How To Communicate Your Designs With Manufacturers
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How To Communicate Your Designs With Manufacturers

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Dreaming of introducing a new clothing line? Unsure how to turn your abstract ideas into wearable apparels? Well, communication with the manufacturers is the key ingredient that turns visions into reality. A brand must know how to communicate their designs in a systematic and professional manner, and here are a few tips to guide you along the way!

Introduce your brand

When approaching a manufacturer for your clothing line for the first time, you should initiate the communication by introducing your brand. Share fundamental details about the brand, outlining where you are operative geographically, who your target consumers are, and how long you have been in business. This information enables the manufacturer to understand your history and operations. 

For instance, a global clothing line has requirements which are quite different from the local ones. A brand might focus on women’s clothing while another might offer men’s, women’s, and kids’ clothing altogether. Some brands can specialize in ethnicwear, while others marvel in casuals. 

Similarly, a company which has been in business has a legacy to uphold and they come with specific requirements for their products. A start-up, on the other hand, might be in a position to experiment. Knowing these factors helps the suppliers to better serve the customised demands of the brands

Fashinza makes this process easier for local and global brands by working as an effective medium of communication between the brands and suppliers, serving as a single source of truth.

Specify the production stage

Not all brands are on the same production stage when approaching suppliers. While there are brands that approach suppliers with visual designs of their own, others might want to take a look at readymade samples which the suppliers have to offer. 


While communicating with manufacturers it is essential to clarify which stage of production the company is in, and Fashinza simplifies the process by offering extensive catalogues of readymade garments along with designs that can be customized as per the needs of the brands. 

When  a brand walks in with their own designs and specifications, that too can be materialized just as flexibly. Fashinza is capable of accommodating brands at every stage of production since we receive support from hundreds of suppliers from diverse parts of the world.

Make the most of the techpack

The techpack takes care of the linguistic barrier which often exists between brands and suppliers when a company outsources the production. Working as a blueprint for the design, it communicates the brand’s demands down to the minute details. 

tech pack

Your techpack must contain technical sketches, details about construction, measurements, colorways, grading, and bills of materials among other things. The more detailed a techpack is, the higher is the probability that manufacturers will live upto the expectations of the brand. 

Techpack is a crucial tool deployed by Fashinza in establishing successful communication between brands and suppliers - our expert merchandising team works together with the brand on a detailed techpack which is then provided to the supplier to ensure there remains no gap in the communication.

State the MOQ and establish a time frame

A brand must declare the MOQ right at the beginning of their enquiries to ensure that the suppliers are capable of meeting their needs. It is equally important to establish a timeline for different stages of the production process. This helps both the parties to track the progress and meet the expected deadline. In case of any delay, the time frame can be readjusted. 

MOQ and lead time are two pieces of information which Fashinza seeks from brands while filling up the requirement form, and the information is used to match the brands with appropriate suppliers who have the potential to meet specified demands.

Outline the budget

Every brand has a budget which they must adhere to and suppliers need to be informed about the same before starting the work to avoid any miscommunication during a later period. As a brand, you must specify the amount you are willing to invest and what your expected price margins are. At Fashinza, we jot down these details and pair up brands with manufacturers who can deliver them with quality products within their designated budget.

Approve the sample on time

Manufacturers do not proceed with mass production until the samples have been approved and the responsibility lies on part of the brand to approve the sample or recommend changes at a fast pace to avoid delays in the long-run.


The sample approval process used to be a tricky one, especially when overseas communication was involved, but Fashinza has digitized the affair where designing apps are used to generate digital models of the final product which can be verified by the brands. Such digitization not only saves time and resources but also makes the production process more sustainable by reducing the waste of fabric.

So now you have access to the key points which you must remember while communicating your design to suppliers. Approaching the matter strategically will help you to receive the best returns and what’s better is that you can now delegate the entire task to Fashinza!


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