How To Find The Perfect Stylish Blazer For Men
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How To Find The Perfect Stylish Blazer For Men

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Summary: If you want to look stylish for any occasion but don't want to choose the typical suits, blazers are your answer. A blazer easily fills the gap between a tailor-made matching suit and easy-going clothes. A fashionable man knows blazers never go out of style. However, for most men, finding the perfect stylish blazer comes as the hardest part. In this guide, we will talk about how to find the perfect stylish blazer for men.

What Is A Blazer?

A blazer is a coat that is neither a part of a suit nor needs to be coordinated with pants. You can style them up with jeans, pants, formal pants, lounge pants, or shorts based on the type of occasion. You can buy the blazer as a standalone clothing item.

7 Tips to choose the perfect blazer for men

We at Fashinza are here to help you in choosing the perfect blazer of your dreams. So, go ahead and check these seven simple tips for the same.

1. Keep the occasion in mind

First thing first, you need to choose a blazer based on the occasion. A party blazer is different from a formal or casual one. So, first, think of the occasion you need it for, and then go blazer hunting.

For example, a blue or grey blazer with a decent collar is perfect for any business meetings or casual outings. On the other hand, a shiny blazer with shimmer on the collar is best suited for parties.

2. Focus on the fit

Now that you know the occasion, you can decide what kind of blazer you want. However, you must give extra attention to the fit. A blazer looks the best if it is just the right fit. Being too large or small will take away the look, no matter the fabric and the color you have chosen.

So, if you are buying the blazer online, always look for the size chart for the body measurements like sleeves, collars, shoulders, waists, etc. Once you get the blazer in hand, try it on. If you are not satisfied with the fit, either return it or get it fitted by a good tailor.

3. Look for the fabric

It is important to consider the fabric for the blazer. An ideal fabric is one that easily meets your day or event's requirements. Say, for instance, a cotton or linen blazer is well-suited for summer while a flannel or wool blend is the best for winter.

Similarly, a shimmery rayon is ideal for weddings or any other celebratory events.

4. Keep the colors in mind

The color of the blazer has a huge role to play too. Rather than the basic black, navy, or grey colors, you can choose from other elegant colors too. However, pick the colors as per the occasion or the setting of the day.

For example, a textured blazer will look best for a casual mood while a green linen blazer will look best at both the day and night event.

5. Buttons are important too

Buttons may seem like a small element, but a stylish button is sure to grab eyeballs. So, you need to focus on that too. The best part is that you can get the buttons changed as per your demand.

Nowadays, most blazers come with regular metal buttons. But if you wish to, you can purchase a couple of customized or designer buttons separately and get them replaced based on the event's theme.

6. Choose from the different types of blazers

You must know that blazers are of different types and having proper knowledge of the same is important for finding the perfect stylish blazer for men.

  • A single-breasted blazer comes with a single column of buttons. It is best suited for informal or semi-formal gatherings like weddings, festivals, or work trips.
  • The double-breasted blazer comes with two rows of buttons and has a substantial amount of fabric overlap. They give more of a formal appearance. You can also style them with cufflinks or a nice pocket square to enhance their look.
  • A mandarin blazer comes with a narrow neckline with a medium overlap of the fabric. It is called bandhgala in Hindi. This type of blazer is mostly used in Asian ethnic parties or events.

7. Style your closet accordingly

Just having a blazer is not enough! You need to style your closet as per the blazer too. Depending upon the type of blazer, you can style it with jeans, shorts, or formal pants.

For example, for any casual event, you can style your blazer with jeans or lounge pants. Further, you can accessorize it with matching shoes and classic belts. Likewise, you can style formal blazers with formal pants and formal shoes.

Key Takeaways:

  • It's important to ensure the right fit while choosing a blazer. An extra tight or loose blazer does not go with anything.
  • Remember to keep quality and comfort in mind, and you will be effortlessly stylish.
  • Accessorizing your blazer with customized buttons, matching shoes, and classy belts are up to you. But it definitely changes the look and feels.



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