How To Style An Oversized Hoodie Without Looking Sloppy
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How To Style An Oversized Hoodie Without Looking Sloppy

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Summary: Oversized hoodies are currently a trendy fashion statement. They've been worn by many fashion influencers and celebrities. Many fashion brands are also jumping on this trend, offering oversized hoodies in a variety of colors, materials, and styles. The oversized hoodie trend is also being incorporated into different fashion styles, such as streetwear, athleisure, and even luxury fashion.

From functional to Fashion  

Ever since the “let loose” theme became the overwhelming fashion statement, there are certain pieces of outfits that have found a new lease of life. The humble hoodie has transformed from gym wear into a fashion must-have. It is versatile, unisex, and can be weather-friendly. It acts as a good cover for shapes, hides the skinny, and gives a hip-hop, laid-back look.

functional to Fashion

Along with the oversized blazers and baggy pants have come the bulkier head-covering hoodie. Hoodies had a very functional origin when it was used to keep athletes warm during training sessions. A staple of any rapper, it went mainstream with Kayne West in chunky hoodies. That’s when the trend of athleisure really took off.

Not only the streetwear brands such as Off-White and Vetements but also luxury brands such as Versace and Prada have made bulky hoodies a part of their collection, a signal that oversized hoodie has become a fashion statement.

Getting the size right

The oversized hoodies do not have to be too big, or they would veer toward sloppiness. The right one should be just roomier enough and must have the correct sleeve length and structure. The perfect length is just above the fly of trousers for men. The hoodie that is meant for layering should be of medium height so that there is scope for putting on a blazer over it. While considering how to style oversized hoodies, designers have to be careful about the fabric they use.

As far as colors are concerned,  a white, gray, or navy hoodie would be functional. They are preferred because they can go with many colors in mix-and-match outings. Black is flattering for most body types and skin tones. It is best to avoid logos and graphics as it draws too much attention. Bright colors are in the stylebooks of those who would like to stand out in the crowd.


How to style the hoodies to keep away sloppiness?

It is quite tricky to go with the trend of oversized hoodies. One has to be careful of combining it with baggy pants to avoid giving the look of a cloth horse. It is good to adopt a contrast of high-low to keep the balance. A form-fitting bottom is always a good choice with a bulky hoodie.

Here we look at the best options to style hoodies so that it does not look sloppy:

As a layered look

The most practical use of the hoodies is to beat the weather, and that calls for layering. It is best worn over a buttoned-up shirt and covered with a jacket or blazer. The best combination here is slim-fit trousers or jeans.

As an athleisure

The lazy fashionistas should always be thankful to the designers who have made athleisure mainstream; otherwise, there was a risk of being called unkempt or lazy in the hoodie outings. For athleisure, the hoodies are longer in oversized logo-emblaze. Thanks to the refinement in yarn, fabrics are softer and heavier and the fit is sharper and clean. For full athleisure, a single-colored hoodie with joggers is enough to complete the look.


Under a leather jacket

One of the safest options for hoodies is to combine them with a leather jacket. It is a low-octane combination that works well season after season. Therefore, for men, it is an investment done well. A  firmly fitted hoodie can go with a jacket on various occasions. Using a black leather jacket and indigo or blue pants or experimenting with different colors is a good way to test its efficacy.   

Combining it with coats

While many know how to stay warm when combining hoodies with coats for a formal look, only a few know the basic of getting the look right when layering it with a coat for a semi-casual outing. Sharp and sophisticated in appearance, the double-breasted coat can be layered with a hoodie for a surprisingly casual impact.


Go for softer shades

Soft shades will freshen up anything that looks too frosty. Hoodies in pastel palettes of beige, camel mocha, and coffee make clothing look chic and expensive. It can be paired with a new beige or light blue jumper with something light under like white jeans or pants. The knits or cashmere can do wonders to bring more class to the ensemble.

Brands have to be careful about the choice of fabric

It has taken designers some overhauling to pull out these pieces of clothing from their humble origins and make them the preferred functional clothing to keep warm during the cooler months. Hoodies are one piece of clothing that fares miserably when not supported with the right trousers and pants or coats and jackets. It is important to know

how to style oversize hoodies. In combination with the right tones and textures, brands can elevate the hoodies to the preferred choice of the fashion-conscious.

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Key Takeaways

  • Oversized hoodies are currently a trendy fashion statement worn by many fashion influencers and celebrities.
  • Pair the hoodie the right way for a look that’s as stylish as it is snug.

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