How To Get The Right Look With Men's Formal wear
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How To Get The Right Look With Men's Formal wear

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Summary: Men's formal wear is essential in a variety of settings and occasions as it conveys professionalism and demands respect. It can make a positive impact on others. The foundational outfit — a shirt and a pant — needs special attention to detail. The following article delves deep into tips for styling a shirt and pants soundly.

The right choice of shirt and trousers is crucial to getting the formal look right for men. Since there aren't a lot of variations to this combination, it's sacrosanct that men know their options right, and well.

When it comes to dressing for formal events, it's important to choose the right outfit. The right pant-shirt combination can make a big difference in how you look and feel.

From prints to colors, from fit to size, it's all about getting the balance right for the flavor to hit right. Designers and brands can take the onus of educating their male customers about what floats and what doesn't when trying to get the look right. And in turn, influence the shopping preferences of male buyers.

Tips To Style Men's Formal Wear

In the following section, we'll explore a bunch of tips that can make or break the ethos of men's formal wear.

Cracking the Dress Code

Brands would do well to understand the ambit of dress codes they are willing to cater to and craft their offerings accordingly. Formal events often have a black-tie or white-tie dress code, which dictates what kind of clothing is appropriate. Sections dedicated to occasions can help guide a customer better in opting for an outfit.

Sleek, crisp shirts in a variety of colors ranging from white, peach, blue, and grey to black can be paired with various shades of pants depending on how well they go together as per the color wheel. Usually, at galas and events, men's formal wear involves black and white.

Get the Fit Right

fit right

The right fit is crucial when it comes to men's formal wear. Designers and brands should focus on current trends and create offerings as per the latest strides in style and fashion.

Some key focus areas could be ensuring that the pants are snug around the waist and the length is right so they don't drag on the ground. The shirt should also fit well, with enough room around the chest and arms to allow ease of movement. A brand may offer the services of customization consultants to help customers decide on the right fit.

Color Me Formal

Brands should focus on having a wide array of color options available in men's formal wear. When choosing a shirt, consider the color and pattern of the pants. A classic white shirt is a versatile option, but you can also choose a shirt in a complementary color to the pants.

For example, light shirts go with dark pants and dark shirts with light light pants. Checked and patterned shirts go with solid-colored pants while striped or checked pants can be worn with solid shirts.

Attention to Detail

Success lies in the details and so does style. Details such as buttons, collars, and cuffs can make a big impact on the overall look of a formal outfit. Shirts come with a range of collar and fit options to complement dress codes for various occasions.

Opt for a classic spread collar and French cuffs for a sophisticated look. Chic cuffs and buttons, along with a waistcoat can accentuate the allure of men's formal wear.



Accessories such as ties, cufflinks, and pocket squares can add a touch of style to a formal outfit. Make sure they complement the overall look and add to, rather than detract from, the outfit.

Men's formal wear is at least 70% about the shirt and pants, the foundation of the look. So while designing these looks, brands would be prudent to follow the code of "less is better".

Investing in Quality

Formal attire is often worn for special occasions, so people choose to invest in quality clothing that will look good and last. Brands and designers have to tap into the sentiment that men's formal wear holds in the hearts of the wearer and the occasions that they are worn to.

Whether you're attending a black-tie affair or a business meeting, the right formal attire can make a big impact on how you're perceived. So brands in the business of driving the first impression through men's formal wear must understand the significance of formals in a man's life, to deliver better.

Key takeaways:

  • Shirts can have a range of collar options like spread, Mandarin, wing, band, cutaway, button-down, pin, and more.
  • Light shirts go with dark pants, while dark shirts go with light pants. Checked or striped shirts go with solid pants while solid shirts go with checked or striped pants.
  • Accessories are necessary to accentuate men's formal wear look, but care must be taken to go easy on the accessories so as to not shift focus from the attire.

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