How to Structure Your Team to Ensure Designing, Selling and Marketing are a Success
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How to Structure Your Team to Ensure Designing, Selling and Marketing are a Success

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In the fast-growing fashion industry, you have to make sure that your design, sales, and marketing teams are working in sync and in a structured way.

Before you can start making sales, you will have to design quality shoes. But, designing is not enough. You have to sell them to customers and then market them in order to increase sales. Talk about having your hands full!

Find out how to structure your team to ensure that all major aspects of your business work in tandem and help you in reaching the maximum potential of your business.


When you are starting your fashion business, designing apparel is the most crucial step. This is what will determine the growth of your fashion business and determine all the other factors for selling. Your design team can consist of individuals with different experience levels. It may not be necessary to get the pros for growth hacking. Often beginners may also surprise you with budding talent. 

Follow the given steps to ensure that the step of designing goes superfluously. A creative department can be assigned to manage these tasks with several roles within the structure. 

1. Sourcing fabric material and finding the right supplier

In fashion designing, the fabric can make a major difference in your success. It’s not only about great quality, but you must have the right sources. It must be an easy way to access the material according to your market demands. Depending on the availability, you can design different types of clothes.

You can get samples from different manufacturers and decide what fabric best fits your designs. You must make sure that the sourcing of your material is sustainable and ethical. Do your background verification and check thoroughly that your practice does not harm any individuals or communities.

2. Designing the clothes

Designing the clothes

Depending on the fabric resource, you can determine which apparel your brand will focus on. You may choose a niche accordingly to see how the fabric can be designed into comfortable clothing. Whether you take up T-shirts or jeans, make sure that there is a demand for your clothes. Make the product catalog and add all the measurements and sizes as accurately as possible. 

This will help you organize your inventory as you reach out to manufacturers. You may get in touch with others who are already successful to find which clothing manufacturer can create your designs.

3. Finding the right clothing manufacturer

Finally, once you are confident about your clothes and design- you can get in touch with clothing manufacturers to execute the process smoothly. This is if you are not planning to stitch and sew everything on your own or a locally sourced team. You may definitely do that, but it can be a great option to go for manufacturers who are experts in the field. This growth hacking step can ensure the highest quality of your designs. 

Fashinza is one such platform that can help you make your designs into reality. They also ensure that you get the best suppliers for your clothes and achieve the best quality clothing for all types of designs.  

Brand Management

Branding your clothes and designs can have a powerful influence in marketing and selling your clothes. Branding is a crucial growth hacking step that is not exclusive to fashion. However, branding in fashion management is what makes your audience loyal and come back to it. 

Follow the given steps closely to understand how you can work to develop your brand and make it connect with your business. All these processes can be managed by a brand manager. You may also hire brand experts and agencies to get this task done professionally with perfection.

1. Having a compelling story to pitch your brand

Determining the origin and the goal of your fashion business can be a great step forward to pitch your brand. Think about everything that has inspired you and how your story can inspire others. You can also think of popular narratives that can connect with your target audience and make your story relatable.

Think about all the best brands that have influenced your clothing choices. From Gucci to Nykaa, every brand comes with its own assurance of quality, value, and authenticity. Your brand story will help you work out your brand identity as well as brand values.

2. Creating the brand identity

The brand identity comprises everything that will set your business apart. This would include a lot of visual representation of the brand. This would be how your employees as well as your customers will view your brand. The visual representation of your brand identity should be accurately portrayed throughout your processes. You must spend a good time on this to determine how you can influence your target audience with your niche types of clothes and designs.

For example, if you are promising sustainability as your brand promises- everything from your fabric supply to the product packaging should reflect this quality. 

Choosing the brand name and logo

Now that you have determined the brand identity, it’s time to create the brand name and logo. These are powerful visual tools essential for growth hacking. Brainstorm can work out names that can represent your brand values. Once you have a name, you may work out a monogram logo. Or else, you may also work out a graphic logo to represent the brand values. 

Remember that your brand name will be representing your business everywhere. This will have the biggest impact on marketing and advertising your products. Be careful that your logo can work in tandem with the brand name. The logo must also be carefully chosen to represent the brand name to the best capacity. 

Sales and Marketing

Designing and manufacturing can help you make your product great, but it’s the right marketing that will help you get the sales. No matter what you portray in your brand values, making profits is crucial so that your business thrives longer. That’s why your sales management team can determine the future of your business. 

Your specific apparel design will determine where you sell and how. Your brand identity is the biggest growth-hacking step that you have covered and ensured to stick in your production. The right kind of advertising must communicate the brand fluently. Check out the following steps to make sure that your fashion business goes on to climb the ladder of success.

1. Research

This would include studying your market carefully, identifying the competitors, and accordingly creating a team to market your brand in different ways. You will have to understand how you can spread brand awareness. Researching online is an essential growth-hacking technique that can help you achieve all the information thoroughly by browsing the internet. However, you must also take surveys and connect with retailers to get a clear understanding of how to sell.

2. Identify the target audience

Visualize your target audience with all the details. Whether you are selling to modern teenagers or office workers, identify who all can benefit from your products. Age, gender, social status, and many other factors can add to your target persona. This growth-hacking technique will make your goals very clear and also enhance your marketing techniques to reach your target audience.

3. Set goals and plan to achieve

You cannot work without a plan and your planning will depend on what you want. Setting realistic goals will help you stay on plan and achieve your goals in time. Good research will automatically reflect in setting the benchmarks for the business. Determine how many sales you want to achieve in one month or one year. Your plan should be dynamic that can evolve with time and also incorporate new things that you learn on the go.

4. Choosing the prices

Choosing the prices

Setting the right prices can be a great factor in making sales. This would be directly affiliated to your targeted customers and how much they will be willing to pay for your product. Your Unique Selling Points (USPs) must always be in focus for these target groups. Your prices will also depend on your production and supply. Therefore, the final price tag should include all these factors and help you achieve profits.

5. Using social media

Advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can be an excellent growth hacking method in 2021. Create a social media team that can research and create effective campaigns to promote your products. Make your delicate brand page along with a user-friendly website. Posting the right type of content can have a great impact on your customer engagement. 

6. Look for investments and partnerships

Finally, once you are in a comfortable position with your sales- you can think of expanding by acquiring funding and more resources. The best way to do it is to get investments and find collaborators. As you start your fashion business, you will meet up with several like-minded individuals who may want to connect with you. Finding partnerships will help you learn more and be able to enhance your team.

Growth-hacking Towards Success!

If you are looking for a seamless way to kickstart your business, Fashinza is your ticket. We help you achieve all the best assets to start and expand your business. Our chain of suppliers and manufacturers will work day and night to make your fashion dream a reality. Check out the Fashinza website now and take the steps towards success!


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