How to Dress Like People in the '80s: Types of Clothing that Make you Look Adorable
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How to Dress Like People in the '80s: Types of Clothing that Make you Look Adorable

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Summary: The 1980s saw the rise of fashion with a lot of trends inspired by glam rock, disco music, and punk culture. Here’s a DIY guide on how to dress like the 80s with eye-catchy designs. Take a page out of the 80s fashion book for your latest collections: Think puffed sleeves, bold and bright colors, slogan tees, and goth!

The 1980s was an era of excess, with the rise of haute couture. Fashion labels took their designs to new heights, from shoulder pads to leg warmers and feathered hair—the fashion trends of this era will never be forgotten.

Style icons from the '80s still serve as an inspiration for many. Designers can use elements from 1980s fashion to churn out designs that are still relevant today. With buyers looking at how to dress like the 80s, it’s time for brands to recreate these adorable styles in 2023.

When buyers are trying to catch on to the 80s dress culture, your brand can answer it with some iconic styles from the era. Here are some adorable trends from the 80s that have our hearts!

Bold and bright colors

Out with the minimalist and in with the over-the-top bold vibe. You can incorporate 1980-inspired designs in your latest collections by using bright primary colors. Color-blocked windcheaters, bright blazers, and vibrant athleisure bring out a very 80s vibe that appeals to customers of all age groups. A typical 1980s outfit can also feature bright neon colors like pink and green paired with black or white.

Puffed sleeves

How cute is a puffed sleeve dress in bright colors? The puffed sleeve trend from the 80s has returned to women’s fashion and has been all over OTT shows like"Bridgerton." Icons like Princess Diana popularized the look, from her wedding gown to everyday dresses with padded shoulders.

Puffed sleeves are a must-have element on the 80s-stylewardrobe checklist! Add puffed sleeves to dresses and tops in your latest collections.

Say it with slogan tees

Band tees and slogan tees were quite popular in the 1980s. Wearing loosely fitted tees was Madonna’s signature style, which was closely emulated by many fans. The 80s trend of slogan tees has now re-emerged with a chic, casual, and fun vibe. '80s slogan tees can be easily adapted to 2023 styles.

Mini dresses and skirts

As the decade of the mini skirt, the 80s saw short skirts paired with leg warmers, leggings, or chunky boots. An oversized slogan tee can also be styled as a cool mini dress.

To recreate a classic 80s look, you can design a mini dress with puffed sleeves that will make your customers look cute and stylish.

Black lace

Black lace

Lace is making a comeback, and the 1980s are to blame!

The popular black lace trend was big in the 80s, and it's now back with fresh zeal. Black lace was a Madonna staple, with the icon bringing it into mainstream fashion.

If you're looking for a way to add an edgy '80s twist to your designs, black lace is the way to go. You can add black lacy elements to tops, skirts, and dresses to add extra oomph to your latest collections.

Moto Jackets

Moto Jackets

From being a cool choice for motorcycle gangs to becoming a staple in the fashion industry, the leather jacket has been at the center of many trends. The classic leather-jacket trend of the 80s has been carried forward smartly to the present day.

From dressing up for parties to elevating a daily workwear outfit, leather jackets are a cool and versatile piece. You can add a biker leather jacket to a casual or formal ensemble to amp up your 80s collection.

Goth fashion

The 80s were an exciting time in fashion, and goth fashion evolved greatly. The different styles in goth fashion were usually a reflection of the punk rock fashion prevalent at the time. For instance, the late 70s had a punk rock look with spiked hair and safety pins, but the 80s goth look was a combination of punk, rock, and mod styles.

Designers looking to recreate a goth look can use leather fabric with dark hues and unique textures.

Get that '80s Vibe Today

Fashion has been evolving continuously since the '80s, and it isn't slowing down anytime soon. The 1980s saw significant changes in music, movies, and fashion, with heavy metal, punk music, big hair, and bold fashion taking the lead. The iconic '80s looks sported by celebs can serve as a fairly reliable designer guidebook on 'how to dress like the 80s'. Brands can find ways to incorporate the latest trends via Fashinza's AI-driven trend forecasting.

Key Takeaways

  • Huge shoulder pads, bright colors, leg warmers, and slogan tees are elements that help fashionistas when they wish to know how to dress like the 80s. Brands can use the same to bring out an 80s-inspired collection
  • In addition to the classic goth look popular during the 1980s, its fashion included lots of lace. Create over-the-top outfits using these elements to nail the 80s vibe.

Fashinza can offer expert advice on how to dress like the 80s, with AI-powered resources on styles and trend forecasts. Fashinza can also help your brand connect with manufacturers and suppliers to take your designs from production to sales.

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