noir

This sketch is a unique and beautiful design that features a girl wearing a striking dark red and black coloured dress.


This fashion illustration works with two colours and is primarily used to illustrate retro dresses. Use for showcasing exquisite and intricate designs.


Creative fashion illustrations involve designs with materials other than fabrics such as flowers, papers, polybags or straws and leaves. Anything and everything which can be used for designing can be illustrated with these fashion sketches.

How to Start

Gather required materials

Choose good quality H- pencils, light sketch marks and easy to erase. The marks made by these pencils are light and do not press hard on paper. A good quality eraser will be helpful to do corrections. A fashion sketch dress made with a light pencil mark is also an easy to fill colour.

Use alternate methods for creating croquis

Drawing a croquis is a conventional way to illustrate fashion ideas. But if you wish to jump straight for fashion designing, then you can even start by downloading online sketches for a range of sizes and shapes. You can also opt for tracing a croquis by tracing from a magazine.

Decide the pose

Decide the best pose for your croquis to ensure that the desired fashion looks the best on your illustration and is flaunting the right piece of cloth you intend to show. As a beginner, you can start with a basic design and then grow into a professional illustration. As you practise more, you'll be able to showcase your creativity much more efficiently. Start by a standing model, then move on to more advanced croquis. There is no doubt that a croquis can make or break the fashion design.

Key Features for a Successful Design

Key Features for a Successful Design

When you are well-versed in drawing fashion sketches, the next step involves innovating intricate designs and illustrations. The designs get better with experience.

Have a clear vision of what your fashion illustration will look like in real life. It is essential to foresight the colours, designs and the fabric of the design much earlier than when it will be made. Once you are sure about the illustration, you will be able to bring your design to life.

Ultimately, the most crucial part of a fashion drawing dress or sketch design is its base structure. You can be anxious and confused about where to begin and what your designs need to convey. But your basic idea of for whom you want to design and the fabric you will be using for your designs will give you an idea of where to begin.

A fashion drawing dress is made to appeal to the consumer. When we see a beautifully made dress as a fashion sketch, we are immediately drawn towards the design. This is where a fashion journey begins of a future dress.

Your fashion illustrations need to be neat and convey the exact mood of the creator for its clothing. The illustrations should put forward the designer's foresight.

Here are some key features you need to know:

Flat sketch

A flat sketch is also known as a fashion flat. As the name suggests, it is a two-dimensional linear drawing, mostly in black and white. Drawn from above with a linear perspective, it is flat but also has garment details. The garment is dual-coloured, with all other pattern details included as desired.

Presentation drawing

As the name suggests, this drawing is for presentation. It is the final drawing to present for production or to the client as a sample of the product design. It gives a clear idea about the fashion drawing dress.


This type of sketch provides the complete information vital for the manufacturing procedure.

With more and more development, the fashion industry has evolved immensely. But the intense competition needs to be faced with experience and deep insight. Look into different ways to improve your sketches. Once you know the technique, you can try new and innovative ideas.

Fashion drawing dresses and elaborative fashion sketching workshops are also available online at Fashinza. You can easily keep learning and exploring as you pursue your professional endeavours.


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