Home Decor Trends In India: What Consumers Want?
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Home Decor Trends In India: What Consumers Want?

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Home is not just a structure of four walls constructed from brick and mortar. A home is a place where people unwind after a long, tiring day. A home is a place to spend time with loved ones. And, in light of the pandemic, a home is a place to work and socialise too. No wonder interior designers are noticing a significant change in home decor India trends and customer behaviour. 

Now, every homeowner wants a designated place for home offices and kids attending online classes. It seems that being in the comforts of homes for the last two years has brought people closer to their dwellings. 

Today, people are more inclined towards minimalistic and pleasant looks, fueling unique home decor India trends. Let's delve deeper into what the year 2022 has in its kitty for home decorations. 

Close to natural colours and hues.

People have always been in love with earthy tones and shades of blues and greens. However, these colour preferences are not simply limited to a home's aesthetic quotient. Various studies opine that natural colour schemes, something that is close to nature, are worthwhile for the overall wellbeing of the dwellers. 

These colours help lower blood pressure, feel fresh and stress-free while increasing creativity and productivity. And the homes have probably never needed the magical healing powers of Mother Nature this badly as they need it nowadays. 

So, colour, especially the landscape palette, has definitely made a place in today's home decor India trends. 

Indoor spaces are the new gardens.

The global health crisis, followed by a series of lockdowns, has drastically confined people inside the boundaries of their homes. It has also minimised access to green and open spaces. Thus, people feel the urge to be in the greens like never before. As a result, more and more families are bringing hints of greenery inside their homes. 

Some have started kitchen gardening while others have started spending a lot of time on their terraces to nurture their haven of greenery. And families with less interior space have been utilising their window sills and balconies. 

The inclination of people towards indoor plants has also increased. Concepts of greenhouse and hydroponics have also emerged like never before. 

Home automation is on the rise.

With offices, businesses, and educational institutions going virtual, the need for home automation is also on the rise. All credit goes to the affordable cost of the internet and intelligent devices. 

These devices, including energy-efficient home lighting systems, AI-powered home and kitchen appliances, dishwashers, securing systems, vacuum cleaners, etc., have revolutionised households lately. And why not? With no house help around, juggling between home and office could be a challenging chore for many. Smart and AI-based devices just make things easy to manage while allowing people to work efficiently. 

Wi-Fi mesh systems are also becoming integral to many homes owing to the impeccable home automation facilities they offer.

Feel good factor is also on the cards

Feel good factor is also on the cards

A home should not only look but also feel good. The sensory experiences people feel at home matter a lot when it comes to their mental wellbeing. Therefore, more and more families are using this element in terms of aroma to promote their mental health. 

Different fragrances for different areas of the home are utterly crucial to make people feel a certain way. 

For example - a hint of sage or bergamot in the home office section or lavender or cherry blossom in the bedroom can elevate your mood in the best possible way.

Households exude more Indianness.

Home decor India themes elucidated by Indian art and crafts are not uncommon. You will find glimpses of desi-ness in every second home in India. The year 2022 will witness more and more households gearing up with all sorts of Indian artifacts. 

Right from exquisite hand-woven fabrics, handcrafted rugs to toys, ethnic lampshades, embroideries to jute-made wall decor items, the vocal for local strategy has left its mark on almost all Indian homes for sure.

People are in love with curves.

Curves have made their way to the interiors and have become integral. The pandemic has made people more prone to welcoming softness and compassion in their lives. 

This tilt is pretty much visible in the home decor India ideas too. Apart from the colours, this softness can also be seen in furniture and other artefacts in homes. 

Now, people are looking forward to sprucing their homes with curvy furniture. These pieces are not only stunning but also feel comfortable and soothing to the eyes. 

Light creatively while making a way to sustainability.

Making the best use of natural light is indeed a good thing. However, one cannot hold the sunlight all day long. Right? Therefore, people are switching to creative lighting to brighten up the decor of their homes. 

As people spend a considerable amount of time inside their homes, lighting is an extremely vital factor for them.

Most importantly, the lights should not only look and feel good. But, they should also add sustainability to the homes. Decorative illumination is one thing, and essential lighting is another. Homeowners are more into looking for a middle path, something that is energy-efficient and decorative at the same time.

A travel corner to the decor

People have been restricted to their homes because travelling has not opened completely. So, how do people cope with the absence of travelling and holidaying from their lives? 

The answer is simple - by revisiting the memories of their previous holidays. And how do they do that? By adding a travel corner to their homes' interiors. 

Travel-inspired home decors happen to dominate the domain of interior decorations in 2022. Posters, world maps, globes, pictures of previous vacations, and souvenirs can spice up the interiors in a blink. Also, adding some fairy lights and spare parts of vehicles, and glam up the globe-trotting corner of the homes.

DIY is the go-to decor idea

DIY is the go-to decor idea

Everyone is locked inside their homes. Some people are worked up with assignments and deadlines, while some look for ways to engage their devil heads. Jokes apart, everyone is looking for an engagement of some sort during the lockdown. 

What else other than DIY can come up as the best escape? People are all the way up with their DIY skills and talent to create new items. Upcycling and recycling have become the story of every home. 

Remodelling old furniture, making new furnishings out of the old ones, decking old buckets into beautiful planters, using sandals to make flower beds, etc., people have been enhancing the decor of their homes in every possible way. Kudos to their do-it-yourself capabilities.

Some final words!

These are some of the most trending and most explored home decor India ideas people will swear by in the year 2022. 

Trends come and go, and this changing trend will continue forever. Perhaps, one day the pandemic will bid adieu to the world. However, homes will remain the biggest escapes and safest havens in the world. 

If you have been looking for more home interior decor ideas and fabrics to revamp your homes, get in touch with Fashinza, your partner for home and fashion designing.


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