How to Find the Right Designer for Your Fashion Business?
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How to Find the Right Designer for Your Fashion Business?

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Before even starting a fashion brand or business, the first thought one gets about a successful business is the core idea of providing incredible fashion pieces. And every incredibly great fashion piece comes from a great designer. A person may be great at handling business; however, in the fashion business, all that matters is fashion itself, and it is the only factor that will help a brand survive for a long time. 

Looking for a designer who will help a business not only survive but carry its legacy is a task. So how to ensure you get the best fashion designer for your business? What are the things that must be kept in mind while choosing one for the business? Let's find out. Here are some tips for finding the right one.

Tips for finding the perfect fashion designer for your business

1. Search for the right places 

As a fashion business owner, one may get puzzled as to where one can find fashion designers. The answer to this question lies with a lot of websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc. You can find a lot of designers willing to work for you either on a freelance basis or full-time. You can go to these websites, or you can have a look at portfolios of designers on websites such as Behance, Wix, Dribbble, etc. Behance portfolios showcase a designer's works and help them get noticed. However, to negotiate, you have to reach these designers on your own. 

2. Search for manufacturing experience

Search for manufacturing experience

Once you find a designer's Wix or Behance portfolio or find a designer from Fiverr or freelancer, look out for manufacturing experience in their CVs or resumes. If a designer doesn't have this, they probably don’t know how a garment is constructed. Without experience in retail and manufacturing, a designer can mess up with the garment’s design and quality. It also implies another thing, i.e., the designer won't provide a tech pack or the clothing along with the designs.

Getting awards and prizes may be good for a designer; however, you must not be fooled by those awards. The designer may have really good designs, but he/she/they must have manufacturing experience to help produce garments in bulk. 

3. Ask for Tech packs

Tech packs are one of the most important things that need one's attention in the fashion business. Tech packs blueprints of how garments are made. The experience of a fashion designer makes all the difference to the quality of a tech pack. If one hires a designer without any experience, he/she/they lose money to delays and wastage of material.

4. Trend Forecasting skills

Every fashion business needs a constant source of fashion ideas, even if the business is already doing great. One never knows when the ideas may get exhausted. Fashion brands usually either research trends or change their color palette a bit to stay on top of the game. However, hiring a designer who has great predicting skills is great for a fashion business. It is called trend forecasting in fashion. So how to know if a designer has these skills?

A simple tip for testing this skill is noting down the color and designs or textures commonly visible in high fashion stores. Then while interviewing a person, you can ask him/her/them to tell you the fashion trends of the current year. Look for the details. The more your findings match their answers, the more their skill of trend forecasting.

5. Don't hire fresh graduates

Don't hire fresh graduates

If a person wants to elevate their fashion business with the help of a single designer, they must never make the mistake of hiring a fresh graduate or a student. Knowledge and experience make a lot of difference to help a business achieve success, and hiring a student or a freshly graduated for a task like that won't help one achieve success. However, if one already has a team of designers working for them, hiring a student won't be a risk, plus the student can bring some fresh ideas to the team. The team, with its manufacturing and retail expertise, can have a look at the designs and check if those are feasible or not. 

However, if the business is still developing and you are looking for just one designer to kickstart your business, look for someone who is experienced enough to level up the fashion business.

6. Go for full-time fashion designers

While starting a fashion business, it's always good to look for someone willing to work full time for your business. In the early phase of the business, a lot of work needs to be done. In such a situation, hiring freelancers is not a great idea as a person won't be able to keep track of all things alone.  Therefore, hiring a full-time fashion designer who is skilled will be a good idea. 

So these are some tips that one can keep in mind while seeking a fashion designer for their fashion business. Another thing one must keep in mind is that one must first decide what line of clothes their brand wants to manufacture and then look for good designs on the Wix and Behance portfolios.


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