Guiding Principles of Clothing Combinations for This Winter
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Guiding Principles of Clothing Combinations for This Winter

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While outfit coordination can be tough during the winter season, mostly because the weather has turned cold, it doesn’t imply you can’t experiment with different winter season clothing combinations. Given that the majority of us continue to spend the majority of our time at home, we’ve seen timeless, neutral tones take over our WFH wardrobes. To help you step up your comfortable clothing game in the coming months, we’ve compiled a list of clothing combinations to experiment with.

Winter ensembles present a slew of difficulties. How can you maintain a trendy appearance when you are entirely covered? How to dress appropriately for a 65-degree office when the temperature outside is 25 degrees. Additionally, what do you wear to holiday parties and family Christmases? So we have covered most clothing combinations for this winter.

Overcoat + Hoodie

True high-low menswear essential is capable of transforming its wearer from Friday morning to Saturday night. The overcoat is a prime example of an item that fits the bill effortlessly, either worn over a suit or to dress up athletic wear.

Combine it with a grey or black hoodie, tailored pants, and a pair of pure white sneakers.

To achieve the high-low balance, choose a slim-fit, single-breasted coat that is excellent for dressing down with jeans but still sophisticated enough to cap a formal ensemble.

Suit + Trainers

Once an unimaginable pairing, sports footwear has made its way off the track in recent years to establish itself as the ideal running buddy to tailoring.

Suits with trainers, on the other hand, are not as simple as wearing your gym shoes to work. The secret is to spend a little extra on footwear pointing to the legacy companies’ line-up of sneakers.

Along with finding sneakers that are constructed similarly to your brogues (or are at least minimal enough to appear so), ensure that the entire ensemble comes together by loosening your tailoring with smaller cuts and substituting a sweatshirt or roll neck for a shirt and tie.

Jeans + Roll Neck

The comeback of the roll neck a few years ago was as surprising as the revival of cargo trousers, bum bags, and just about everything else from the 1970s. However, it’s difficult to fathom living without it now.

Without a doubt, this multi-purpose neck-coverer is an intrinsically dressed-up garment, especially when fashioned from premium fabrics such as merino wool, making it a perfect option for dressing up a pair of jeans.

Jeans + Overcoat

There is some validity to the notion that no guy looks awful in a decent overcoat, which is why it is such an indispensable component of any wardrobe.

Despite its origins as a layering garment worn over a suit (thus the name over-coat), its popularity has remained constant as dress requirements have softened. Therefore, redress the casual lean of jeans by pairing them with an Oxford shirt or knitwear and finishing with a pair of stylish Chelsea boots.

A fitting but not figure-hugging coat reflects the ease of your lower half. It appears to be prudent from a range but has your colleagues wishing they had put on their comfies. 

Have you always been a huge fan of K-fashion? We, as well! Korean fashion, whether for couch potatoes or wacky cosmetics addicts, will be the next big thing in streets fashion and runway vogue.

Korean Winter Outfits - Popularity 

Korean culture is rapidly gaining wide acceptance throughout the world. Millions of citizens from all around the world enjoy their shows, films, songs, and other cultural characteristics. It’s unsurprising that their dress style, termed K-fashion, has become desirable.

  • Everything You Need to Know About Korean Fashion Street Style
Winter Fashion

Korean attire is well-known for its unisex nature. Men and women alike wear shirts, trousers, vests, and ensembles constructed from a combination of these items. Apart from that, feminine apparel is typically brighter in color. 

The accessories, which include purses and necklaces, have vibrant collaborations and adorable little objects. Additionally, crossbody bags are popular. Almost everyone can be seen carrying a bag of some sort.

Baggy pants and oversized shirts are also popular, as are cardigans, sweaters, and puffed-up sleeves. Denim jackets with shredded sleeves and chilled shoulders are also really popular.

How to Match Winter Season Clothes: the Core Concept

Keeping it as straightforward as possible. 3 points to remember.

  • Contrast is important. Dark top, light bottom, and light shoes. Dark-colored top, light-colored bottom, and dark-colored shoes. You want plenty of contrast between the three.
  • Avoid tonal ensembles (all three pieces being the same color or close in value). It is possible to pull off successfully, but it also has the potential to look quite bad.
  • Avoid tops that are too similar in tone to your skin. It gives you a pale, washed-out appearance.

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