How To Choose The Perfect Roaman's Dress For Every Occasion
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How To Choose The Perfect Roaman's Dress For Every Occasion

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Summary: Not so long ago, there was a time when plus-size fashion lovers felt unwanted at large departmental stores whenever they went shopping. Today this market segment is booming thanks largely to fashion brands such as Roaman's which has made it a mission statement to bring out best-in-class styles, quality, and fitment to plus size market for women.

The plus-size apparel market is booming and how. This market saw an exponential growth trajectory with last year’s sales accounting for 24 billion USD, as per a report from Statista. Plus size fashion segment has been subjected to decades of under-representation by fashion brands, but now they are the crown jewel of many a fashion catalog.

Earlier plus-sized clothing was either available at a handful of specialty stores or was finding limited space within large departmental stores. But today, progressive fashion brands have gone full throttle for inclusive clothing. And more imaginative options are put up on display.

One such brand is Roaman and Roaman’s dresses are enthralling fashionistas today. Roaman is offering fashion-embracing silhouettes that aren’t merely functional but extremely well made. A beautiful blend of innovative designs and gorgeous fabrics fits a woman’s body like a warm hug.

How Roaman’s is addressing the plus size challenge

Roaman's is the foremost fashion brand that is offering styles for a complete head-to-toe look. From accessories to shoes to apparel and even lingerie, the range is complete, and sizes extend up to 44W.

Options like sleepwear, full-figure swimwear, intimates, jackets, plus size tops and bottoms, and even more are available for both tall and petite with feminine styles. The fashion brand takes pride in the price point at which the product is being offered to customers and the expert craftsmanship that goes into each element of Roaman’s dresses.

Outstanding pieces from Roaman’s clothing catalog

The driving motto for Roaman is, `Fashion for all at irresistible price points’. Roaman has revolutionized plus-sized fashion and they offer tops, jeans, dresses, etc of sizes 12 to 44.

One of their unique selling propositions is the wide-width footwear offered for plus-size women. Every customer of Roaman’s dresses is entitled to have a standout personality statement as they bring in statement-making details, on-trend looks, and curve-loving comfort to the table.

Even though plus-size clothing is Roaman’s specialty, they truly believe that great style has no size. Roaman’s dresses are also available online along with being present on every major e-commerce platform.

The best of Roaman’s dresses for various occasions

Roaman’s dresses

For Casual Outings

While dressing up for a casual outing, one of the favorite pieces that plus-size fashion lovers shop for is jeans. Based on body type and size, Roaman’s clothing catalog has a wide variety of jeans. With built-in stretch mechanisms, they are perfect for customers who prefer a relaxed fit.

Roaman has always invested in being more size-inclusive with a collection of plus styles, curvy, and petite fitments. The curvy collection is solely for people who desire a couple of extra inches in their thighs and hips but don’t want a waist gap to show in.

For weddings and evening parties

Roaman makes some of the most stunning dresses for formal and upscale events. Roaman’s dresses are available in multiple prints and colors. For formal events like weddings, these silhouettes work wonders.

`Style isn’t a size’ is the driving philosophy for fashion designers working with the brand. From slip dresses to maxi skirts, each item of formal clothing is often displayed on two body types so that the customer gets a first-hand visual as to how the dress would look on them.

Tops for fun trips

For plus and extended sizing, finding stylish and modern tops can be a real pain. However, for affordable trendy styles, the clothing catalog of Roaman is a one-stop solution.

The range is vast, hip, and modern and has got interesting style options. For someone looking to don an edgy look for a vacation or fun trip, Roaman gives the ultimate selection.

All-day work wear

Comfort, looks, and fit are the defining features of the clothing catalog when it comes to Roaman’s range of workwear. The pair of dress pants can make any plus-size fashionista feel more confident.

There are slacks and leggings in breathable fabric that can make working hours a pleasure. The fashion brand has a variety of pants that can take anyone on a joyride while working out.


Swimwear for curvy women

It has best-in-the-class full-coverage swimwear in a range of sizes suited for varied body types. They have family-friendly one-pieces as well.

Many tops are sized like bras and can pass off as comfortable bikinis. And as a bonus, these pieces go on sale quite often.

Key Takeaways:

  • The trendy plus size market needs further improvement regarding range and styles. Yes, the sales numbers are skyrocketing and the trend is likely to continue.
  • Brands like Roaman's, with their attractive and modern clothing catalog, are already leading from the front. But, there is still room for other brands to make a mark at the top.

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