How Designer Masks Saved a Spot in New Fashion Trends 2021
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How Designer Masks Saved a Spot in New Fashion Trends 2021

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Masks have become an inseparable part of clothing since 2020, to the point that pharmaceutical companies and other vendors are struggling to keep up with requests. They have also become the new fashion trend in 2021 with their minimalist and outlandish designs.

There are many new fashion trends in 2021 to watch out for. One notable one is designer masks for the uber-wealthy who want to make a fashion statement. The fashion industry sensed imminent catastrophe at the time because of enforced shutdowns. It prompted many brands to experiment with face masks, which has now become the ultimate fashion accessory. 

Hillary Taymour, the New York-based company Collina Strada, spent her time in quarantine producing masks. Like so many other fashion brands, Taymour recognized a business opportunity. 

Amid the N95 mask scarcity, donors stepped up to sew and create masks for people in need. Many well-known fashion designers had transferred their current resources to create non-surgical, three-layered washable masks. Designer face masks are now the new fashion trends in 2021. They are comfortable and easy to wear, and they add protection and style to every look and ensemble.

Designer Masks Fashion Trends 2021

Designers jumping on the opportunity

The New York-based firm La Ligne, established by veteran Vogue editors Valerie Macaulay, Meredith Melling and Molly Howard, became one of the first to leverage the growing demand for multifunctional face masks. To limit the transmission of the disease, La Ligne's design team swiftly rose to the occasion and began producing hand-sewn washable cotton facial masks in New York City. The best part was that some masks were available for free with every order.

The fact that powerhouses like Uniqlo, Gap and Adidas offer fashionable masks is perhaps the best indication of its lasting strength. These are massive corporations with intricate supply networks. Developing a new product might take several months or even years instead of the hours Taymour spent. But many did switch, and apparel makers suddenly witnessed sales from a new low-margin item at a time where people are avoiding clothes purchases.

Kim Kardashian has launched her collection of SKIMS flawless face masks, inspired by the brand's distinctive SolutionwearTM. The non-medical, one-size-fits-all masks come in five tonal colors and are comfortable and flexible for all-day wear. This was a highlight of new fashion trends in 2021.

These masks appeared to be unusual – they were made of colorful or patterned cloth and didn’t look anything like the dull black, grey, or white masks that people had previously purchased. As consumers chose colorful designer masks, branded items became more accessible through their appealing designs and different price ranges. 

Christian Siriano, a premium clothing designer, is yet another artist who made a quick shift to this category. When Governor Andrew Cuomo requested aid in the form of protective gear in March 2020, Siriano jumped at the opportunity and became one of the first high-profile artists to begin designing masks. His business has been producing non-medical-grade masks ever since.

Designer Masks Fashion Trends 2021

Not everyone prefers washable masks, so there was a market for stylish temporary face masks too. Justin and Hailey Bieber, as well as Bella Hadid, were spotted wearing sleek, minimalist, and cute throwaway face masks.

Celebrities and politicians have also advocated for the general public to incorporate face masks into their daily routines. Following Jennifer Aniston's Instagram request to "Wear a damn mask," celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington, Olivia Wilde, Kourtney Kardashian and others have resorted to the platform to share pictures of themselves wearing masks in a bid to  encourage everyone to do the same.

The duplication problem

As the appeal of designer face masks has grown, so has the prevalence of imitation versions of the "protective" item. The social trend of customized designer masks frequently created for superstars and catwalk events may have inspired this trend. Smaller online shopping sites and significant marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon offer fake Burberry surgical masks in the brand's trademark tartan print. All these masks are naturally harmful for people’s health as well as their pockets. 


If obnoxious shoes defined 2017 and tiny sunglasses defined 2018, then the year 2020 belongs to the mask. The mask has permeated popular culture and become part of the new fashion trends in 2021, serving as both a symbol of political beliefs and a means of self-expression. It is also a sign of the times, and years down the line, will be associated with the tumultuous events of 2020 and 2021.
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